glitch hunting

Three Things (Pt. 1)

( Donald Pierce x Mutant! Reader )

Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

Author’s note: I’m back now from Europe. And I can finally post it. Hope you enjoy reading it!

Word count: 2.2k+

Warnings: Violence and curse words. And a man named Donald.

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Hunting. Surviving. Lust.

Your world was not what it used to be - when he came into the picture.

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Guide to Undertale AUs

Important Note: While I am mildly dedicated to this post (for as long as the idea holds my interest), I’ve found out that there are…quite a few AUs for this fandom. As in, a hell of a lot more than I thought.

For a more complete list, you might want to check out this blog.

I’m still willing to update this if I find a new AU that I find interesting (or an AU that I don’t care about and want to document so that I don’t waste my time looking it up later if I forget about it), but don’t hold your breath on this getting much more complete.

Original post below.

So this is not complete, and it’s not always helpful because I’m confused as hell for some of them. But I figure it might be helpful for someone who hears about all these different AUs and is, like me, wondering what the hell.

I am willing to update this as I get more information. Updates may not be made immediately.

If I am capable of determining an origin and/or a blog that seems to be considered “official” by most of the fans of that AU, I’ll link it.

Edit: Okay, this is turning out to be super long (holy crap there are so many of these!), so I’m gonna put the list behind a “Keep Reading” link. This should also help for reblogging purposes, because then people can always see the most current list.

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Judaculla Rock:
Judaculla is known as the Slant-Eyed Trickster Giant/Hunt God of the Appalachian Mountains in Western North Carolina. 
He was said to be extremely tall and skinny as a pole; a very “Jack Skellington” physique.  There have been reports of other creatures fitting this description in the past, called “Nexus Crawlers." 
Apparently he was so skinny and so tall that you could walk right by him in the woods and not notice him, because he would look just like a tree. 
Judaculla had a rock that marked his territory, which he carved strange symbols all over.
The Native Americans that lived near Judaculla’s Rock viewed the place as sacred, and would send young boys up there to spend the night as a right of passage. If Judaculla didn’t take them, they would return the next morning as men.
In this photo, taken in the 1930’s, the markings on Judaculla’s Rock were filled in with chalk, and for the first time clearly visible in a photo.

The spidery-looking marks in the lower right-hand corner, are said to be his hand and foot-prints. He had seven digits on his hands, and strange, bird-like feet.

The place is known as a paranormal hot-spot.