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The Graduate

Orphan Brigade [Baby Years]: The story of how an infamous crime lord became the guardian of three children and a teenager.

“Look at you. All grown up and graduating High School. Why I can’t wait to-”

Ryan promptly cut Geoff off. “You can’t come.” He stated simply as he pulled his jacket on, readying to leave to penthouse.

“Why not?!” Geoff moaned.

“Because, my parents will be there. And if they see a group of criminals cheering for me, they’re going to get suspicious.”

“I’ll stay cool!”

“No. You won’t. You won’t be able to contain yourself.”

“He does have a point, Geoff.” Jack admitted.

“Traitor.” Geoff muttered under his breath.

“I’ll see you guys after graduation okay? I’ll ditch my parents and come straight here.”

“Okay.” Geoff pouted as Ryan exited their home. “It’s not fair.” He complained to Jack. “We’re the ones who helped him with him homework! We made sure he got to school one time! We’re the ones who helped him apply for college!”

“I know Geoff.” Jack pulled Geoff into a comforting hug. “… How about we throw him a party to celebrate?”

Geoffs eyes lit up. “Yes!”

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death of a bachelor aesthetics
  • Victorious: bottles of champagne being popped open, balloons, streamers, confetti, bright white lights, glitter/metallic-colored party hats, intense partying, loud bass drops in clubs.
  • Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time: the morning after, picking up clothing tossed all over the place, oversized button-down shirts, messy hair, smeared makeup, feeling confident regardless of being messy, getting flashes of the party the night before.
  • Hallelujah: cream colored dress-shirts, cozy pajamas, white bedsheets, white pillow covers, red velvet curtains and blankets lying on the brown leather couch.
  • Emperor’s New Clothes: black boots with golden studs, glittery dresses and blazers, red velvet cushioned sofas, fake tiaras and crowns, blood red lipstick, metallic eyeshadow.
  • Death of a Bachelor: trying to find yourself, missing someone, driving fast in a car and watching the blurry lights of local shops, singing and running through an open field of flowers.
  • Crazy=Genius: vintage/sepia filtered films, circus acts performing live on-stage, broadway numbers, tap shoes, top hats, canes, masquerade masks, character shoes, polka dot dresses, black and white suit and tie.
  • LA Devotee: lowkey flashy pastel neon lights, the soft glow of motel signs, ferris wheels, sitting in fast cars on the freeway with the windows down and wind gracing your hair.
  • Golden Days: going through dusty boxes of old stuff in the attic/basement, on a gloomy day watching and listening to rain tap on the window and reminiscing about the past, blurred city lights, getting ready for and heading to a party at night.
  • The Good, the Bad and the Dirty: boxing gloves, punching bags, pool parties, drinking brightly colored drinks in the pool, tropical colored swimsuits and swim trunks, paintball fights, laser tag, intense fight scenes.
  • House of Memories: blasting music in headphones while walking alone on the sidewalk on cold cloudy days, black lipstick, ripped black jeans, glitter and sequin blazers and short dresses, dancing your heart out during the last dance of the party then passing out on the floor.
  • Impossible Year: lying on a picnic blanket laid on top of grass and staring at the stars in the night sky, Frank Sinatra, singing to yourself and dancing with dim street lamps at night, falling asleep in a cab after the party on your way home.

Nick Newcastle sings My Immortal in nothing but glitter shorts and a party hat to help raise money for the No Boys Dorm Kickstarter