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anonymous asked:

Pardon my French but how the hecky did you make your tumblr so pretty????? You literally have a glitter cursor.

Awww you are so sweet omg thank you. Let me give you guys a bunch of the effects I have!

various different screen effects for you blog

want the screen effect i currently have on this blog?

here’s the cursor glitter trail (the color is 100% customizable!!)

get a music player for your blog

here’s a cute theme-maker blog with themes, customizable pages (with tutorials) and various other cute things you can use!

enjoy! if you have any questions about anything don’t be shy!

Pokemon Go Trainers on Tumblr

Candela - she/her - Libra - I like Pokemon more than people - if you don’t like don’t read 😊
-argues with Mystic bloggers on a weekly basis
-posts workout selfies
-plagiarized theme
-actually feels bad when they lose followers

Blanche • A blog dedicated to the study and analysis of Pokemon. If I cite anything incorrectly, please send me a message. Refer to my FAQ
-has anon asks off
-doesn’t put their posts under a Read More
-blog is default theme
-has a personal blog filled with aesthetic pictures

Spark/ 17/ pokemon trainer/ tHW VWRY BEJST LIKR N01 EVR WAS1!!!1one/ dab/ dubstep/ dabstep/ follow me i follow back pls/ dicks out for harambe
-censors face in selfies
-blog has glitter cursor
-tags personal posts as nsfw for shits and giggles

unfjongin-deactivated20141109  asked:

hi can you pls teach me how "snow" is falling on your blog? it's really pretty! ♥

Hello hun! Actually, we have a glitter cursor on our blog, the snow effect looks a little different, but this is what you need to do to add a glitter cursor to your blog!

1) Copy and Past any of these html codes

2) Go to the customization section on your blog, click on edit html

3) Before the </head> section of your blog paste in any of the codes

4) Click on Save & Preview to check that the code is working, then you’re done!


If you want a custom color (that’s what I what did for our blog) you can follow these simple steps!

1) Locate the color number on the code you’ll be using



It will read as “var colour”. The #000000 will be the code we are changing.

2) Using a html color code generator select a color and then copy it’s code 

3) Paste in place of the #000000 and click on Save & Preview. Then you’re done! You can always go back and change the color of your glitter if and when you feel like it!

(Also, for anyone curious the color we use on our blog is FFAADD)

Hope that was helpful! Have a lovely day! ( ^ 3 ^)/<3