glitter combat boots

things that remind me of the signs
  • aries: red lipstick, bleached hair, body piercings, raspy voices, secondhand smoke, leather jackets, butterflies in your stomach
  • taurus: satin ballet slippers, dark eyes, soft green grass, gaps between teeth, soft deep voices
  • gemini: energy, sneakers, doodling on everything, notebooks filled up with plans, old-fashioned landline phones and teenagers from old movies
  • cancer: the sea, shells, accented voices, wavy hair, white dresses, silent tears
  • leo: strong faces, glitter, musical theatre belting, combat boots, interrupting everything, gold leaf and old illuminated manuscripts
  • virgo: glasses, ginger hair, plaid skirts, girls in love, old forgotten books, moths and lights
  • libra: overalls, every colour imaginable, flower vases, ancient pottery, warm companionable silence
  • scorpio: leather, black lace, false eyelashes, a hauntingly beautiful singing voice, witchcraft and candles and good-smelling herbs
  • sagittarius: apricot and butter on baguettes, wide open eyes, over-the-ear headphones, whimsical socks, striking up a conversation with everyone you meet, maps covered in pins
  • capricorn: the colour green, lists on notebook paper, flannel shirts and hiking shoes, pine forests in winter
  • aquarius: amethyst crystals, blue eyes, waterfalls, jumping in puddles during storms, befriending animals, looking at the night sky and trying to name the constellations
  • pisces: pre-raphaelite paintings, long hair, flowing fabrics, mood swings, wonderful hugs that make you feel completely safe, playing guitars and singing in perfect harmony with the person you love.