What Band Kids Hate the Most
  • Piccolo:*second chair visibly cringes and covers ears at high notes*
  • Flute:Being chased around by people who play valved instruments and being threatened by them releasing their spit
  • Oboe:"Is that a clarinet?"
  • Clarinet:"LOUDER" plus damn have u seen some of those 3rd clarinet parts???
  • Sax:*Swings* *Receives annoyed looks from everyone around them or in
  • hearing distance*
  • Horn:*Hears rumors that they're going to be playing a march this concert* *Has war flashbacks*
  • Trumpet:Hearing the words, "I can play it so much better,"
  • Low Brass:"now this little 'p' right hear means softly"
  • Bells:*Non-bell player comes over* *picks up mallets* *tries to play chromatic as fast as possible* *glissandos the whole damn keyboard* *tries to play chromatic faster again*
  • Percussion:Learning all the names of things like wtf??!?!

One of my flute pals just linked this to me

it’s crazy cool and so weird

adisusedshed said: Sterek in a hipster tea shop duh.

mad-madam-m said: I’m gonna throw another vote in for Stiles and Derek at the hipster tea shop. Just imagine Stiles with a violin. :-D (Obviously in-tune.)

“Thank you!” Stiles sweeps into a cheesy, obnoxious bow. “This next one is an original, and it’s called Stubble Burn.

"I fucking hate open mic night,” Derek sighs, trying to focus on perfectly arranging a cheese plate while their regular Wednesday night entertainment charms the whole tea shop. Ugh, Stiles. With his ridiculous blue violin, and his messy hair, and his pushed-up sleeves, and his blatantly sexual song titles, and—

“That’s the hottest glissando I’ve ever heard, wow,” Erica enthuses.

“Jesus. Restock the sugar crystals. Hey.” Derek snaps his fingers in front of her face. “Erica.

"Look at his hands, though.”

“I’ve seen them,” Derek says, sighing heavily.

“Yeah, I bet you have.”

Derek chugs an entire half-mug of Silver Needle to avoid looking her in the eye.


"So I know you’re busy,” Stiles says later, sliding up to the front counter where Derek is slicing lemons. “But, I thought I’d check in with you. See if you liked your song today.”

Stiles has his fingers curved around the edge of the counter, and they’re flexing and curling in a slow rhythm. Derek swallows. “My song?”

“Yeah, I mean, I was gonna wait for you to bring it up on your own? Like, back when I played Hey Pretty Eyebrows… but you’ve never noticed, so I think that approach might have been a little… low-key? For you. You’re very, uh, focused on your job…” Stiles trails off while Derek bends over to dig through the tea tins on the bottom shelf. “Um.”

"Notice what?” Derek straightens, and notices a lone cupcake that hasn’t managed to sell. “Here,” he says, thrusting it a little too aggressively at Stiles. “You like chocolate, right? We’re closing in ten minutes. So.”

Stiles takes it, and a weird, helpless look passes over his face. “You fucker. You’re so cute, god.”

Derek blinks. “I…”

“I wrote you sexy violin solos!” Stiles blurts, waving the cupcake around. “This is by far the least subtle way I’ve ever hit on somebody! Put me out of my misery, please, because if you don’t just turn me down outright in the next ten seconds I’m probably going to write you an entire symphony because —”

"I made you a tea blend,” Derek interrupts, flushing. “I named it Brown Eyes and I’ve been drinking it alone for weeks.”

"Oh my god,” Stiles breathes.

“It has way too much clove in it, though,” Derek admits, and Stiles puts the cupcake down, actually hops the counter and kisses him, hauling him close by his apron pockets.

“Hey. Hey.” Erica shoves Derek’s shoulder. “Yo. Your virtuoso just bent my favorite infuser. With his foot.

"You can have all the tips in the jar if you close up for me,” Derek says, and starts firmly guiding Stiles toward the back room.


GLISSANDO densinghour vol. 24 by Łukasz Hanusik

01 Pan Sonic - Toisaalta | Mute 2001
02 Demdike Stare - Kommunion (alternate version) | Modern Love 2012
03 Tommy Four Seven remix, Perc - Start Chopping | Perc Trax 2011
04 Shifted - Colours Of The Fall | Mote-Evolver 2012
05 Orphx - Preta Loka | Sonic Groove 2012
06 Regis edit, Silent Servant - Untitled | Sandwell District 2011
07 Black Rain - Biotechno 1 & 2 | Blackest Ever Black 2012
08 Powell - The Ongoing Significance Of Steel And Flesh | Diagonal 2011
09 James Ruskin - Against Your Will | Tresor 2001
10 Container - Overflow | Spectrum Spools 2011
11 Vatican Shadow - One Day He Heard The Call | Bed Of Nails 2012
12 Silent Servant - Moral Divide (endless) | Hospital Productions 2012
13 Tropic Of Cancer - More Alone | Ghostly International 2012
14 Powell - Body music | Diagonal 2012
15 Deathday - Dropped Into Obscurity | Downwards 2012
16 Joy Division - As You Said {excerpt} | Factory 1980
17 HTRK - Slo Glo | Mistletone Records 2011
18 Roly Porter - Hessra | Subtext 2011
19 Simon Scott - Sealevel.1 {excerpt} | 12k 2012
20 Coil - 7-methoxy-b-carboline (telepathine) | Eskaton 1998
21 Andy Stott - Submission | Modern Love 2011
22 Luis Farfan & Silent Servant - La Negra Luna | Stroboscopic Artefacts 2012
23 RP - IX | Subtext 2011
24 Borful Tang - Meet The Band | Stroboscopic Artefacts 2012



This is called a Glissando Headjoint.

There is nothing more perfect than this.


Meg and I went to see Jeff Mangum a couple nights ago

And it was good? It was a strange experience since it was for the most part just him (plus four guitars, arranged so it was kind of like he and four guitars were sitting around a campfire), so it was subdued in that sense, but also Jesus Christ his voice.

All of the times on Aeroplane and Avery Island where it sounds like he’s pushing his voice past its limit, I guess I always imagined that he then took a three week break drinking nothing but lemon tea and anti-vocal-nodule cream before recording the next song, but he pierced every note like he had an electrified note piercing machine (IDK). Sometimes the note was hit at the expense of enunciation, if that makes sense. Like he just dipthonged his way up and all the consonants got lost in the glissando (it unfortunately made me think of someone who is out of practice with speaking to people; I don’t mean this as a criticism, nor do I believe that he is out of practice w/r/t speaking).

In between songs he encouraged the audience to either sing along or in general not be so polite, and people shouted questions to/at him, and some of these questions were so stupid (“Who would win in a fight between Spiderman and Batman?”) and some were things I might have wanted to ask but would neeeeeevvver have asked (“Where have you been?”) and others were informational or who knows what (“Was that a new song or is it on an album?”; “Do you believe in reincarnation?”) and every time someone yelled something, I felt like Jimmy Fallon in the “More Cowbell” sketch: “Don’t blow this for us, Gene!” But he answered them all (respectively: “Man, I have no idea”; either “Living my life” or “Living with the love of my life”; “No”; and “I’m doing it now” (!)) and then tore into another song.

Anyway, it was amazing to hear all the songs both stripped down instrumentally but with his crazy raw forceful voice and I highly recommend your building a time machine and going to see it with us. It was on Monday. Please sneak in some better beer.