glitter mosaics

Hannibal Rewatch meets Hannibal Advent: The Great Red Dragon


Incense and melting wax. Glittering Byzantine mosaics. In Hannibal’s memory palace are many rooms, yet mostly he lingers here, waiting.

How long since his last glimpse?

Three years, two days, twenty hours…

Smells Will first. Appalling aftershave, the same he wore in court. A cheap confusion of artificial scents chosen for its novelty value. Chosen by a child.

I’ve been left behind.

Harsh reality stings. Blinks hard, fingers tightening on the sketch he holds. Turns around.

‘Hello, Doctor Lecter.’

Still his beautiful, cruel boy. Still pretending. Still unable to stay away…

Tenderly savours the taste of his name.

‘Hello, Will.’


Incense and melting wax. Glittering Byzantine mosaics. The image of Hannibal graven on his heart, carved into his memory.

How long has he managed to stay away?

Three years, two days, twenty hours…

Cast out into self-imposed exile until Jack came calling. And now, horrifyingly, feels like he’s home. But for what? Bitterness in Hannibal’s eyes, jealousy in the stiffening of his spine?

He thinks I’ve left him behind.

So let’s pretend. All is well. Happy husband, happy father. Duty calls one last time.

‘Hello, Doctor Lecter.’

Waits for the sound of his name on those lips.

'Hello, Will.’


Hannigram: Apéritif to The Wrath of the Lamb

A glittering feather mosaic made in Mexico around 1590 which probably hung in a roomful of exotic treasures owned by the Holy Roman Emperor, Rudolf II, in Prague.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston