Budget Combo of the Day: Glissa, the Traitor & Executioner’s Capsule
Breaking the Bank at: $2.45 (as of 2/16/16)

Having Glissa out on the field is pretty good, having a reusable murder button is even better. Use the Capsule to destroy an opponent’s creature, then immediately get it back with Glissa(since part of the activation cost is sacrificing the Capsule, it’s in the graveyard when Glissa triggers).


Steve Argyle - Hand drawn Magic cards

These are the eight Magic cards hand drawn by Steve Argyle included in the Child of Alara fully hand drawn Commander deck from this video!

The cards Steve Argyle did and where they are in the video are:

Child of Alara - 0:45

Deathrite Shaman - 3:17

Glissa, the Traitor - 3:24

Damia, Sage of Stone - 4:39

Somberwald Sage - 5:19

Liliana of the Veil - 5:37

Nevinyrrals’s Disk - 6:30

Jace’s Ingenuity - 8:24