jensen & misha glimpses (as dean & cas) at will wheaton’s video project lol


Ever wanted to play with a fun toy, but you can’t because you happened to be stuck in a universe where almost everything is composed of anti-matter?
Worry no more! Dr. Wondertainment
® now ships products across the dimensional membrane!

Disclaimer: Most products are made of 99.999% matter.
Dr. Wondertainment Enterprises is not responsible for any atomic ripping, destruction, and/or injury to individuals and/or environments that are at least 1.0 x 10^(-100000000) % composed of anti-matter. 

Here’s a little still from one of our very favorite animated holiday films, Dr. Wondertainment Saves Christmas(1931) !

In it, Santa vanishes, leaving Dr. Wondertainment® to deliver toys to all the girls and boys. Of course, he can’t do it alone, and thus must venture outside the company boundaries and into the unknown in search of friends who can help him. Perilous obstacles await him, but they pale in comparison to the new and exciting sites he comes across. From visiting an upside-down city made only of steam to finding a never ending library, the Good Doctor experiences an adventure like he’s never had before!