Giacomo Carmagnola is an artist from Treviso, Italy who creates creepy, glitches photo manipulations. Giacomo starts with classics works, ranging from photographs and art to film stills and turns them into something fresh with Photoshop. 


on days like these, kids like me, should be having a tablet ;u;




so sorry…

it is done! finally finished haaaa q u q i’m so proud of me yay!

so this is a little step by step fanart to my fav AU Sans’ and god dang are there many! ( could have added some more…)  i feel almost sorry for sans to have so many doppelgängers (almost) anyhow this art did take a lot out of me especially because there are many new things i tried out such as glitches and stuff (which i kinda fucked up XD) and yeah

here we have Geno!Sans from Aftertale (the left one) by @loverofpiggies as well as Error!Sans from Errortale (on the right) also by the same artist~ here’s the ask blog if interested @askerrorsans and everyone’s beloved Toucan Sans! better known as Seraphim-Sans by @tratserenoyreve yes i know i missed some details like the floating gaster blaster above his head but… c’mon spare me okay? i’m just a human! XD (was too many details pff i got lazy…)


I’m only nice, when I’m under control.

MMM boi I am on an art roll tonight. Well.. morning actually.

This song heavily inspired this drawing and I am hap ;O I just love TrueFresh a lot like daNG. Same with Error and his redesign <v< 

Im angry tho bc this was just a tiny doodle then wOOSH. This all went down.

Here u go @loverofpiggies i hope ur happy abt ur radical son.