glitter capsules

This is my oil collection! On the left we have my synthetic oils, and the right we have hand made oils. Some of the hand made oils were made by me, and others by reputable botanicas who use natural ingredients. All websites/botanicas I bought from will be tagged below. How to make your own oils: Making your own oils is a way to customize them to your exact intentions. I make a lot of my own oils (some not pictured here) and it’s one of my favorite things to do in my practice. Here’s how you can make your own. What you’ll need is: 1) Carrier oil- This is specific to you and what you like to use but generally using an oil with a milder scent works better if you’re gonna add herbs and essential oil. I personally use grape seed oil and coconut oil because I like the consistency and milder scent. Coconut oil is also a great base for love and protection oil because of its correspondences. 2) Herbs/Curios- This is also specific to your intent. I personally like a lot of herbs in my oils and leave them in after they’ve charged up. You can add other things as well like roots, crystals, or glitter! 3) Vitamin E Capsules- This is totally optional but I do recommend it. You can buy these at any pharmacy or grocery store for pretty cheap. They are gel vitamin E capsules and they help your oil last a lot longer. They basically act as preservative for the herbs and oil itself. 4) Your intention- Once you have a carrier oil and everything you want to put in your oil, as well as bottle or container for your oil, you’re going to put your intention into it. Tell it what you want it to do, say your words of power/prayers, and you’re done! Put the oil in a dark place to charge for as little as 3 days and as long as you feel is necessary. Quick Tip: For all of you who aren’t into DIY-ing, (There’s no shame in that, your practice and magic is still valid!) I like to add herbs to my synthetic oils to give them more energy and to customize them to my needs. This is pretty simple and cost effective and as easy as just adding some dried rose petals to a love oil.


CAPSULE / Nakata Yasutaka - Club Asia + ageHa (2013 → 2014) 

I’m like more than three months late but yeah better late than never. I was lucky enough to attend both Club Asia’s and ageHa’s countdown events, and I filmed parts of it (even though filming was prohibited at Club Asia, which is why most shots are short and weirdly framed).

The live at Club Asia was mostly a CAPSULE event (it was perfect), with some songs by Perfume (Laser Beam, Party Maker) and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (not shown). The songs at ageHa were mostly Nakata’s works with Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Party Maker, Ninjari Ban Ban, Laser Beam, Fashion Monster, Spring of Life, Mi, Invader Invader, MY COLORCANDY CANDY, PONPONPON and GLITTER).