glinda upland

Top Five Elphabas & Glindas

Number One.

Kristin Chenoweth.

Okay, of course she’s number one, no she’s not overrated! Kristin Chenoweth IS Glinda!!! Her voice is like no other. Her last performance is probably the best show in Wicked history! So emotional. Her chemistry with Idina is for a different time… If it wasn’t for her and Idina i don’t believe that Wicked would be as big as it is today. i would pay any amount of money to see her, just you name it. That Southern accent…oh my! 

If anyone ever tells you that musicals are useless just remember that I was doing a physics test once and one of the questions had something to do with glowsticks or something and I completely blanked out but then the wise words of Galinda Upland came to me saying “she’s phosphorescent”, referring to Elphaba and her greenness and thus is the story of how I somewhat passed physics. 

wicked songs: a summary
  • no one mourns the wicked:your un-problematic fave was murdered
  • dear old shiz:college frick yeah
  • the wizard and i:the let-me-belt-in-your-face song
  • what is the feeling?:lesbians or worst enemies? the world may never know
  • something bad:environmentalists be like
  • dancing through life:fuck school
  • popular:what not to wear the musical
  • i'm not that girl:fuck blonde white girls
  • one short day:lesbian vacations
  • a sentimental man:never trust old straight white men
  • defying gravity:the let-me-belt-in-your-face song pt. 2
  • thank goodness:weddings can't hide depression
  • wonderful:what did i say about not trusting old straight white men?
  • i'm not that girl:fuck beautiful green girls
  • as long as you're mine:sexy time in the forest
  • no good deed:fiyEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • march of the witch hunters:obligatory wizard of oz references
  • for good:lesbians, definitely lesbians
  • finale:gross sobbing

Top Five Elphabas & Glindas

Number Two.

Savannah Stevenson.

This Woman is just the definition of subtlety and class! i had the absolute privilege of seeing her on the 16th of May 2015 and will be seeing her again on the 26th of September, she's absolutely fabulous. Before i seen the show in the West End i’d seen it twice on tour, both times Emily Tierney played Glinda and i felt no connection with her at all. When i saw Savannah, i just totally fell in love! She made me view Glinda in a different light, she’s now my favourite character. Savannah shows every single one of Glindas many facets. During ‘No One Mourns The Wicked’ you can actually see the grief etched on her face, it’s heartbreaking. Her ‘Popular’ is the funniest, her ‘Toss Toss’ will actually have you in stitches! Now her voice is just drool worthy. Her speaking voice is a proper posh English accent and oh my god is it hot! Just go and see her. I’m telling you, she’ll have you on your knees!

Top Five Elphabas & Glindas

Number Four.

Katie Rose Clarke.

KRC is absolutely hilarious! Sometimes she reminds me of a younger Kristin Chenoweth but thats not to say she brings her own version of Glinda to the show. I’ve seen her perform with Stephanie J Block and Willemijn Verkaik on YouTube and whilst i know it can’t possibly compare to seeing her live, both performances killed! When i first came to like Wicked i’d only seen a few OBC proshots but KRC was the first Glinda i really saw and I'm definitely glad it was her!

Top Five Elphabas & Glindas

Number Three.

Kendra Kassebaum.

i love her face! Just love it. I don’t know what it is about her but for some reason she just plays Glinda so simply, it’s beautiful. Her speaking voice is she docent over-act at all! Most Glindas- i feel- try too hard to be comical, not Kendra though. Her Glinda just seems so natural, i don’t know, I’m rambling now…Shes definitely the gayest Glinda! Her popular with Julia Murney is the cutest.