glitch fusion

i’m gonna list all the things i miss most about fusionfall because i think they’re not the obvious things

  • the thin split line in the sky where the “walls” and “ceiling” of the graphics didn’t quite line up
  • that tiny patch of water in the cabin area outside devil’s bluff which let your character “swim” in the grass
  • the one goddamn streetgrinder always waiting to jump you on top of city station
  • the way your character looked when they tucked and rolled across the ground so energetically
  • the view from the very top of the knd treehouse
  • the huge amount of big flowery shirts hanging up on washing lines in the peach creek cul-de-sac
  • rainbow water in the sector v plaza fountain
  • the gigantic bears in the woods which just sat around looking bewildered
  • the dexbots behind mandark industries which weren’t given new dialogue after the future levels were scrapped so they still recognised you as the human from dexter’s time travel experiment
  • the humming sound all the hover vehicles made
  • the way ben gave you pants as a mission reward and then opened his next correspondence message with “hey, nice pants” like he had nothing to do with your fantastic fashion choice

there’s a million more, but it’s little things like that which i miss even more than the actual gameplay. you can get point-and-click fighting mmorpgs literally anywhere, but there were lots of tiny things which won’t ever come up anywhere else which made fusionfall very very special

                     ACCURSED CREATOR;
                           Why did you form a monster so hideous
                                          that even you turned away from me in disgust 

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Just a thought.

I know everyone has been discussing for awhile if Big Buff Cheeto Puff is a fusion or not and while the idea is tempting, I’m neither here nor there with it because this fusion (if it’s a fusion, and many things point to that, but again, not specifically),despite being violent and non-blended (when it comes to skin tone, which seems to be a a giveaway whether a fusion is willing or not when it comes to this), still seems to be holding it together in a stable way (she does it under extreme duress in “Chille Tid”).

I also thought about how Malachite has three sets of arms that cannot come from nowhere, unless it’s a glitch caused by unwilling fusion (rather shady explanation, isn’t it). 

So, if Jasper is a fusion, what if one part of Jasper was incomplete gem, the one that couldn’t go and form an actual functioning gemsona? What if these leg-arms were treated like possible upgrade to gems that were designated to fight?

Or: what if Jasper’s fusion is sort of a fusion that’s the only way to keep a broken/unrepaired/undeveloped gem alive and functioning? We know nothing about Jasper’s past and since she was shown on the battlefield in Pearl’s flashbacks WITHOUT the coloured stripes 

it might be that she had companion that was hurt mortally on the battlefield she didn’t want to lose/leave behind so she took it with her in form of a fusion. This is a WILD speculation based VERY ROUGHLY on Bardock and Toma situation (from DBZ, as I speculated before that Jasper and Amethyst have a lot of parallels with Saiyans from Vegeta-sei and Saiyans who were born and raised on Earth - keep it in mind that so far absolutely nothing points on how Jasper parallels anyone else besides Raditz and Nappa). 

Just a thought.