Steve Argyle - Hand drawn Magic cards

These are the eight Magic cards hand drawn by Steve Argyle included in the Child of Alara fully hand drawn Commander deck from this video!

The cards Steve Argyle did and where they are in the video are:

Child of Alara - 0:45

Deathrite Shaman - 3:17

Glissa, the Traitor - 3:24

Damia, Sage of Stone - 4:39

Somberwald Sage - 5:19

Liliana of the Veil - 5:37

Nevinyrrals’s Disk - 6:30

Jace’s Ingenuity - 8:24


Day 5 Bonus: The Unsung Heroes.

For the last post of the challenge, I’m revisiting some pieces that didn’t quite succeed in the world, but were valuable to my growth as an artist. Not every piece can knock it out of the park. But keep swinging.

Glissa’s Portrait
A study for Glissa, the Traitor. This piece was an exploration in mixing organic and mechanical elements. Which is a super-fun challenge. I think I will, one day, apply this concept to my Mountain Dew Cybervixens Save Scruffy Bologna world. Which I imagine very few of you have any about. In my cruelty, I’ll just leave that as a cryptic tease.

Zillis Scout 
An illustration all the way back from 2006. I learned a lot about composing with light, and balancing color, while working on this piece. Moving from warm to cool, retaining volume while using soft light sources, and using occlusion shadows.

Shadar Kai 
A piece for Dungeons & Dragons, that did not entirely work out like I’d hoped. The lesson I learned here, was not to go too far with details and design. Because this image is so saturated with details that it’s a mess. Any given piece of it has cool little things, but as a whole, it’s overwhelmingly busy. The composition and mood are obliterated. This was a lesson to me to remember to let some things stay loose, simple, or empty. To create areas of focus, and let other areas fall into the background.

Each piece is a step forward. Whether it succeeds or fails to be what you were aiming for, there is something to be learned.