Hey guys! This was the order i was in for NYCC!! If anyone has any pictures of me could you please send them to me or possibly tag them as foreveraglitch?? that would be awesome!! I had a real great time guys thanks so much for the experience! 

So I need opinions. Seamor and I want to do tribalsruck. This is the beginnings of tribalstuck Vriska? It’s really not that flattering at the moment which has me worried. Bit I will be adding beading and stuff to it later. What do you think? Keep working on it or trash it and try again?

SacAnime Glitch Meetup?

At the upcoming summer SacAnime, I along with at least two of my friends are going to be cosplaying our avatars from Glitch. I was wondering if any other NorCal-area Glitchen were thinking of attending and might want to meet up? Please respond ASAP; if we do decide to meetup I will need to register the event with the SacAnime team.

sighs because all of a sudden i can’t write so uh i guess i’ll list some locations around my hometown (sacramento) and my university (santa cruz) that would be good for glitch-y cosplay photoshoots until my writing mind returns (sorry to anyone who reads this who isn’t from either place but uh these are the only locations i know very well)

  • bortola/tamila/besara/southern aranna/southern muufo/sura/groddle forest/some of vantalu: upper campus, ucsc, santa cruz
  • fenneq/firozi/folivoria/karnata: folsom lake, placer county
  • groddle meadow: capitol park, sacramento
  • rasana/salatu: auburn
  • western firozi (tidepools, cliffs, etc.): tidepools at natural bridges, santa cruz

feel free to add on to this. the person who finds a suitable ix wins.