glinda the good witch of the north


Only the people you love can make you angry.
[ … ] The ones you don’t hate, sometimes you don’t really love either.


St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, November 12, 1911 

Billie Burke was the wife of Florenz Ziegfeld (Ziegfeld follies). She acted on broadway, film (like Dinner at Eight) and on radio (the Billie Burke Show), maybe best known as Glinda the Good Witch of the North in the Wizard of Oz. Here she explains what she says “Titian blondes” should and shouldn’t wear.

The Signs as "Oz Books" Characters.

• Aries: Wizard of Oz.

• Taurus:The Good Witch of the North.

• Gemini: Dorothy Gale.

• Cancer: Polychrome.

• Leo: Glinda the Good Witch of the South.

• Virgo: Tin Man.

• Libra: Ozma.

• Scorpio: Wicked Witch of the West.

• Sagittarius: The Cowardly Lion.

• Capricorn: Tik-Tok

• Aquarius: Wicked Witch of the East.

• Pisces: The Scarecrow.

“The photos are not mine”

princesspbo  asked:

Who would be who out of the 104th and vets in the Wizard of Oz/ Wicked(maybe)?

Mikasa: Eureka
Reiner: Hungry Tiger
Bertholdt: Cowardly Lion
Annie: Dorothy
Eren: Toto
Jean: Teh Guardian Of The Gates
Marco: Frogman
Sasha: Aunt Em
Connie: Uncle Henry
Historia: China Princess
Armin: Glinda
Ymir: Wicked Witch Of The West
Levi: Wizard Of Oz
Hanji: Good witch of the North
Erwin: Tin Woodman
Nanaba: Jellia Jamb
Mike: Ervic
Moblit: Jack Pumpkinhead

So if you watched the final episode of volume four, you were probably a little surprised by the revelation made at the end that immediately sets up the next volume in a big way. Now I have a number of ideas where this idea can go and I thought I’d run with it since I’m actually in the mood to express my thoughts on my blog rather than keeping it to myself.

The rest will be under a read more since many people haven’t seen the final episode and I’d rather not be that guy.

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RWBY Theory: The Cowardly Professor Lionheart


So the RWBY season finale was released yesterday to everyone, along with many surprising twists, including the reveal that the headmaster of Haven Academy may not be as good of a guy as we thought he was.

At the end of the episode we see him with Watts, a member of Salem’s inner circle, who remarks that Salem often spoke of Lionheart’s hospitality-which implies that Lionheart has been working with Salem for a long time.

However, I wouldn’t say right away that Lionheart’s a bad guy. It’s much more likely that he’s a good man caught in a bad position.

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Emerald City: Meet The Witches → Glinda | East & West
This is a story that everyone knows, so everyone’s engaged in it…I play Glinda, the Witch of the North. I think that, in the original story, Glinda was wonderful, whereas this Glinda, you don’t know if she’s good or bad. She’s very smart but she’s very icy. I can’t wait to see it!


Some designs I did for Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. These are from an animation (that never ended up happening) and the inspiration was a combination the book and the musical version of Wicked… I tried to blend the feelings I got from the book with those I got from the musical and represent them in a way that I felt was representative of both sources.

Elphaba is for sure Ciara Renée. I had a lot of inspirations for Elphaba, seeing as she was the hardest for me to design, but I think Ciara Renée is the person I would see playing her in a potential movie. For the longest time I tried to design Elphaba wearing a dress… but pants just made so much more sense to me. They’re easier to fly in and she seems more like a pants gal.

Glinda ended up being sort of like Kim Bo Kyung from the Korean production of Wicked the Musical. I wanted her to be very pretty but also still show some of the turmoil and depression that’s inside of her so that’s where the black elements on her gown came from.

Oz: concept art

 Here in France, The Wizard of Oz isn’t as famous as Alice in Wonderland, for example, and I only heard about this story when I was in middle school. I watched the 1939 movie and I immediatly fell in love with the universe. Then, I decided to read the books (I was surprised to discover their were 14 of them written by Baum), but unfortunately they weren’t available… until the publishing house “Cherche Midi” decided to reissue the entire serie, and called it Cycle of Oz. Once the library close to my house had the first book, composed of the first two stories, I ran to get it before anyone else and read it avidly. That is when the Cycle of Oz became my very favourite fairy tale.

Now that doesn’t mean the stories have no flaw, to be honest there are many, but it’s because Baum became the victim of his success and his fans only wanted more stories about Oz, and nothing else, and even tried to control what he would write, thus there are many incoherent points in his story. For example, how the Wizard became the ruler of Oz. In the second story, The Wonderful Land of Oz, it is clearly said he stole the throne from the previous king, Pastoria, and gave Ozma to Mombi so nobody could be in his way. As Glinda says in the chapter “The Scarecrow Appeals to Glinda the Good”:

“Her name is Ozma,” answered Glinda. “But where she is I have tried in vain to discover. For the Wizard of Oz, when he stole the throne from Ozma’s father, hid the girl in some secret place; and by means of a magical trick with which I am not familiar he also managed to prevent her being discovered – even by so experienced a Sorceress as myself.”
“We know that the Wizard taught the old woman many of his tricks of magic,” continued Glinda; “and this he would not have done had she not assisted him in some way. So we may suspect with good reason that Mombi aided him to hide the girl Ozma, who was the real heir to the throne of the Emerald City, and a constant danger to the usurper. For, if the people knew that she lived, they would quickly make her their Queen and restore her to her rightful position.”

Yeah so… not so nice, this Wizard.
But then! His fandom wasn’t much happy with this portraying of the Wizard and forced Baum to change the story of Ozma’s disparition. And the next time the Wizard appeared, his backstory was entirely changed, saying he came to Oz AFTER Pastoria and Ozma’s disparition, and was raised to the throne by the population because his initial were O.Z.
Sorry Baum, but you can’t fool me: I know you wanted the Wizard to be a bad guy. Which is good because I never liked him anyway :’D

All of this aside, the whole serie is really good, though I only read the first four stories, and they only realised the next two a short while ago. And as a huge fan of the universe, I decided to draw some stuff according to a “reboot” I made in my head :D
(Curse my digitizer for f*cking up the colours)

Dorothy: Before you go all “She’s supposed to be blonde because in the original book, the illustrator made her blonde!” The illustrator made her blonde, but it was never stated she was. Baum never said what colour her hair was. And I have much more attachment to brunette Dorothy, with her cute ponytails.
Here she’s portrayed to be around 12 years old, though she could be younger. I gave her silver slippers because that’s how they are in the original book, but with gems portraying the different kingdoms of Oz. She’s a joyful, courageous and optimistic girl, still with a well-tempered character. Despite her love for her aunt Emily and her uncle Henry, she never felt at home in Kansas, but she’s still doing her quest in hope to be reunited them them again.

Toto: What can I say, he’s still the good little dog he always was! However, he does talk once he and Dorothy land in Oz, because all animald talk in this wonderful land, even those coming from outside. The fact he doesn’t talk before much later, unlike for example Billina who immediately spoke when she arrived in Oz, just because he “didn’t feel like to”, is another big incoherence in the books.

Scarecrow: Blue clothes because he comes from the Munchkin’s kingdom, however his eyes are green, unlike in the books were they are blue. But I have a reason to that. He’s a really funny fellow, always making Dorothy laugh because of his clumsiness, and despite “not having a brain”, he comes up with many good ideas that help the whole team on their journey. But he‘s also absent-minded because he’s easily lost in thoughts, and very curious - sometimes too much. He sometimes has conflicts with Tin Man because Sacrecrow thinks logically, while Tin Man let himself being guided by his emotions. However they are still besties.

Tin Man: The only thing I changed about him his his backstory: he was a woodcutter but also wrote a lot of poems that were reunited in one book, which then became famous across the land. Unfortunately, his two carriers were cut short when the Wicked Witch of the East discovered he was romantically involved with one of her servent, Nimmie Amee, and destroyed him little by little. You know th rest of the story.
Despite claiming he has “no heart”, he’s a very sensitive guy that would never hurt a fly… well, unless if it’s to protect his friends. He’s also very romantic and hope he will one day find love again, since Nimmie left him because of his appearance and his “lack of emotion” toward her. He doesn’t get angry easily, but you wish you weren’t there when it happens…

The Cowardly Lion: How do you draw lions, seriously?! I’ve tried my best but there’s something weird with his face…
Anyway, here’s Lion, a big softy who thinks so little of himself. Everyone including himself think he’s a scaredy-cat, but he’s just insecure. He’s actually very brave, but when he does something courageous he can become proud of himself and somewhat pretentious… before going back to his less-confident self. I have a sad backstory for him that explain his insecurities.

The Wizard: Ah, the Wizard… Doesn’t he seem like a good fellow? I mean, with this bright smile, no one can think he has malicious intentions, right?
I can’t say too much about his character, but just like the silver slippers, the scepter his holds has gems symbolizing the different kingdoms of the land of Oz.

The Wicked Witch of the West: I took Disney’s name because I don’t want my portration of the witch to be compared with the one from Wicked. Baum never portrayed the witch with a weird green skin tone, however she is supposed to be one-eyed, so I gave her a mask to cover the “accident” on her face. In my my version of the story, all witches are beautiful. I think that only make them seem more powerful when they’re wicked, and Theodora has a lot of power.
… But is she really bad?

I had so much fun with these two! :D
At the beginning I only wanted to change Glinda’s colour skin into black, but not her outfit. Then I decided to give her an African style, and while I was at it, Locasta, I gave Locasta a Nordic style. Because you know, South and North, Africa and Scandinavia…
Both Glinda and Locasta are powerful, but it would takes both their powers to take down one of the Wicked witches.