glitch deobfuscation

If you’re looking for information on when the “glitching” of pages has or hasn’t happened since Caliborn glitter-stuffed the cartridge, to formulate glitching-means-this, glitching-means-that theories or otherwise, here’s a long analysis of (some of) it fanmailed by exagger to my inbox.

NOTE: I’m personally of the opinion that the presence or absence of stardust-glitching in any given scene has no clear pattern, and does not signify anything. I strongly believe the glitching is just a device Andrew has employed for style, a meta joke, interference between characters interacting properly in the session (to delay the likes of Dirk chatting with Dave over IM), and the occasional physical interaction like with John blowing it away or Gamzee using it as pillow-thievery cover.

However, I might be wrong! So, use the below quoted analysis (of when glitching was there or not, or at least partial info thereof, which I haven’t double-checked for correctness) to devise your own theories about the supposed patterns to this glitching. I probably won’t agree with them, but you might as well have the tools to figure it out regardless of whether or not I turn out correct:

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3 AM Feels are now combined with Homestuck feels.

It just hit me that Homestuck is actually ending.

Jesus christ, fuck, I… Wow.

I really wish I had become better friends with a lot of people I met thanks to this comic, but you know what? Fuck it.

Thank you to everyone who considers me their friend. Thank you so much. I met you all thanks to Tumblr, thanks to Homestuck… You have no idea how much I cherish being able to tell my mom “I’m chatting with a friend” - even though I rarely do! So thank you @grammarmancer for being my friend, thank you @charlesoberonn for making me feel proud of the stuff I did (and helping my crappy pun reach 30k notes holy shit!), thank you @mizushimo for talking to me when I needed it, thank you @not-terezi-pyrope and @11eagle and all the Liveblog Forums guys and SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE who I rarely talk to but I know are there. Who I know recognize me. 

And last but not least, to the one I know least of all, yet the one who made all this possible, thank you @bladekindeyewear, if you ever see this post. I swear, if it hadn’t been for you and your glitch deobfuscation post I might’ve never started following people on Tumblr! Never discovered liveblogging! Never found any of the above people! So thank you!