glitter shadows

My favorite page in my grimoire thus far 💕🌌 it’s specifically about space correspondences ranging from black holes to meteors. It’s got so many layers to it, including highlighted portions of the book, notes on the page itself, drawings beneath watercolor and acrylic, drawings on top, and shiny penmanship. There are so many details to it and while I was making the page I felt more ehhh, but I fell in love once I got to the lettering. Pages like this keep me so motivated and excited to see what else is coming and to watch my progress unfold, especially as I’ve been using it as an art journal. Witchery is therapy.

~~~~ Alexandria ~~~~

I originally posted this on my personal witch blog, @ckingguidance , but we thought it’d be cool to share with you all our favorite grimoire pages to date. What’s your favorite grimoire page that you’ve done? 

So, Hard Candy makes this “iridescent pearl highlighter”, and I was piiiiiiiissed, because it ended up just being somewhat satiny, pinkish-white pressed powder that only showed up as shimmer/glitter over really dark shadow or with tons of mixing medium.

But, uhh, once the translucent/“pearl” powder part settles into your skin, it’s straight up blue and pink glitter, y'all.

And so you shouldn’t, uhm, like as an example that maybe a total dumbass might do, shrug and just use it to set your whole face hoping it’ll just make you vaguely dewy.

Because it’s definitely glitter. And your whole face will be blue and pink teeny shimmers as far as the eye can see, and considering you’re caked in glitter, the eye doesn’t even need to see that fuckin’ far. And, uhh, if you were to, like, hypothetically do your makeup in your bra, there’s a lot of fallout. Not, like, the sexy robot detective kind, but the My New Name is Glittertits Cullen and I’m Here to Party kind, so. Hmm.

There’s nothing I can do– I mean, there’s nothing I can THINK of that an IDIOT WHO DID THIS could do, to fix it.

I am a business casual disco ball and I no longer fear death. This concludes my makeup review. Use my coupon code “AW DUDE FUCK FOR REAL WHY THIS” for 20% off all Hard Candy products.