Hey guys! This was the order i was in for NYCC!! If anyone has any pictures of me could you please send them to me or possibly tag them as foreveraglitch?? that would be awesome!! I had a real great time guys thanks so much for the experience! 

So, you were asking for pictures and this was my friend and I with you on Saturday. I’m the John Ebgert and my friend (litteryou) is the Hipster Dave Strider. Your cosplay was amazing and you’re still absolutely beautiful! 
Okay. I’ll leave now. Bye~ <3

omg you guys were so cute i cant even handle it iokhdfiuzcgxiuvgd

So I need opinions. Seamor and I want to do tribalsruck. This is the beginnings of tribalstuck Vriska? It’s really not that flattering at the moment which has me worried. Bit I will be adding beading and stuff to it later. What do you think? Keep working on it or trash it and try again?