glitch all the things!

Here’s the full transcript of Mark talking Darkiplier in the livestream

(Time approx. 3 hours, 52 minutes to 4 hours, 4 minutes into the stream. And, yes, this took forever). Thought you’d like this, maybe.

I’ve bolded stuff I find especially interesting.


Mark: Long ago, a long time ago, I liked to do these scary edits because I just felt like doing scary edits and this is how Darkiplier got born. And then what happened was over time Darkiplier became less and less about the scary figure and more about this romantic figure, and it always rubbed me the wrong way. And I kind of shied away from Darkiplier for a while. And I really really really- if I was going to bring Darkiplier, and when we thought about this, we thought, okay there should be a Darkiplier route. And that was there from the beginning, and so when I wanted to do it I wanted to do it my way, and I wanted to do it right, and I wanted to have this unending level of creepiness. And at the same time, I didn’t want to step on the toes of Antisepticeye because I know there’s a big fan base of that, and I didn’t want to get in the way of that at all and I really don’t care that there’s more than one dark personalities of people. But when I saw the opportunity to have this character here, I spent like 8 hours editing this, like just meticulously every single RBG. This is a layer, we green screened this one, I color corrected it, I separated the RBG layers I added the shakes and glitchiness every frame. I worked on the voice, too. The voice took me the longest to figure out. Like the shakes! And my computer was dying this whole time cause I put my effects on here.

Tyler: The amount of time you had to spend rendering this.

Mark: And so, the audio’s actually three separate layers. It would have been two, but Kathryn helped me out on that one to make it more clear. It’s a normal pitched layer that’s edited, echoed, reverbed, mastered, and convoluted which means it’s just thrown off to the left and right, and then it’s a deep layer of that. But then to make it really come together- it didn’t live without this center channel that wasn’t convoluted but was centered. But getting that voice right was so pinnacle, so paramount to what I wanted to come out of this. And we did like thirty minutes of shooting various versions of me talking to the camera and I wanted to pick the exact dialogue that really kind of gave away my idea of what Dark is in not a terribly obvious way.

Tyler: The other thing, this was supposed to all be one video.

Mark: But YouTube annotations, this new version doesn’t allow you to link the same video multiple times, so these are literally the old videos that I first did when Darkiplier first came about, like, these are the ones, especially this one here, and then this is my cheap knockoff Darkiplier.

Amy: Canon Darkiplier.

Mark: Canon Darkiplier. And I’m going to readily admit something. I joked about Darkiplier because it didn’t seem like something people wanted to take seriously, and I’m okay with that on certain aspects but it had diverged into multiple different facets and multiple different personalities, and everyone had their own version of Darkiplier, and I thought it was hilarious that, “Hey, here’s my version of Darkiplier, and he’s an idiot.” Like, he’s just this weird emo kid. And then I stepped back from that, like, I stepped back. And you can even- in that time, when I was doing those videos, in this era, I was not very happy. I was kind of… I was pessimistic about a lot of things. And I felt like that bled through in a lot of things I did. And that’s why even October of last year I literally made Darkiplier an emo character. And then when we were getting to this, I thought about it like very carefully and I thought back to why I did it originally, and I did it originally because, well, Darkiplier wasn’t even a thing. Darkiplier was not a thing when I was making those videos. I just wanted to make some creepy stuff. And then I thought about that, and I was like if I want to make a statement about who this is, I need to own that and I need to put something out there that is not ambiguous, because I realize that’s where I went wrong. I didn’t have a solid character so obviously, people would come up with their own versions, they would fill in the gaps where they saw fit. So, when I made this I had to embrace it fully and fine-tune it down to exactly where I wanted. When you choose the “fake” choice carrying through to this one, I really wanted that to come through, except at the end to this video, where it gets silly, but that’s because the real me comes in and the real me’s an idiot. And I’ve actually watched this over and over again because I’m listening to the takes I put in here and I’m listening to my inflection and my tone, my demeanor and I’m imagining like how to refine it better next time when I bring him back, like how to do it better.

Tyler: I remember now, I set up the table.

Mark: Yeah, you did. You set up the table we had to change it out for clear glasses because the green screen was reflecting through. But yeah, even this, like the intersplices of anger, and this is me getting real deep in the meta of Darkiplier, like if that’s even a thing that can be- let me just pause it here. I don’t read too much into this but if there’s something that I want to take seriously, I want to actually do right. So, in my mind, Darkiplier is an entirely different person from me. But, much like Warfstache, doesn’t obey the laws of physics. He exists in another world entirely and bleeds through into this one. This is sounding really nerdy of me.

Tyler: I remember the Warfstache talk.

Mark: So Completely unironically, Darkiplier is a completely separate entity from who I am. But, he admires what I’ve accomplished, and he’s very much… people picked up on this, and people thought it was really creepy, because it’s what I wanted. He’s a social manipulator. He is literally, 100% manipulative. He leads you into this false sense of security, and he wants you to trust him because he wants to take advantage of you. That is literally what I wanted for Darkiplier. And how creepy and scary that actually is from the surface. Especially in this first bit, where he says, “If dinner is what you want, then I can provide.” And I wanted this to come across in a seductive way while also masking, like, this burning rage inside that breaks through the suave nature of it. That was my clue to reveal he’s not your friend. He’s not here to help you. He’s here to use you. And that also came across when I was thinking about, like, the effects. Like, his image shatters, he separates because he’s not entirely kept together, you know what I mean? So, I wanted like the drastic impacts of the rage pulling back suddenly to the calm nature and the demeanor and this last one, I was thinking was especially telling. It’s not me trying to break through, it’s his shell cracking.

Kathryn: I love that.

Mark: Yeah? It’s my favorite of all of them.

Kathryn: That’s one’s my favorite. I have legitimately just gone and watched that bit.

Mark: Yeah?

Kathryn: It’s really good.

Mark: Oh, thank you.

Kathryn: I really like that.

Mark: Yeah. And number 1 the visuals work hard on this one, but nailing the audio- that high-pitched ringing that a lot of people were like wow that really hurts my ears, that was by design. That was supposed to hurt because listening to him- a lot if inspiration for him comes from G-man from Half-life 2 and 1, like this weird interdimensional person that seems human but is obviously not and doesn’t obey the laws of physics, and is just like this shell of a person that’s in a suit. Not a suit, literally a human suit, and is trying to figure out how to puppet it right that you believe him, but he’s really good at it. And that’s where the scariness of Darkiplier, I think, really comes from, is because he seems like someone you can trust, and he will manipulate you, and take advantage of you, and literally use you, and to me that’s terrifying. Like that’s the antithesis of what I want to be and so if I’m going to make an opposite version of me, he’s gonna be the fucking worst. Like worse than any romantic story can ever bring about. He’s fucking awful.

Amy: It was convenient, though, I like the way it goes from Relax to this, like the video “Relax,” because then people were not expecting this. But it’s so nice to have it on Valentine’s Day. It works so well.

Mark: And then came the bullshit transition that we had to do. So, this is comical in a way.

Amy: It doesn’t drag it though.

Mark: Yeah it doesn’t drag. You get the scary. Tyler’s here-

Tyler: In Mark’s suit, which I have fit in, but not the pants.

Mark: He didn’t fit, we forgot to get a tie, like, we printed out a mask, and I looked at this and was like I could try to make this creepy, and then I went, I objectively can’t. Let me throw in some punch sound effects.

Tyler: I have to make sure, cause-

Mark: He couldn’t see shoot.

Tyler: No, I couldn’t, and I had to keep moving the mask cause there was one time we did this that the mask ended up completely on the side of my head and I was just like, hey Mark, you can’t touch my face.

Amy: The convenient thing about this, though, with all the glitches is that you can hide stuff with it.

Tyler: Yeah, and there’s a reason I never let go of Mark I have no clue where anything is.

Mark: Yeah, oh man. Oh, this, oh my god. Oh, and secret Easter egg- you know who Dark is because he doesn’t have a shadow. Totally intentional and by design.

Amy: His toes are missing too, but.

Mark: Shh he doesn’t have toes he’s so scary.



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Reach WITH IN To your LOCAL park and you may find A Friend And Boy…

(I did a cosplay test this evening, and I’m feeling pretty good about the results! I’ll be lurking around the con this weekend as this guy and as SCP-049.) 

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People are trying to put two and two together... and my first thought is just "Wait, in Aftertale there's Sans, and there's Geno. So this is "Sans". The Sans that's existed after Geno broke his soul apart" (or something, I dunno it's been a while since I've read AT) and now he's all glitched... poor thing haha

That’s also a popular theory! ;D

Friendly reminder to back up your writing!

Wrote a couple hundred words for a dragon’s bio? Put that stuff in a notepad and save it.

Revamped an outdated dragon’s backstory into something new and improved? Notepad file!

Threw together some lore that you’re proud of and trying to sell? Notepad! File!

Look, sometimes FR glitches and sometimes you hit ‘select all’ without realizing it and sometimes things happen.

Anything you don’t want to risk losing, save that stuff to your computer.

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Here's a little tidbit I noticed when I watched Moana (50 times in a row). During the Backstory scene, when Moana tries to get him to open up, she asks "Is it why your hooks not working?" and that... poked my brain. She didn't say "Why can't you use your hook" or in any way suggest that Maui was the problem, that he was the one broken or useless (if we want to be dramatic about it). She may not realise it, but I thought it was nice. Stating it's the hook that's not working, not Maui. Toodles!


Because she never does really blame him for not being able to use it? Right away when she’s trying to figure out what the problem with the hook is, she doesn’t blame him or try to ask him why he couldn’t get the hook to work. What his problem with the hook was. It was always hey, why isn’t the hook working or hey, maybe you can try this to get it to work? Maui isn’t the problem. Maybe he’s not aware of this himself, but Moana does. She knows that the issue lies within the hook,and she knows it’s a problem that can be fixed.

Even right away when Maui’s moping around about how they’re never going to make it to Te Fiti and she wants him to try and use it again, that’s the word she uses. Try. She doesn’t command him to use it, tell him to get up and use it, to get over it. She asks him to try it, because she knows the hook is where the problem lies and that just telling him to use it anyway won’t work. Because it won’t work. 

Trying, on the other hand? Taking a chance with it to get it to work again? That’s a different story entirely, and I think it’s the trying that got the hook working again more than anything else. 

"Forgotten or too afraid to remember?"

here’s a theory!


lmao jk, its an antiseptic theory!

now, let’s start from the beginning.

you know how whenever anti glitched into jack’s videos, the setting and everything would usually look a bit different in glitch than it did in the actual video?

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however; in detention, you didn’t see that. there was no change, just the static flashing and anti coming right into say whatever was on the mirror.

yet, we see two quick images of a familiar someone looking and pointing at the camera, which is most likely the audience, right before it cuts out to jack’s regular gameplay for the rest of the video.

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notice how there’s no blood on jack and how curious he’s acting on those two gifs, compared to the ones on top where he looks tortured/crazy or has a ton of blood on his face.

much like in sister location, where anti finally takes over. the two beings merged together as anti became much stronger than before.

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Also, in the “SAY GOODBYE” video, right before anti comes in, you hear a faint “Ḣͦ͒̇͢͏̬͉̺͖E̵̷͖̰͉̖̣̯̻̔ͬ̆́ͪͪ͛ͦͩL̡̰͙̙ͭP̵͖̪̦̭ͯͦ̅ͣ ̵̛͚̰̞̙͛̍ͥ̚M̻͕̣͆́͡ͅȨ̶̦̘͖̻͖̽̊͌͗ͣ̔ͅ!”, right before anti comes in and makes his little speech.

I don’t know if this has any correlation to the point I’m trying to make, but i feel as if this means that jack was trapped wherever anti was before. anti just learned “how to pretend” as time went on, much like he tried to show in that exact same episode.

Now, onto the quote: “forgotten? or just to afraid to remember?”

Anyone remember that there was no real conclusion to the “Say Goodbye” video? Jack never came back and tried to take over his body at the end. It was simply anti saying “S̨̼̦̖̊̊ͮa̴̟̥͑͋̆̅͑͐͝y̨͚̞͙̠̝̠̗̹̤̌̀ͯ ̸͉͚͕̉ͭ̾̒̾̈́͑ͤ̒G̨̬̮̺̐́͐̄͐ͣ̈͘ŏ̬̼̙̪̀ͩ̉͠o͔̺̝̦͙̣͚ͬ̚͢͞d̸̛̰͕̺̜̞ͮ̏ͬbͤ͛ͭ͏͔̲̰y̸͎͋͊͑ͥͣ͒̔̾͝͝e͙ͯ̂̐ͦ.̷̧̞̣̩͖̝̗̜̙͈́̍ͦ͗̓ͮ̀̿̕.͒ͯ͢͏̪̪̹̪.̶̧͍̘̼̬̹́͌̎͢” as the screen faded to black.

Remember the things that glitch bitch said?

“You! This is all YOUR fault.” 

“You could’ve stopped me!” 

“But you just watched; as all this happened!

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“Now, he’s gone forever.”

And again, in the sister location video, lest we not forget that he “learned how to pretend”. And we simply went off like it almost never happened as the videos still went up. However; we still mentioned anti, but not as much as we did before. It was around the “Oxenfree” playthroughs where the Anti hype kinda started to spark up again, which helps Jack wherever he is now. After the “Say Goodbye” video, we were all reassured that Anti was done and over with, without getting a full closure on how Jack got his body back. 

 After that, we just continued with our regularly scheduled program, most likely “forgetting” that fact that this: 

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 Actually happened. 

 Now, look back at the two parts from Detention when Anti shows up. 

“hello?” (he’s looking into the camera, seeing if anyone’s there. he’s seeing if he can glitch through the system.)

“You!” (breaking the fourth wall once more, as he knows you’re watching. hoping that you can see him glitching through as you’re watching as all of this is happening again.)

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I don’t think Anti’s the one hidden behind the glitches this time. I think the person pointing is Jack. 

I feel like this could mean two things. 

“Did you forget that I was trapped here?“ 


“Are you too afraid to remember that you watched me get trapped here?”

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I am fucking pissed, mom!!!! My program crashed and now the drawing I've been working on all goddamn night is all glitched out with random giant ass black squares covering the entire thing and all of the line art is all scattered in places it's not supposed to be!!!! Please just kill me now...

ah my god the struggle! i know the feels Q^Q

anytime staff does some “funny” post about their glitches or some “relatable” “fandom” thing all i hear in my head is Today We Will Eat At Staff

mandela effect!!!!

i lowkey regret deleting my iconic mandala effect thread on twitter (@imnotaiexia) and some of you are requesting me to post it again! so here it is: i’m a hoe for conspiracy theories! but this one specifically got me fucked up and i firmly believe in it!  

the mandela effect is basically when you/a group of people remember something, that no one else remembers OR in different ways that others, this is because parallel universes merged making certain details from our universe change, there are many theories but ill get to that at the end. 

it’s named after the fact that a lot of people could’ve sworn remembering that nelson mandela died in the 80s, and here are more examples:

  1. the iconic debate between the berenstAin/berenstEin bears: some people grew up watching the show, reading the books for literally decades and most of these people remember it as berenstEin, even though some people swear it’s always been berenstAin (i honestly don’t trust anyone who says it’s always been berenstAin bc they’re lying)
  2. sex IN the city/sex AND the city: i vividly remember watching the show and the movies, for me it was sex IN the city i swear to God. 
  3. the iconic phrase “MIRROR mirror on the wall” has always been “MAGIC mirror on the wall” like what??.. the same thing with “luke, i’m your father”… it’s always been “NO, i’m your father” look it up! 
  4. skechers/skeTchers: skechers had a fucking T!!!! all my way through elementary school and even middle school! my mom would buy me this brand of shoes, i can vividly remember the twinkle toes edition because i owned many pair of those and i can swear it was skeTchers, this one got me tripping and losing it! skechers doesn’t even feel right. 
  5. curious george had a tail ?? i swear i can remember watching the show, the movies, the books, even the merchandise at toys stores! those little plush toys and it had a tail. i know some people say “it doesn’t have one bc it’s a chimp” but i remember it hanging from trees with its tail, throwing a ball and even hugging the guy in yellow with it!! and now it’s gone, seeing curious george without a tail doesn’t even feel right is2g.
  6. is it just me or does anyone else remember thanksgiving being on the THIRD thursday of november???? …it’s been always the fourth since the times on lincoln and this one is also driving me crazy.
  7. looney TOONS/looney TUNES: according to wikipedia it’s always been looney TUNES since 1930 but i can totally remember it as TOONS
  8. this ones from the bible “the lion shall lay down with the lamb” is “the wolf will live with the lamb” how? i have no idea. it even was on twilight
  9. my mom and a lot of people could’ve sworn that fidel castro died, some people even remember seeing it on the news and learning about it on history books! also, some people remember betty white dying. they’re both alive to this day. 
  10. the kellog’s logo doesn’t have a rooster head but me and some other people kinda remember it having one?? 

ok now HOW CAN WE EXPLAIN THIS???? here are some theories i investigated so please bear with me:

  • THEORY #1 the scientific explanation: we all just collectively misremember little things, kinda like glitches in the human mind
  • THEORY #2 someone is testing the butterfly effect: the butterfly effect is the concept that small causes can have large effects. this would explain how it started changing small things like the bears and small details to larger things like movies, logos, dates and even the bible. it’s like saying ‘let’s go back and change this one thing and see how it effects on the current timeline’ butterfly effect boom
  • THEORY #3 aliens have used advanced technology to change the world line to another one similar to the original but with minor differences
  • THEORY #4 all the people who had a nearly death experience or almost died have been transferred into a parallel universe, before the experience we were in a berenstEin universe and after the experience we jumped into a berenstAin unicerse but all those who remember it as stAin have always been in this universe and if they’re close to dying they could jump back to universe E

(disclaimer: they’re called theories for a reason. i never said that any of this was true, i just really enjoy talking about this and this is for fun and curiosity. credits to reddit for the info i investigated)  ✨

I hate men