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Second @snkminibang drawing for @commodorecliche​‘s Jeanmarco supernatural fic! 

I’ve been looking forward to this one for AGES and it’s incredibly well though out. It uses a REAL visual impairment so cleverly and there is just so much going on you need to. read it.


After a car accident claims Marco’s life and leaves Jean with a traumatic head injury, from which he mostly recovers, Jean is just trying to pick up the shattered pieces of his life. But on top of having to deal with the loss of his husband, Jean begins to gradually lose his sight: a late onset symptom of the cortical damage he’d suffered from the crash. As his vision of the world around him steadily fades, Jean begins to see that there’s more lurking in the shadows of our periphery than we know.

In a shadow realm of otherworldly entities and lost souls, Jean is manages to reunite with the love he lost, while learning that nothing everything in the shadows is friendly.


This AU is nothing but angst. 
Check it out more here!
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*stabs myself repeatedly* I SPENT THREE DAYS ON THIS AAAH-

Anyways, I’ve heard in previous games you play as a tactician but get a sprite on the battlefield, only they can’t do jack. It’s implied by many characters the Summoner can’t fight, but I thought it’d be cool if they had a sprite on the battlefield. Only, when they’re attacked, it glitches the game in a sense, because they’re a person from the real world and not just a character encoded into a game, therefore they don’t have proper stats or a “health bar”. Sometimes they live through an attack, sometimes it’s a Game Over. I added glitches on the name part too because not every player is Kiran (and I was too tired to edit the font together haha)

I used Robin’s sprites as bases since they’re the same anyways, the last two are the transparents.

macks-smack-attack  asked:

I have this weird headcanon that Anti is occasionally very child-like. Gets temper-tantrums, very curious, doesn't consider that his actions have consequences. So that recent reblog you did about him asking "is 4 a lot?" made me picture him just sitting on the ground, coloring in a coloring book or something, then pausing, looking up at Signe, who is just simply sitting there, reading and drinking coffee or something, and him asking if 4 is a lot (1/2)

(2/2) Signe looks at him and answers “depends. Money? No. Bodies? Yes.” to which Anti just continues to look at her for a moment, then looks back down at the coloring book, as if he’s contemplating, and just continues on with the picture he was coloring. I have no idea why my brain works like this, but it occasionally can lead to some good inspiration for writing or just some funny/silly/interesting headcanons.

There’s not enough material of my otp so you’ll have to excuse me as I continue to draw Jearmins based on Erejearmin’s adorable playlist, in particular “A question” by Bombadil.

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I love your blog!! Could you maybe do a oneshot where Robert and dadsona go to an arcade together?

//thank you!//

I smiled when I heard the low growling of Robert’s truck outside my room. He and I had been planning to go to the new arcade ever since it opened up, and today was the day. I slipped into my denim jacket and grabbed my keys on the way out. Robert was waiting for me on the hood of his truck, looking down and picking under his nails.

“Hey,” I smiled. He looked up and his face illuminated just a little. I’d noticed that this happened every time he saw me, and he tried to hide it each time.

“What’s good,” he replied nonchalantly.

“Everything, now that you’re here,” I flirted. His eyes shifted and his smile widened just a little. I knew that this flirty stuff always gets to him. I decided to push it a little further. “Mind entertaining me with a kiss?” I begged and leaned in.

“Right here in the broad daylight? Yes, I do,“ he retorted. “You ready to go?” He pulled away from me and walked around to the driver’s seat. Well, that wasn’t the bitterness I expected.

“Floor it,” I said, buckling myself in. He pulled out of my driveway and sped to the arcade about thirty minutes away.

As soon as Robert turned the engine off, he jogged over to my door before I could get out.

“My lady,” he bowed, pulling my door open for me. I stared at the top of his lowered head for a minute until he looked up at me with a smirk. “You getting out?”

“Of course, my gentleman,” I rolled my eyes and hopped out of his truck. He slammed my door behind me, then grabbed my waist and led me to the front doors. I looked up at the bright neon sign. It read, “MAPLE BAY GAME HALL” in glowing yellow letters. The light hurt my eyes, even in the afternoon sun.

When we got inside, the atmosphere was completely flipped. There were no windows or lights except for the glowing LED displays of the arcade machines. There was ambient digital music humming, harmonizing with the beep-boops of the repetitive game soundtracks. To my surprise, the arcade was almost empty. A few teenagers were scattered about, but the place looked nearly deserted.

“Where is everyone?” I said in awe.

“Damn youths, they don’t appreciate any culture anymore,” Robert scoffed, pulling me in tighter. We stood in the entrance for a moment, admiring the retro nostalgia of the scene, until Robert yelled, “Oh shit, they have a Galaga machine!” and took off, dragging me behind him. He immediately started up a game and got sucked into the machine. I stood behind him, my eyes also glued to the screen, admiring his gaming skill. He gripped the joystick with such intensity that I was afraid he’d break it, swinging it left and right so vigorously. After about a hundred stages, my legs got tired and I took a seat on the nearest bench. I peeled my eyes away from the screen to look at Robert. The only times I’d seen him this focused and immersed were when he’s whittling. He seemed like he’d been transported to his own dimension, everything under his control. It was hot.

He continued destroying the game as I continued to stare at him, zoning off and getting lost in his gorgeous facial features. The sound of the wiggle of the joystick became exceptionally loud, and I looked back into the game screen. Damn, he’s on the last stage! I thought to myself in awe. His eyes were squinted, determined to complete what he’d started. There were a few close calls, but he finally did it.

“255! Take that!” he yelled proudly at the machine. The screen displayed a large “THE END” message, then reset itself. He got sucked out of his Galaga dimension and blinked. He quickly turned around, looking for me.

“You see that?” he boasted.

“Yeah I did,” I smirked and stood up to embrace him. He reciprocated, hugging me tightly and leaning in. We leaned our foreheads against each other, the sound of buzzing machines drowning out around us. Robert’s skin glowed with the warm blue ambient lights in the room, and my heart started pounding. “You wanna kiss me now?”

“Yeah, I think I do,” he growled. I smiled and closed my eyes, puckering my lips enough to invite him in. I felt his lips press against mine, the warmth making my spine tingle.

“Um… sirs?” a voice squeaked from behind me. I whipped around, pushing Robert away.

“Huh? What?” My eyes frantically looked around for the source of the disturbance. A small preteen was staring up at us, holding up two quarters.

“May I get to the Galaga machine?” he asked.

“Oh, sorry! Of course!” I laughed, walking out of the way and taking Robert with me.

Robert leaned in to the kid and said with a low voice, “Stay on the right side and don’t shoot the two ships on the left. After about a minute, the game will glitch and they’ll stop attacking you.” The kid stared in awe as Robert and I moved on to the next room.

“I didn’t know you were a cheater,” I poked at Robert.

“It’s not cheating, it’s wielding the advantages given to you by the system,” he defended himself. Robert took my hand in his and looked at me with seductive eyes. “C’mon, let’s find a multiplayer game.”