glitchy graphics



The audio is from this video (I asked permission beforehand), which is part of Portal 2: The Unauthorized Musical!

So this was something I started working on  before the Portal 2 musical was released on the Geekenders’ channel. I was very impressed with the trailer and was thinking of doing an animatic of Good Morning Aperture, but didn’t for a couple reasons–at the time the video of the actual musical had not been uploaded so I didn’t know what the song looked like in the actual play, and it’s also… really long. BUT, the Geekenders had uploaded a tiny segment of the song Suddenly Wheatley, which I thought would be good to practice with.

And I’m glad I did that rather than attempting to tackle Good Morning Aperture because that would have NEVER gotten done. XD;; There’s a reason I’m not an animator…

I was fighting with a very glitchy graphics tablet that didn’t get fixed until toward the end of the making of this, so I’m sorry the art isn’t perfect throughout. But I did spend many hours on this and I hope you all enjoy!

Thank you, geekenders, for making such an amazing musical! You are all wonderfully talented people! <3 I look forward to seeing Part 4!