glitter hexagonal

title: rolling dance and glitter
rating: g
word count: 1200
summary: when in spain, why not put glitter on your face and go 70’s disco rollerblading?

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whoops get ready for glittery fluff.

By all accounts, he really shouldn’t be having this much fun. The music is loud, the bass pulsing heavy and deep. He can feel it in his bones. The neon lights are pinky purple and spotlights dance across the wooden floor. There are people absolutely everywhere, most of them with vlogging cameras and a tendency to overshare the images and videos they capture. His calf muscles burn from the exertion of pushing them forward and working them in ways he would never willingly choose to do. It’s literally his worst nightmare.

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I made some glitter jars! The pictures above show three of them: the smallest is red with gold glitter in a hexagonal jar; the middle one is purple and the largest is blue. The picture on the left shows the jars with the glitter settled at the bottom; the picture on the left shows the glitter swirling round and catching the light :) Inspired by neurowonderful - thank you so much!