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Jaal, please!

Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom’s RPG about dragons and shit, proved that combining video games and romance isn’t always a good idea … especially if the developers don’t know what romance actually entails. What started as a perfectly innocent attempt to bring love into the game ended with thousands of players helplessly seeing their characters molested near a campfire.

Dragon’s Dogma had the rare ability of allowing you to “romance” any character in the game by doing things like giving them gifts or drawing your sword in front of them (in real life, that usually gets you arrested). However, due to a glitch in the system, the only requirement for raising someone’s “romance level” was talking to them – meaning the game would unilaterally decide that whoever you talked to the most must be your lover, whether you liked it or not. So, upon reaching the crucial part of the game where you have to fight a dragon that has kidnapped your beloved, many players were surprised to find out that their beloved was … the guy who runs the inn. Or the old shopkeeper. Or even the mustachioed midget in the jester suit you kept talking to because you were stoned and his voice seemed amusing.

Naturally, after you rescue them from the dragon, that person you talked to a bunch of times wants to give you a reward. A sexual reward. This leads to the aforementioned molestation by firelight.

And all through that, the players could do nothing to stop what was happening to their character, while simultaneously refusing to look away in case some vital game-related information was dropped in the middle of the lovemaking session. Bear in mind that at no point does the game indicate that there’s a romance blossoming between you and a complete stranger – even players who actively pursued romances with different characters ended up with random dudes. At the end of the game, there's another romantic scene where your character wakes up on a beach and your unwitting lover runs to your arms.

6 Hilarious Video Game Glitches You Have to See to Believe

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Imagine Dragons - I’m So Sorry
Halsey - Control
Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) - Part 1 of 11
Panic! At The Disco - Emperor’s New Clothes
Skillet - Monster (Lyrics)
My Chemical Romance - This Is How I Disappear
Seven Nation Army (Glitch Mob Remix) -
Panic! At The Disco - Far Too Young To Die
Halsey - Gasoline (Audio)
My Demons - Starset (lyrics)

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No wonder, you’re so stubborn
Nobody ever made you dig deeper
No wonder you’ve got demons
Everything you ever did is coming back around

The song our demons by the glitch mob has got to be the most accurate lyrics for Fenris’s life/fenris romance I have found. I will draw this out eventually, but for now have a Gif compliation of the first four lines of the song :D 

Fenris romance = love


Anyone who encountered this glitch when romancing Solas? Anyone!?
I almost swallowed my tongue when this happened

Something I noticed while romancing Fenris a bunch

So I noticed this but never really thought too hard about it, but I’m curious as to what other people think.

If you choose to sleep with Fenris, whether it’s the follow-up scene after killing Hadriana or the scene after Questioning Beliefs in Act 2, Hawke slams Fenris into the wall and all that.

I noticed that if you friendmance him and sleep with him after A Bitter Pill, he’s facing forward and kissing you back, but if you rivalmance him, he’s facing away as you kiss him. I’m 100% sure it’s a rigging error, because he’s not making eye contact in the rivalmance when he pushes Hawke against the wall when they touch him. In ever other initiation of that scene it’s fine except rivalmance right after Bitter Pill. I also noticed that this rigging glitch only happens, as far as I can tell, with a Male Hawke. I wonder if it was an issue with height or something else? idk.

Observe. Friendship:


It’s fun sometimes to try and work weird issues in the game that are consistent into the lore sometimes, but this one makes me…squicky (though it would work for my current asshole Hawke,) you know, on top of the fact that initiating it here makes me squicky in general. Also ty FluffyNinjaLlama for having all this in easy reach when I can’t get them myself.