glitch dancing

Swedish duo Galantis has always been gallantly dashing and brightly jouncing with their mellifluous bounding dance thrillers in the past, but they’ve pulled back on the gargantuan house beats with their new single Hunter to give us a sparkly lulling, weightless larking future beats anthem instead. It’s a glitchy enthralling, dancehall enchanting, and even trappy captivating look for the esteemed pair. We traipse through a mystical forest with Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw, questing for magical treasure alongside Hunter and its other peregrine brushstrokes, which paint a lush scenery so wondrously prismatic that it rivals the technicolor beauty of Avatar’s fictional world of Pandora. Galantis’ Hunter is out now via Big Beat Records.

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Worlds collide as two major IHM favorites come together on this booming, bristling treat of a remix. Marian Hill, who’ve recently achieved new heights of adored success after all the exposure their dynamic single Down was featured on that unforgettable Apple Airpods commercial, have remixed young pop wunderkind Billie Eilish’s recent single Bellyache. It’s like they’ve given the track the “Down” treatment as it swells, burbles, buckles, and swerves. Perhaps its high time they did an Apple Airpods commercial 2.0. I’d enjoy seeing the commercial and hearing this remix on TV everyday even though I have an Android phone. This bass propulsive, future flickering twist on the original can be purchased from iTunes

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Guys, we’re over 60 and I really do not know how to thank them !!

I’ve never been so involved in a project and the truth is getting good, and I also do not think I know such wonderful people on this road, I do not say goodbye, on the contrary I will continue until there is no more I swear haha

Thank you…

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