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Wicked characters as things I’ve said

Elphaba: All I’m saying is an “anarchist government” is a good idea for confusing everyone and preventing them from being able to think about a revolution at all.

Glinda: But what if there was a really naive dean named Dean at a university and when people called him dean he thought they didn’t respect him at all, calling him by his name?

Fiyero: Stop telling people I’m a great person I’ve worked for my reputation dammit

Nessarose: I don’t punish people in the name of religion, God will do that in hell using demons that whip at breakneck speed and I will laugh at them from above (I SHOULD PROBABLY SPECIFY THIS WAS A J O K E)

Boq: It’s ok, sometimes I forget I exist too

Dr. Dillamond: I just ate mac and cheese with one of the special -guest- forks, I am living

The Wizard: I know absolutely nothing about German I just look at the words similar to English, use the same grammar and hope it works apparently it does

Madame Morrible: “Babies” are the small ones that scream and drool but not in a cute way like puppies right?? Yeah those are the ones I hate


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Us - Regina Spektor // No One Like You - Best Coast // How To Tame Lions - Washington // Laura - Bat For Lashes // Super Power - Beyoncè (feat. Frank Ocean) // Elephants - Warpaint // Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys // The Wire - HAIM // How Many Lovers - Jhameel // Heart Skipped A Beat - The XX // I Know You Care - Ellie Goulding // Say Something - A Great Big World // Afterlife - Arcade Fire // Two Way Street - Kimbra // Real Love - Regina Spektor // Enchanting Ghost - Sufjan Stevens