glitter placement nails


Sanders Sides nail art, because why not!
I loved doing them, I got to try new techniques and experiment! @thatsthat24
For close up, bts and the list of polishes used go to my ig (@/noahiii_art)

And now an in depth analysis of my choices.

Colour: peach
Technique: blobbicure
Finish: creme
Why? He’s peachy and bubbly, and I felt like light colours and a simple but amazing technique would fit him well.

Colour: dark blue
Technique: gradient and nail vynils
Finish: multichrome
Why? I used multichrome polishes because Logan is one that never shows himself totally, but you need to see him in different lights to admire all the different traits. A geometric design is what felt that better fitted him.

Colour: dark red
Technique: glitter placement
Finsih: holo
Why? Well, obviously I used holos for the rainbows (I feel like Roman would be the one that shows pride). The glitter placement is one of the most time consuming technique, and I felt like it was a way to show the journey of the prince.

Colour: black
Technique: watermarble
Finish: shimmer
Why? Personally I think that watermarble is by itself the most difficult technique to master (I myself am a beginner) and few in the nail art community can say they have mastered it. So it is with Virgil, the complicated one, never understood, difficult to befriend and hard to forget.