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My Elsa Cosplay Part 14

WOW. So. Cape is completely GLITTERED!!!!!!

I was initially going to do the whole thing today, but my grandma’s flight ended up coming in (way) later than expected last night so my sister, my aunt, and i (the former who i forced to be my cape slaves and help me out a bit) began cutting the cape panels. GOOD THING.

We spent a little over 5 hours cutting the snowflakes out last night. Today we just needed to cut a couple more snowflakes out, attach the panels together, and cut the big snowflake out (at the top). we then placed the huge sheet (124" x 120") on top of the net (which was, in turn, on top of plastic sheeting so we could easily peel it off when the glue dried) It was so delicate because there were so many tiny pieces of paper between big cut out snowflakes that could tear with the slightest jerk or wrong movement. STRESSFUL!!! we taped down (with double sided tape) the edges of the stencil that were curling up and the snowflakes and points in the big snowflake that needed to be added, and then i sprayed (with my 3M 77 Spray glue) and glittered (with my powder glitter and sifter/strainer thing) the whole thing! I was sooooo nervous about running out of glitter and we almost did… luckily i had just the right amount!!!

We spent about 3 hours completing the stencil, placing it on the cape, and doing the actual glitter process. It was grueling and exhausting and im so happy to be done with the worst part!!!

Unfortunately, the glitter i got for this round (the first time i was only able to get a little done because i ran out of glitter) wasn’t as iridescenty green as the first round was so the colors don’t match exactly- yikes!!! It’s quite close, but i still would have been so much happier if it really matched!

Tomorrow im going to cut the hem of the cape so it kind of follows the shape of the snowflakes (im going to do a little glitter border around the hem later- i forgot the glue at the office where i was glittering!) and i’m going to work on how im going to be attaching the cape to the bodice. I think i will use some kind of velcro so it’s sturdy, but i really want to avoid the cape looking “stuffed” into the back like the Disney parks one does… I also need to abridge the The Snow Queen book that i got and will be reading to the second grade class on tuesday! It’s this absolutely amazing pop up book, but way too many words for children’s attention span so i’m just gojng to read my shortened version of the story and have my aunt turn the pages for the class or something!!! 

Anyway- i’m just so insanely lucky to have had that huge clean empty building at my disposal over the weekend to work on this and my amazing team of family to help pull this off!!! It was a monumental effort and i’m soooo happy to be done!!!!

BTW- the gliter does shed (a lot) but i actually really love how it looks so i dont think i will do a top coat of glue on any of the areas to seal it in except possibly the long snowflake bits on the sides where my arms will be rubbing… we will see!!! :)

It bugs Sam a little bit when Dean comes home and immediately dumps a paper bag nearly filled to the brim with Valentine’s Day cards on the dining room table where he’s coloring.

He pouts when Dean nonchalantly pushes them to the side in a pile and drags his homework out of his backpack.

He nearly cries when Dean asks him if he got any cards at school today.

“Only six,” Sam whimpers.

Dean puts down his pencil and looks at him with wide eyes. “That’s awesome Sammy, from who?”

Sam shrugs.

“You have more though.”

“What?” Dean glances at the mountain of cards wearily. “Yeah, I guess.”

“From who?” Sam echoes.

Dean slides a few over to him and goes back to his homework, tuning in quietly when Sam opens one and starts reading it.

“Valentine… mine?” He gives Dean a quizzical look. “Who’s Brooklyn?”

“This girl from my class.”

Sam eyes another one with glitter bordering the edges of the card, stickers of both boats and hearts filling in all the spaces between it.

This one for sure is homemade so he makes sure to open it carefully.

“You….rock?” He checks with Dean and when he nods Sam finishes, “Valentine. From Chase.”

“We make stuff with Legos together sometimes,” Dean puts in.

“Did you get these all from class?” Sam looks at the rest, bewildered.

“Nah, I got some at lunch and recess. From kids in other classes.”

“Other classes?”

“Yeah. Tons,” Dean replies, sounding bored.

“Oh,” Sam twists his mouth and tries not to cry. “Well. What about that one?”

Dean eyes the pink little slip of paper sticking out from the top of his folder and immediately lights up.

“That one’s special. It’s not allowed to be with the other ones because I like it the most.”

“What?!” Sam cries. “Who is that one from?”

“You don’t remember?” Dean takes the paper out and gently places it down between them.

Unlike the other ones, this one isn’t bought from a store. It doesn’t even have the word Valentine on it. What it does have, Sam notices, is his brother’s name in big letters at the top. He reads the rest of it out loud.

“You’re the best big brother I love you the most of everything ever. – Sammy.”  Sam stares at it for a moment, and then rubs his sleeve over his face to dry his eyes. “Mine?”

“Yeah,” Dean smiles fondly. “I’m gonna keep it in my folder forever.”

“Oh,” Sam sniffles, suddenly feeling silly, “Can we go watch a movie?”

“Yeah, sweet! Race you!” Dean jumps up out of his chair.

Sam glances at his card one last time before grinning and following him out.


bought a bunch of empty key rings the other day so i made one w fantasy man on one side n arnold 5 on the other!!