glitter bong

BongBong ; Male ver. 

 Mingyu announced that bongbong is pretty much his son so I had to changed my female bongbong into a guy :’) But then I remembered son. Which means younger than Gyu. Which means someone younger than 1997. Hence the little Bub.


Bongbongie ; BongHamzzi 

 I am an advocate for these little babies okay. Kim Bongbongie and Kwon BongHamzzi? Did Soonyoung make the hamster? His hamster drawings look like the doodle that they posted yesterday so…

also lol the gif at the bottom is so low quality but it was supposed to show the glitter :’) 


Delabeled this SYN bong and blinged it out for my bestie @krystalkethamine
Super happy that I could be the one to give you your first personal bong ✨
I fucking love the bowl you picked out, it’s dope as fuck 💚 💫