glioblastoma stage 4

Oh, Baby (Namjoon x Reader) Pt. 8

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Pairing: Namjoon/Rap Monster x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Smut/Mafia-ish AU

Words: 4,470

Summary: You were only supposed to have seen him twice. Only twice, no more, but now you’re getting dragged into situations you never wished for and Namjoon just keep showing up.

A/N: I don’t know what to say in this A/N~ lmao I have to think of more plot. this is as far as my mind got. I have some ideas in my but now I have to mold them so they make sense lol.

“Well, look who finally decides to show up,” Hoseok teases, raising his half-empty glass of liquor to Jin as the doctor approaches. Sighing tiredly, Jin shrugs off his heavy knee-length coat and sets his briefcase down, leaning it against the leg of the table. By the time he slides into his seat Hoseok has a drink ready for him, and Jin doesn’t hesitate in taking a long sip.

“Rough day?”

“Dr. Hwangae had to leave right before a scheduled lobectomy because a patient who recently underwent brain surgery to remove some stage 4 glioblastoma cells began having a seizure—so I had to perform the surgery alone.”

Hoseok blinks at Seokjin over the rim of his glass, eyebrows raised ever so slightly.

“Would you like me to pretend that I know what you’re talking about…?”

Taking a deep breath, Jin leans his elbows onto the table and slumps forward. “I had to take out a part of a man’s lung—because smoking is bad,” Jin adds in scoldingly when Hoseok tugs a box of cigarettes from the inside pocket of his coat. Blinking innocently at Jin, Hoseok holds the white stick to his lips and the two have a brief stare-off before Jin finally gives up, and with an amused snort Hoseok lights the cigarette.

“So what’s been going on with you lately?” Jin questions, attempting to divert the topic away from his overly long day. A 7am to 10pm shift at the hospital is rough—even if he is an excellent doctor. “Anything exciting brewing?”

“Eh, ya know,” Hoseok says, taking a deep drag and flicking away the crumbling end of the cigarette into a nearby ashtray. “Stocks are the same as always—some rise and some fall. I still get paid for giving out info.”

“Of course,” Jin grants. “And?”

“Looks like JB and his crew had a run in with the cops in Busan the other day, but they all made it out. And there was word that Yoongi successfully secured Namjoon’s next shipment in Daegu and is on his way back here right now.”

“Hmm…that’s good,” Jin responds, swirling his drink in his hand, and Hoseok snorts.

“What? Are you rooting for the mafia now? Has your big heart finally overtaken common sense?”

Jin rolls his eyes. “Hardly. I don’t support any of their causes, but you know as a doctor I—”

“—tend to care for all people and their health,” Hoseok interrupts, waving his hand flippantly. “Yes, hyung, I’m aware. You’re a kind hearted and handsome young doctor.”

Jin laughs quietly, taking another sip from his drink. Hoseok mimics his action, and the two fall into a quiet silence. Somewhere in the background is the whirl of an ambulance and the deafened blues melody of a piano.

“So,” Hoseok begins, catching Jin’s attention. The younger’s aura shifts into something a little less easygoing. “Have you met Namjoon’s new play thing?”

Jin winces slightly at the degrading nickname, but nonetheless nods his head. “Y/N? Yes, I’ve encountered her. She had a run in with the police and Namjoon asked me to go and get her.”

“Wait, seriously?!” Hoseok blanches, eyes widening. There are two things from Jin’s previous statement that amaze him. One is that the police had actually managed to connect you to Namjoon so soon. Two is that…well…Namjoon had actually asked for help in retrieving you instead of simply throwing you to the wind.

Maybe you aren’t just his play thing.

“Namjoon…he…,” Jin sighs irritatedly, running a hand through his hair. He gets frustrated whenever he thinks about Namjoon and how he treats you. How you could be doing so much better, and yet…

Buzz~ Buzz~

“Late night call?” Hoseok grins, waggling his eyebrows, and with a quiet sign Jin begins to dig through his briefcase for his phone. If anything the call is probably from the hospital—ready to ask him to come back in because some higher-up refuses to give up their peaceful night. However, Jin’s not sure whether to be relieved or terrified when he sees your name flashing on the screen.

After a brief second of deliberation he sides with ‘terrified’.


Immediately muffled chatter and club music assaults his ears. He can barely hear your shaky voice above all the background noise, and his face creases in concern. At seeing the negative change Hoseok, curious, leans forward—trying to overhear what’s going on.

Shit…Jin, I…

Oh god, he can already tell that you’re incredibly inebriated.

“Y/N? Shit, what’s going on?” he asks, concern slipping into his voice. At hearing your name spoken Hoseok’s eyes widen in surprise. Clearly something is going on.

I…the world is s-spinning, oh my god…,” you cry, voice hitching, and the image of your confused tears streaming down your face pulls at Jin’s heart strings.

From what he knows of you so far—Jin has a sneaking suspicion that you hadn’t done this to yourself. With everything going he doubts that you would have been so foolish as to drag yourself out to a club and get wasted, so right now he’s incredibly concerned for your safety.

“Y/N, don’t move,” Jin commands sternly, shoving to his feet. “I’m gonna come find you.”

Roughly gripping his coat, Jin’s traps his phone between his ear and shoulder and hurries to grab his briefcase. “Where are you? I—” at that moment the background noises change—wind howling through the speaker—and a second later the line goes dead.

The dial-tone resounding in Jin’s ear makes his blood run cold.

Fuck!” he hisses, tossing his phone onto the table as he wrestles with his coat. He wants to run to you—to make sure you’re alright (because he’s getting a sinking feeling that you’re definitely not)—but he doesn’t know where you are. You had never answered him, and there are way too many clubs scattered around town.

“Give me your phone,” Hoseok suddenly demands, pulling his laptop out of his own briefcase. He shoves the glasses on the table aside, open up the screen, and grabs Jin’s phone when the older takes too long.

Fingers flying over the keys, Hoseok pulls a USB cord out of nowhere and plugs Jin’s phone into his laptop. Immediately the software program picks up the phones call data and begins pin-pointing your location—the recently lost signal bouncing between cell towers.

“God, Hobi, you’re a lifesaver,” Jin speaks honestly when he leans over to see what the business man is doing. Hoseok snorts, his eyes narrowed seriously as they peer at his brightly illuminated laptop screen.

“Yeah, working for the government has some benefits…”

Not a minute later Hoseok gets the coordinates to your location and hands them off to Jin. It seems that you’re in a club on the east end of town—not too far from where they are—and surprisingly when Jin moves to run out of the bar Hoseok follows.

“You may need some help with this,” he says in explanation, shrugging, and Jin isn’t going to argue. At the moment, he just needs to get to you.

Hoping into his car, Jin speeds away. The ride to the club takes far too long, but they make it there in record time nonetheless—immediately jumping to their feet and pushing past the bouncer and into the building.

It’s not hard to tell where you are—a small crowd of people gathered around the base of the stairs, a few men drunkenly yelling ‘stay back!’ and ‘lady are you ok?!’.

Aish,” Jin hisses, pushing through them, and Hoseok stays right on his tail. “Give her space all of you! I’m a fucking doctor alright?!”

Reluctantly, at hearing Jin’s authoritative yell, some of the crowd disperses. Those who don’t are promptly ushered away by Hoseok, and Jin takes that time to kneel down beside you. Obviously you’re out cold—eyes shut tight and body awkwardly sprawled across the tile floor. He can see some obvious bruising on your skin and swelling on the wrist you’d injured a week before, but the most concerning thing is the small pool of blood right beside your head.

Head injuries are not something to fuck with—and Jin needs to give you a real examination right away so he can figure out what kind of treatment you need. And that examination isn’t going to occur here—surrounded by strangers with the shittiest lighting he has ever seen to guide him.

“Hoseok, help me here,” Jin commands, beckoning the younger over. Hoseok is at his side without hesitation, and Jin shoves his car keys into Hoseok palm.

“I’m gonna pick her up. Go get the car ready. We’re putting her in the backseat.”

“Right,” Hoseok nods, sprinting away, and as carefully as he can Jin rolls you onto your back. You don’t even stir—remaining utterly pliant as he molds you into his arms and carefully picks you up. Tucked against his chest, Jin carries you out of the building without challenge—Hoseok helping him to get you in the back seat.

Jin sits beside you during the ride, your head resting in his lap, and as Hoseok drives through the city towards Jin’s residence—each passing streetlight illuminating the car—Jin can see the wide array of bites and bruises marking up every inch of your showing skin.

Namjoon is not going to be happy.

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