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Me, an elderly person of about 80 years old: ah I remember seeing Wicked, on the Defy Gravity tour on September 25, 2017. Particularly how both Elphaba and Glinda were particularly affectionate with each other. At the train station, when Elphaba invited Glinda to see the Wizard and Glinda hugged Elphie. Elphie started to stroke Glinda’s hair until they had to leave. This was one of many gentle and sweet gestures. Before that though, during Popular; Glinda said the oh so gay line, your know what I’m talking about, and then leant in to kiss Elphie on the top of her head/forehead/ but Elphie jerked away. Even though, I saw that Elphie reassuring graced Glinda after that. Not to even mention that during For Good, they hugged at the end farther than they should have. And then the scene afterwards They hold hands before Elphie has to go, Glinda holds her hand out like she’s waiting for her to come back. But what I’m getting at is that, My friend saw it and even met the cast. Or atleast the person who played Glinda. The performance I saw was the first Elphaba’s last performance. My friend had asked the actress why the performance I saw was filled with much gelphie, and the performance she saw had the minimum. The actress said that since it was her last performance with that Elphie she really wanted to go all out with chemistry. She also knew that most of the audience was filled with young LGBT+ women who could see this and be inspir-

My granddaughter: granny I heard this story before

Me, a old hag: well you’re hearing it again, I remembe-

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gelphie prompt: glinda has a weird habit of always sitting in elphaba's lap?

(ooh my fucking god)

Elphaba was in a predicament.

She was not used to having friends. In fact, before last year she had technically never had friends. By now, she had a bunch of them, and sometimes they would do things she didn’t understand. More specifically, Glinda - exclusively - would do things she didn’t understand. Glinda was a very pretty mystery and Elphaba had no idea how to handle her.

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bitsybat asked you: Gregory and the Hawk - Boats and Birds Glinda/Kory ;D

[Glinda belongs to Bitsybat. Kory belongs to me.]

“If you be my star
I’ll be your sky
you can hide underneath me and come out at night
when I turn jet black and you show off your light

“So…” Glinda smiled, holding her hands behind her back. “Had any luck with controlling your powers?”

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