glitter s

did it frighten you

i’m on a timer

to count all the beautiful things

there’s the glitter of the ocean at night when the stars are blank

there are nights when i fall asleep in ten minutes before i do anything so destructive that i wake up the next morning in a cold sweat on the floor, like a demon’s been chasing me

there are days where we speak forever, never an hour apart and i always feel like someday is going to happen, no matter what

there are hot baths and leaves in fall more worn than my restless eyes

there are sisters and mothers and fathers and cities that hold me together when i’m falling apart, faster than sugar dissolves when it’s trying

and then there are all the yous, at the center of my universe so gravitational it’s hard to hold you up

blurry vision from one too many episodes and hours at the grindstone, flipping out the pages like banana peels

tired fingers that trip over every note i miss and then my face red because i swear i’m better than this

and i’m always trying to get better, stronger, harder, faster, more beautiful than what i see

so when i’m lonely at night i don’t have to wait for someone to come rushing to me

because i am enough.