glitch i think not

yep, no problem

also- i think tumblr glitches because I have three anon asks but they’re all blank messages? If anyone sent in a request and I didn’t get to it, it’s probably because they’re being eaten by tumblr


When you texted him freaking out over how absolutely perfect his voice sounded in the latest GOT7 song, Mark would go red almost instantly, a big smile bursting forth uncontrollably. If you told him in person, his reaction would be even more extreme so cute. he’d find it absolutely adorable that you love his voice so much and would wonder if that meant that you like him, too. He’d love how flustered you got while fangirling, which would lead to him basically fangirling over your fangirling well there is a sentence you don’t read every day


Jaebum, too, can be a little shit sometimes. He’d feel his heart speed up when you started losing your mind over his perfect vocals, so he’d hide it by mimicking your fangirl movements and exclamations. He’d definitely feel more confident approaching you- even though he was already pretty obvious about liking you- and would probably let you listen to demos of soundcloud tracks he was working on just to watch your reaction again. Jaebum would love the feeling of receiving genuine compliments from you as it would make him feel like he could do anything


Jackson, honestly, would fangirl with you. When you said his voice sounded amazing, he’d scream, “I KNOW, RIGHT?” and would be just as extra, if not more so, than you in freaking out over how nice his voice sounded. After a bit of this, he’d pull himself together and rap along to all his parts in the song/s while shooting you little winks and smirks to try and get a bigger reaction out of you hit him. if you started singing along to the other parts, though, this could become a weird sort of karaoke session/dance party thing between the two of you real fast


Jinyoung would act like he didn’t like it, but he’s freaking out inside because hell yes, his crush loves his voice and that’s gotta be a good thing. He’d think you were really cute, but would probably tease you and ask if you had a fever, putting his hand on your forehead to check, making up something about how yep, you were definitely sick. But he’d have this small little proud smile on his face because he and his members work so hard this would make him feel that all their suffering was validated


Youngjae wouldn’t really know what to do, he’s so awkward around his crush. He’d smile and blush and giggle a little out of shyness, but he’d feel really proud because damn this boy works hard on his voice and you think it sounds nice omg omg omg!! He’d offer to sing for you and when you jumped on that opportunity, he’d finally be able to work up some confidence around you and his voice would waver a little because you make him nervous, but it’d be gorgeous and you’d probably cry who wouldn’t


BamBam would initially be flustered by you fangirling over his voice, laughing out of nervousness while his face goes red. He’d definitely tease you, though, imitating your exclamations of adoration in the highest voice he could manage while rolling around on the floor or some shit. But then, grinning, he’d randomly grab your hand and tell you to be quiet because his favorite part was coming up. When the beat dropped, he’d dab and try to get you to dance with him, leading to a little mini dance session like with Jackson


He’d be so touched by your fangirling and would watch you with a smile on his face as he laughed at your screams and flailing around. He’d probably sing his part in the latest single or whatever but trip up when he noticed how intently you were watching him. The poor maknae would try to put into words how good it felt to be praised so much by someone he really cares about without confessing to you, but would sort of trip up and end up stuttering and making vague gestures in the air


He gave me 19 caps and then ascended to heaven. 

Sixpenceee Glitch in the Matrix

I had a glitch in the matrix once, sort of I think. So when I was a kid we lived right by this giant, incredibly expensive, creepy af hotel called The Mansion. Now me and my friends would go down to the park and play in front of this place, and since it was closer than our houses and open to the public most of the time we’d go inside any opportunity to go to the bathrooms. They were fancy and we had fun pretending we were rich. So one day my mom and I were in there, coming out of the bathroom. A woman we’d never seen before appears, beautiful, tall, dark. It was easy to assume she worked there due to her clothing. She sees us, dressed in my dirtiest play-outside-clothes and says, “would you like to see our million dollar chandelier?” So my mom and I look at each other like obviously, we’d never explored the place. So this woman turns around and starts walking without another word to a room I didn’t know existed before, her heels the loudest thing in the building, echoing against the arched ceilings and marble statues. When she stops she shows us the chandelier, which was pretty ugly imo but whatever we were like, cool. Then, after a split second we turn around to ask her something and the woman was gone. These rooms are huge, it takes a full minute to even reach a door to get to the next room, which we can see into through the giant doorways. and her shoes were so loud we would have heard them. So we’re freaked and get the hell out, running past the scary statues to the outside door. I grew up near there and neither I, my mom, or anyone else I know has ever seen her since.