I was told by several friends and tumblr users that my Fisher the Voidfish cosplay from The Adventure Zone was being shared uncredited via pintrest and tumblr, so I hurried to put out my big compilation post faster than I usually do. I would very much appreciate it if everyone could reblog this version of the post, instead of any other post floating around that doesn’t correctly credit the costume back to me!! As an artist and a fan, it was incredibly hurtful that this happened. Although the original reposter has apologized profusely for this and properly credited me afterwards, it’s incredibly difficult to undo the damage that results from the reposting of any uncredited image in a large fandom. 

All photos in this post are taken by either myself, scribblesafterdark, or by cowbuttcrunchies!! My darling Magnus is the other half of cowbuttcrunchies. I would also like to take this time to shoutout to my friend automb, who provided endless support with this costume and helped me with cutting and trimming all the tentacles on Fisher’s dress. They also made Junior for me under my guidance, while I was going nutso over the rest of the costume. 

Thank you again to everyone who commented and tagged me on the other post, and I hope that everyone reblogs this version instead!!! As usual, more information about my work process will be under the cut, so if you’re interested in that kind of thing, read on! 💙 

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what the rising signs look like

*check rising and any sign you have in your first house*

aries: almost a triangular shape, they are broad in the shoulders and get thinner as they go down.  acne prone, very distinctive smile

taurus: boxy and compact.  oftentimes even women have broad shoulders and very square-shaped bodies and faces

gemini: thin features and round faces.  youthful; tend to be mistaken as younger than they actually are quite often.  even if they aren’t skinny, they’re “slim”, almost like a cat

cancer: large eyes and eyelids, unmistakable chubby cheeks.  one of the easiest to recognize of the rising signs due to their “warm” appearance.  oftentimes chubby

leo: usually tall and broad, if not tall they are quite stocky.  broad shoulders and prominent jaw.  something is always noticeable about their hair

virgo: there’s something very graceful about them.  proportionate bodies and aren’t of any specific stature.  may have freckles or a ruddy complexion

libra: thin features, oftentimes small faces.  chubby cheeks and curvy bodies, a very graceful walk.  long eyelashes

scorpio: their appearance can best be described as “striking”.  strong and prominent features, especially their eyes.  usually quite short and stout, with nice bodies

sagittarius: easily mistakable for an air rising, they are tall and thin and very nimble-looking.  they have slim features and slim faces

capricorn: tall faces and proportionate features (neither big or small).  may have scarred or dimpled skin, or acne

aquarius: tall and lanky, most often quite androgynous.  tall faces and long legs

pisces:  always described as fairy/pixie-like.  glimmery eyes and small features.  petite, even if they aren’t necessarily short

Treat you better

Summary: The reader finds comfort in unexpected arms when the past returns to the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. He realizes a little too late that he had lost her forever.

Warnings: Smoking (I don’t encourage this, it was just for dramatic effect), cursing, a bit sad. 

A/N: I changed just a bit the request because I wanted to make the reader a badass because she fucking deserved it, okay?? Hope you guys like it, and feedback this shit because I am a sucker for feedback <3

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“Matt, I don’t care what your current deal with her is—” she pointed at the slim brunette behind the sliding door that lead to the Devil’s bedroom—“but you have to know that I can’t keep this shit going on if you’re not gonna cooperate. A relationship is made by two, not just one.” She shook her head, trying to hold back the tears. “I’m done, Matt. I shouldn’t have believed you…”

“(Y/N), let me explain it—”

“No.” She smacked her lips. “I sure as hell don’t want any explanation of yours. Enough I have with you being the fucking Devil of Hell’s Kitchen; I don’t need to know why Elektra is back. All I need to know is that you’re turning into who you were in college and back then, this hurt like hell… I’m not gonna let it hurt again.”

“(Y/N), please…” Matt pleaded.

“Goodbye Matt, I hope you don’t get killed.” She took a deep breath and turned around for good.

It wasn’t until she was in the safety and privacy of her four walls that she allowed herself to break down. She sat on the hard-wooden floor trying to remember when Matt had started to act different and why she wasn’t able to stop this from happening. It was a cycle repeating, and it had one thing in common: Elektra Natchios.

Several hours later, (Y/N) carried her coffee, a pack of cigarettes, her lighter and a garden chair up to the rooftop of her building. She was not sure if she was allowed there, but she just needed a moment of peace and that was the only place she could think of. After arranging everything into place, she sat down and lit up the first cigar, and as she took the first, deep, drag, she also took a deep breath. She needed it, after all.

Steps behind her made her turn her head a little just to have a glance at who it could have been. She sighed and smiled lightly and took another drag. She took out her cigarettes and offered the just arrived man. He declined, wrinkling his nose and sitting on the cornice of the rooftop, beside her extended legs.

“Rough night, Castle?” She asked, looking at him from the corner of her eyes.

“I dare say less rough than yours, (Y/L/N),” he chuckled, “so… what’s with the tough look?” He nodded in her direction; truth was that with the mug of cold coffee in one hand, the cigarette on the other and the bad-ass sitting, she looked tougher than ever. Frank smiled lightly at the sight as he awaited for an answer.

“I just had a terrible day.” She replied shorty.

“At work?”

She scoffed and rolled her eyes in exhaustion. “At life.” She sighed heavily and sipped the remaining of the cold coffee. “It seems like the past insists in following me around today.”

“Wanna talk about that, pal?”

“You know I had a boyfriend, right?” Frank nodded silently. “Well, Matt and I met back in the day, when we were in Columbia studying and all that crap, and boy he was a good guy. Like a saint kinda guy, but a woman appeared in the way. Her name is Elektra Natchios and… It all went to shit because she not only distracted him from… me,” she took a deep breath, “but she also made him distracted from his studies and everything. Long story short, she’s back in town and today I found them at his place and… she had not changed a thing, and unfortunately Matt has gone back to who he used to be with her.”

“So you hate this Elektra gal?” Frank asked.

“You could think so, yeah, but… truth is I don’t. I just hate what she has done to Matt, and what she does to him. He seems to be under some…” she twisted her lips, trying to think of the right word to describe her thoughts, “some kind of spell. I mean, bitch is gorgeous I swear to god. Like, tall and super skinny. She looks like a freaking model, but again, it’s not her who I’m mad at.”

“Did you find them going at it?” Frank cocked an eyebrow.

“God, no!” She squealed and winced in disgust. “They looked like they were injured, and… well, Elektra was wearing one of Matt’s shirts, that of course, totally suited her, but the shirt she had on was one I gave Matt for his birthday.” (Y/N) bit her bottom lip. Frank had never listened so carefully and he never seemed very interested about her relationship with the lawyer, but that night it all changed and she was taking the opportunity to let it all out. “I mean, he didn’t even have the fucking decency of giving her other shirt. Why did it have to be my shirt? I don’t want it back but—”

Out of a sudden, both (Y/N) and Frank were startled by the Daredevil himself.

“(Y/N) get away from him, he’s dangerous.” The man in the red suit warned, quickly getting to her to try to keep her away from the Punisher. Matt could be very protective and possessive when he felt like (Y/N) was in possible danger, but now it was too late for him to play hero and try to protect her.

“Get your hands off of her, Red.” Frank threatened, dropping his gun on the rooftop. “I am not afraid of beating the shit out of you.”

“Frank, no!” (Y/N) squealed, running towards him and placing her palms on his chest, trying to sooth him. “There’s no need for that…”

Matt was taken aback by the smooth relationship between them, and by Frank’s erratic heartbeat, he knew immediately that his feelings for (Y/N) were as strong as his own. Matt was decided in not letting (Y/N) go, but deep inside, he knew it could be a bit too late for that.

“Why don’t you tell him exactly what you were telling me?” Frank encouraged (Y/N) by nodding at her. He knew how strong she could be and he never doubted her. She just needed a little push.

“(Y/N)?” Matt asked, expecting the worst from her. He deserved it, after all.

“You’re an asshole, Matt.” She started. “You’re a dick. I mean, why? Why pretending all this time? Why the lies? Why did it have to be just like college?” She asked. “I mean, haven’t you learnt your goddamned lesson? Are you that much of an idiot?” She felt her voice increasing its volume and her chest expanding with every air intake. “Seriously, Elektra comes again, and you fall into her trap again!” She was exasperated and thanks to Frank’s little push, she felt empowered and invincible. Things were different now from her college years and she was not afraid of speaking up. The career in law had toughened her up. “And what’s worst, you’re not only lying to me.” She pointed at herself. “Think about Foggy for once in your life, would you? Think about how you’re turning the business you had together into shit. Everything you’ve worked for, you’re really gonna blow it up because of her? And don’t come with that ninja shit you’ve been rambling about, I don’t need and I don’t want that explanation.” She shook her head lightly. “I’m not that heartbroken Matt,” she said after a pause, her voice had softened and her bottom lip had started to tremble, “I’m just… tired and I’m hurt because this is like college all over again and I thought we were all over that.”

“Tell him about the shirt.” Frank coughed.

“Oh yes!” She snapped her fingers, regaining her confidence back. “Because how do you think I felt when I saw Elektra wearing the shirt I gave you for your birthday? I mean, not only she was rocking it, but it was all bloody and shit. Like, couldn’t you have at least a bit of decency and respect for me by giving her another thing to wear? Jesus, Matt, you’re a piece of shit.”

“I know, and—”

“No Matt, you don’t know shit.” She interrupted. “If you knew something, you’d treat me a bit better. You know, I’ve known Frank for a while now and as surprising as it can be, he listened to me rambling about you, because you know what? He treats me well, and he cares about me. And a lot. I don’t recognize you anymore, Matt…” her voice broke, “and what’s worse… I don’t think I ever did. Just… leave, Matt. I don’t want to see you ever again.”

“Are you saying Frank Castle is better than me?”

“You heard the lady, man.” Frank stepped closer to Matt, ready for the previously announced fist fight. “Leave.”

“I’m talking to her, not you.” Matt took another step closer to the Punisher. “You don’t know her like I do.”

“Apparently I know her better, because guess who has been picking up her pieces that I’m guessing you left today.” Frank teased.

“You’re doing this because you like her and you wanna get to her. I’m not an idiot, Castle.”

“I strongly disagree.” The alluded shrugged carelessly. “Leave before I make you leave in pieces.”

“(Y/N), answer me.” Matt pleaded one last time. “Is Frank Castle better than me?”

“You could say so, yes.” (Y/N) nodded. “Now leave, for real, I don’t want to see you ever again or hear from you, I just want you out of my life.” The tears pooled in her glimmery eyes and just before she broke down, Frank’s huge arm rested around her back, giving her a sense of safety and support. “You can keep all the things I gave you, or better, give them to Elektra, I’m sure she’ll enjoy them.” She bitterly spat.

“Let’s get you inside.” Frank softly said, placing a hand on the small of her back. “Red, get outta here.” His voice turned from soft into a growl. Matt licked his lips and nervously and had no other choice but leaving. (Y/N) was right, he was a piece of shit and he realized that exact same minute that the one thing that kept him on the normal side was her and that he had lost her forever. She didn’t even see him leave.

Once they were inside, Frank put some water to boil and (Y/N) went to her bedroom to change into something more comfortable. This was the second time she broke up with Matt, and it hurt as much as the first time did. She stayed in her bedroom, crying almost naked for everything that had happened. It hurt her seeing how little he had learnt and how little he cared about what they had. It was incredible how Elektra could change him, just flicking a switch on him.

“(Y/N)?” Frank knocked on her door, startling her and making her dress up quickly. “I made you some tea, I’ll be waiting for you in the living room…”

“Thank you, Frank.” She stammered.

When she got out, she discovered Frank smiling slightly at her and holding the cup in one of his huge hands. She took it gladly, and took a sip from it. She muttered a ‘thank you’ and wrapped one of her arms around his wide torso. She tried to keep herself together, but truth be told, she couldn’t. Fortunately, Frank was there to keep her broken pieces from falling away. His arms were like glue to her breaking heart.

“I know you like me, Frank…” she whispered, “I’m not an idiot.” Frank chuckled and nodded.

“Yeah, not like I’ve been trying to hide it…” He admitted.

“But why listening all my blabbering about Matt?” She looked up to him. “I mean, I was hurting you and you never stopped me, and I’m sorry for not sto—”

“You were not hurting me, (Y/N).” Frank laughed heartedly. “I mean, it wasn’t my favorite topic to discuss, but…” He shrugged. Out of a sudden, he lets go of (Y/N) and goes away to sit on the couch. He tapped on the spot next to him and she took the invitation. “I like you, ok? I like you a lot,” he nodded at her, “but I do have a ridiculously elevated amount of respect for you, so I’m not gonna push’ya into something you don’t want. I might be a nutjob, but I understand the meaning of limits.”

“Frank Castle has feelings, after all.” (Y/N) smiled lightly and leaned her head on his shoulder. “Thank you.” She sighed after a long silence. “Just thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.” Frank lovingly kissed the top of her head and leaned his big head on hers.

Rabbits and Seals

So until I get an AO3?
Might as well post (because impatiences)
Credit to @catnippackets​ for the lovely inspirational art!

Anyone passing through the forest, who happened to spend too much time by the clear pool of water, would certainly question the fauna living there.
After all, seals were expected by beaches and the sea. Not small freshwater lakes tucked within inland forests.And yet, flouncing within the still waters, amongst the reeds and fresh lily pads was Lance. To the untrained eye; a seal.

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Highway (Part 10: Finale)

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Summary: There’s a charming man that enters the diner like he owns the place, like he owns the town. And when he’s calling you baby doll, with a devilish smirk on his face and a twinkle of silver in his baby blues, you know you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling for the infamous Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 1,667

A/N: And this is it! We’ve followed the road and now we’re at the end. I’ve had a blast writing this series and the comments and reviews that I’ve received have been so inspirational and have kept me motivated! I appreciate that y’all have enjoyed this series so much and I hope y’all will hang around for my upcoming series!

Part 1  / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 (FINALE)


“You like that, doll?”

If you could talk, you would. But you found yourself temporarily incapable of speaking a single word as the deep-fried Oreo left your fingers covered in oils and left your throat coated in a warm mixture of butter and chocolate creme. After you downed the last bite of the fatty treat, you had to take a deep breath to compose yourself before looking at Bucky, “God, that should not exist but I’m so glad it does.”

“Ya liked it, huh? I can get ya another one?”

“Nah,” You shook your head at his offer, “You’ve gotten me more than enough food tonight, Bucky. I feel like I’m about ready to explode. You’ll have to hose my guts off the cement.”

At your comment, Bucky couldn’t help the playful grimace that crawled onto his face.

You leaned back further into the small bench that he’d found for the both of you to take a break and relax on. It was questionably small and dirty. The wood was sticky at some parts, and you were more than sure that there were piles of gum stuck to the bottom of the bench. But the soles of your feet were starting to ache and your tummy was starting to feel uncomfortably full. After recalling everything that Bucky had encouraged you to eat, you suddenly remembered watching him devour nearly every food option in the carnival.

“How are you not full?” You asked before looking up at him as he slung his arm over the back of the bench, “You easily ate half your weight in hot dogs and cotton candy tonight.”

“I’m a bottomless pit, I guess,” He shrugged nonchalantly with a crooked smile. He watched you for a few seconds longer before he craned his neck a bit and he looked forward at the rest of the carnival. While he watched with nostalgia as kids ran around with balloons, as rings were tossed over bottles, as the brightly lit carousel turned soothingly, you watched the lines of his neck tattoo shift with his flesh. “Think I used to eat much more when I was younger, believe it or not.”

Now that was new. “Really?”

“Really,” Bucky nodded with a small smile, “I was a, uh, a chubby kid growin’ up.”

“That…to be honest, I can’t really picture that,” You chuckled, giving him a short once-over. “You’re kinda,” You waved at his physique awkwardly.

“I know. Lots ‘o…discipline, doll.” He smiled and you could see the devilish twinkle coming to life in his blue eyes as he leaned in an inch closer. And you had no capacity to doubt his remark, his powerful and strong physique more than enough proof. Hell, if you looked hard enough, you would be more than able to find the exact slopes of his biceps through the fabric of his Henley.

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  • Aries: Spiky, shark-like tail. Blood red and has sharp scales, abrasive to the touch.
  • Taurus: Soft, smooth edges. Forest green in color, with black outlined scales.
  • Gemini: Long, thin tail. Has orange, glimmery scales that are almond-shaped.
  • Cancer: Has a somewhat short tail, and fans out towards the end. Is a gradient violet color, getting deeper towards the tips.
  • Leo: Long, regal tail that fans out in a crown shape. Has glittery and golden colored scales.
  • Virgo: Slightly longer than average tail, with sharp and precise edges. Is a shade of royal blue, would blend in with surroundings, if not for their glimmer.
  • Libra: Bright, neon green. Elongated tail, with fanned out flukes. Sparkles in the sunlight.
  • Scorpio: Jet-black tail, long, and graceful. Matte black, often reflects moonlight.
  • Sagittarius: Bright purple with sharp, jagged edges. Somewhat short tail, can be bruised from many adventures.
  • Capricorn: Indigo, blue-violet tail. Broad and muscular, mermaids with these tails mean business.
  • Aquarius: Holographic tails, reflects light. Often thin tails with fanned out edges.
  • Pisces: Rainbow or multi-colored tails, Piscean tails come in all shapes and sizes.

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mox 11

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11.  “You’re fucking hot when you cry.”

“Look at you, Princess! You ain’t got a fucking thing going for you!” Mox hissed, sucking down the last of his beer. “Your tits, ass, and legs are your only redeeming features. Plus your fucking mouth, Ugh you never shut up!”

“Why the fuck are you here then!” She blinked through glimmery eyes, adamant that she wasn’t going to break down in front of him. “I can’t stand you either! You’re vulgar, brash, cuss way too much, drink too much, and are the rudest and unbearable person I’ve ever met!”

“You’re not fucking cute, In fact, you’re not even hot! I could do better than you any day of the week!”

“You arrogant, cocky, narcissistic bastard!” She snapped back, desperately trying to keep her composure, holding back the urge to slap him. By now her breathing was hard and fast, adrenaline running throughout her body made her feel sick. “You make me want to punch you every time you open that filthy mouth of yours!” 

Tears began to stream down her cheeks, She tried to hold them back but there was only so much of his abuse she could take.

“Everything you say pisses me off.” He paused to rub his jaw. “But why the hell do I want to beat the shit out of any man who talks to you. And why the hell do I want to fuck so badly I can’t think about anything else? And Why if I hate everything about you think that you’re fucking hot when you cry.”

Smashing his beer bottle on the floor Mox shoved her into her apartment, cupping her face and pinning her against the wall, kicking the door shut behind them. He forced his mouth onto hers, giving a hard, angry kiss as she moaned lightly into his mouth. Her nails dug into his skin as she scratched and clawed at him, leaving red streaks down his sides, tugging at his clothes.

He broke away for a second to breathe and suddenly realised what was going on, shoving him forward.“You come to my apartment in the middle of the night, call me ugly, and try to fuck me in the same breath! And you wonder why I hate you!

“Shut the hell up,” He smashed his lips kissing her so hard that it made her lips swell and bruise, pinning her wrists above her head and wrapping her leg around his waist. 

This time didn’t even bother to pull away, Instead, she grabbed a fistful of his shirt and pulled him closer, winding her other hand in his hair, tugging on his messy locks. Mox peppered her collarbones and neck with wet sloppy kisses, each one sending a jolt of excitement through her body as a confusing uncomfortable ache throbbed between hr thighs.

Mox growled a low deep growl that immediately flooded her panties. He lifted her shirt up off her body, exposing her pert nipples to the cool air, giving one a harsh tweak between his rough fingers. "God, you’re such a little whore,“ He mused.

"Asshole,” She replied. “I hate you. Can you just stop talking, fuck me so we can get this over with?”

Cards Against Supernatural: Tonight's Kick-Off Time Brought To You By A Very Optimistic Tangina.

I dunno about you all, but family descends upon my home this week, because it’s gobble-gobble time [when we in the ‘Murica celebrate horning in on the indigenous population’s sweet turkey-and-corn action, later treating them to smallpox in exchange] and because help for recovery from zombieitis somehow involves me having to play host. I have offered to make pie. They can make up their own beds. A pup might very well join them. A truly clean house is but a glimmery hope. I have requested copious amounts of brisket be brought to me, which the zombie germs tell me is better than brain, protein-wise. I digress.

****** SUNDAY NOVEMBER 19th - AROUND 8:00 / 8:30 P.M. CST ******

If you see this? You’re invited. ALL SPN Family members who are at least 18 years-of-age are welcome! NO NEED TO RSVP, just come on down.

—-> Post with instructions + password will go up closer to game time <—-



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Neville Longbottom Imagine: Words (Requested by Anon)


He silently watched her from across the room as he ate breakfast with his friends. She was smiling and laughing, and it took every ounce of strength he had in him to not barge over there and kiss her full on the mouth right in front of everyone they knew. She was everything Neville had always wanted, but he somehow couldn’t find the words to express that to her. A lot of conversations he had with her ended up with him being tongue-tied and ridiculously red. Neville was always nervous around her; she was just so pretty and nice and sweet, it was a wonder how he even got her to be his friend! Neville was dorky and awkward in every single way imaginable; but she always seemed so calm, cool, and collected around him. Regardless, he still loved to talked to her and did it almost every chance he got. And because of it, they became pretty good friends.

Out of their friendship, (Y/N) was definitely the more popular one - for sure. She had this uncanny ability to make friends with whomever she wanted, and she always loved getting involved in classroom discussions, school clubs, friendly debates, you name it. She was a shining star throughout the entire school and though many boys of all ages and personalities pined over her, there was only one boy that she wanted. His name just so happened to be Neville. 

They had become friends during their time in the DA and whenever she got a chance to talk to him, she took it up without question. She absolutely adored Neville; he was so cute, dorky, adorable, and awkward all at the same time. But the thing (Y/N) loved most about Neville was the way he treated her. Boys often saw her as a trophy, a prize to be won. Or an untouchable being. Neville just made her feel human, but he made her feel like she was worth so much more than that. (Y/N) loved the fact that she was able to carry such fun conversations with him without her popularity getting in the way. She knew it was because Neville wanted to get to know her as a person (and actually like her as a person), not so he could magically obtain her and use her as a human trophy. 

Seamus followed Neville’s gaze to where (Y/N) was sitting with her friends and snorted loudly at him. 

“Oi, I think it’s time you tell her how you feel - isn’t it?”

Neville looked at him horrifically. “Are you mad?! I can’t do that! She won’t like me, she’ll just think I’m weird and won’t ever talk to me again if I tell her how I feel.”

Seamus smirked at him and took a bite out of his apple. “I don’t know…you’re never gonna know unless you try, mate.” 

Neville gulped loudly and turned his attention back to (Y/N). “How would I even go about telling her?”

Seamus shrugged. “I dunno. But you’re a smart guy. You’ll think of something.”

Neville sighed and shook his head, packing up his books and getting ready to leave for his first class of the day, when Seamus stopped him. 

“Hey wait! Her birthday’s tomorrow. Maybe you can think of something last minute?”

Neville internally groaned. “Yeah…maybe.”


Later that night, Neville was sitting on his bed thinking of a birthday present to give to (Y/N). It was her birthday, so of course it had to be special. And with the way he felt about her, he knew he had to make this one stand out - make it personal. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t think of anything. So he asked himself, “Okay. Think, Neville. How do I feel about (Y/N)?”

And as soon as he asked himself that question, a load of feelings and thoughts came to mind. He thought of the happiness he felt in seeing (Y/N) smile, the blush that rose on his cheeks when she spoke to him, the way his heart nearly pounded out of his chest when she hugged him. He thought of the way his heart melted when he saw that sparkle in her eye or heard her laugh, the protectiveness he felt when he overheard boys crudely talking about her. He thought of the need he felt when he wanted to hold her in his arms, to hug her from behind, to kiss her cheek or her soft-looking lips. As he thought about all of these things, he realized just how strong his feelings were for her. And just like that, he figured it all out. 

So he set to work and he worked for about half the night before putting the finishing touches on it and finally drifting off to sleep. 


In what was supposed to be hours but seemed like minutes, Neville felt Dean roughly shaking him awake.

“Neville! Neville! Wake up, you git! Breakfast is about to start, you’re late!” 

Neville groaned and rolled over, too tired and lazy to do anything. “Leave me alone mate, I’m tired.”

Dean stopped shaking him and paused for a moment. He leaned down and whispered in his ear, “It’s (Y/N)’s birthday today.”

Neville shot up out of bed instantly and ran to the bathroom. “I’ll be down in a few minutes, don’t wait up for me!”

Dean shook his head and laughed at the effect this girl had on his friend.

It wasn’t until breakfast was over that Neville had actually come rushing down the stairs with his robes, books, and birthday present in tow. He stopped at the foot of the stairs, and his heart sank when he realized everyone was heading off to their classes. Unable to find (Y/N) among the crowd of bustling students, he hung his head and chose to go to class. 

It wasn’t until dinner that Neville could finally talk to (Y/N). She was sitting at her house table with tons of people surrounding her, graciously accepting gifts and saying “thank you”. As soon as he came into her view, her face instantly lit up and she quickly excused herself from the people sitting and standing around her. 

With a smile, she quickly grabbed Neville’s hand and ran out of the Great Hall with him, stopping when they sat on a bench outside. 

She sighed and looked up at the stars. “They’re quite beautiful aren’t they?”

Neville’s legs almost became jello from simply seeing how absolutely stunning she was under the moonlit sky. 

“I-I can think of more beautiful things.” he stuttered adorably. 

(Y/N) smiled at him. “Like what?”

“Like you.” Neville blurted. He immediately flushed with embarrassment and turned away. “I-I-I’m sorry, that must have been really weird, i-it won’t happen again.” 

(Y/N)’s heart melted at how cute he was when he flustered. She took his hand and held it tightly. “No, don’t apologize Neville. I love it when you call me beautiful.”

He nervously looked at her again. “That was the first time I’ve said it though.”

It was (Y/N)’s turn to grow nervous now. “Well…maybe you should do it more often.” she muttered.

Neville smiled at her. A big, wide smile that (Y/N) would give anything to see for the rest of her life. 

“Look, I’ve…I’ve got something to give you.” he gently placed a small envelope in between her small hands, covering them with his own. “I made it! I hope you like it..”

(Y/N) smiled widely at him as she took the envelope and began to open it.

“And don’t worry, it’s okay if you don’t feel the same way.”

She didn’t have time to react to Neville’s statement. As soon as the envelope was opened, what she saw absolutely took her breath away.

A silvery, transparent-looking butterfly flew out of the envelope and fluttered its wings back and forth animatedly. It stopped a mere two inches in front of her, as if it was trying to land on her nose. (Y/N) slowly reached her hand to the butterfly, and only barely touched it with a single finger before it disappeared in a shower of glimmery, silver, transparency and started to make images with Neville’s voicing serving as background audio.

“Hi!” Neville’s voice rang out, “I’m Neville. Though, you already know that.”

The silver transparency formed an image of Neville waving back and forth and smiling at (Y/N). The brightness in her smile could not be contained as she turned to look at Neville. 

He smiled widely at her, “The images follow along with my words. Watch.” He turned her head back to the glimmering, transparent silver in front of her. 

“I’ve got to be honest, I’ve thought long and hard about what to get you as a birthday present. You’re very special to me, and I didn’t just want to buy you some silly thing from Hogsmeade and call it a day.” 

Tears started to form in her eyes as she watched his words unfold in the pictures before her. 

“I wanted to give you something that was personal, something that would make you smile and that would make me smile too! I didn’t want it to be too corny, but I also didn’t want to spend too much time making some big, extravagant thing for you. So I thought this was not too flashy, or too corny. I like it, and hopefully you do too!”

The shining, glimmering pictures launched into telling Neville’s story.

“When I first met you, I didn’t think you would ever talk to me. You were just so cool and pretty and awesome and amazing and I was just…me. I was the dorky, sniveling, stuttering, nerd who I didn’t think would even be noticed by someone as amazing as you.

And then you came into my life during a DA meeting, and to this day, I still think about the way you smiled at me when you casted your first Patronus. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more majestic horse in my life, to be honest!

I’m extremely grateful we’ve become friends, and I cherish every single moment we spend together. But, now there’s something I’ve got to tell you. This is a little out of the blue, and like I’ve probably told you before, I totally understand if you don’t feel the same way as me. But if I don’t tell you now, someone else might come sweep you off of your feet and I can’t bear even the thought of that.

What I’m trying to say is that, I really like you. A lot. And it’s ridiculous how much I like you, really. I’m certain I’ve fallen head over heels for you the second I saw you walk into the Room of Requirement. 

The first time I saw you, I couldn’t comprehend how beautiful you were. My heart literally stopped the instant you looked into my eyes and honestly, I haven’t been the same since. You’re so charming, charismatic, and so friendly. I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who could easily get along with so many people like you can. You’re just so likeable, and I adore that about you. 

The reason why I become so tongue-tied whenever we talk is because I’m always trying to think of something cool to say so you can laugh and smile at me. Because i can’t think of anything more beautiful in the world than hearing your laugh and seeing your smile. It’s like, angelic, and it’s absolutely astounding. 

Ha, I mean, you do laugh at me anyway, but it’s not because you’re a big, bad, mean bully!  I just think you like seeing me flustered. Cheeky thing, you. 

But aside from that, you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N) are the girl that has swept me off of my feet. I haven’t met a single girl who could make me laugh like you could, who could make me smile like you could, who could see me in my awkwardest of moods and still want to know me. I haven’t met a single girl who could be just as beautiful or even more beautiful than you are on the inside and out, not one. You’re like, a shooting star. You’re flowers that bloom in the spring, you’re a sunset, you’re a puppy with those big puppy eyes they have, you’re one of George and Fred’s fireworks lighting up the night sky. You’re a galaxy, a nebula, a priceless painting, the lights that shine from skyscrapers and world famous attractions. You’re the meals that we have right here at Hogwarts!

Simply put, you’re just…you. And I love everything about you. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t want to hold you in my arms, to kiss you, to hold your hand, to treat you like the Queen you are. You’re worth all of these things I listed and so much more.”

Silence descended. All was quiet, but out of the corner of Neville’s eye, he could see tears streaming down (Y/N)’s face as she kept her eyes glued to his present.

“I’ve gone on long enough”, Neville’s voice-over rang out, “But my point is…I really like you. Like I immensely like you. I almost think I love you but I don’t want to say that yet because I don’t know if you feel the same way but if you do, I want to be able to experience love with you. I don’t want to imagine what it feels like, I want to know. That’s what I want, with you.

So…(Y/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N)…will you do the absolute honor and pleasure of being my girlfriend?”

The pictures ceased and the transparent silver turned back into the butterfly that came out of the envelope when it was first opened. 

(Y/N) had no words. She was speechless, absolutely and utterly speechless. She couldn’t believe that the boy she had been pining over for so long actually returned the same feelings she felt. She was astounded at the way he had described her. (Y/N) didn’t think she was worth all of that, but to Neville she was all of that and so much more. Her heart was overflowing with joy, passion, love, awe, wonder, and excitement. 

She snapped out of her trance when she saw Neville kneeling in front of her. He was so tall that he towered over her even when she was sitting down! 

Neville gulped and gingerly took (Y/N)’s shaking hands in his own shaking ones. She looked directly into his eyes as he rubbed soft circles with his thumb. 

“So?” he asked quietly, “Will you be my girlfriend?”

“I….” (Y/N) started, but she was so overflown with happiness and love that she could hardly speak.

Neville seemed to take this as a rejection, and solemnly bowed his head. 

“I should’ve known.” he muttered to himself.

“I totally get it, it’s totally cool if you don’t feel the same way. I mean, really, what was I thinking, thinking that you could ever go out with a bloke like me. Stupid really, I shouldn’t have gotten my expectations so damn high.”

(Y/N) shook her head rapidly. “Neville no, that’s not my answer!”

He looked at her in confusion, “It’s not?”

“Oh for the love of god, Neville.”

She grabbed his face in her hands and passionately pressed his lips up against hers. Neville froze for a second, but melted into the kiss when he realized that this was actually happening. 

He wrapped his warm arms around her as he kissed her back. She felt so small wrapped in his arms and as they kissed, she felt all of the love and passion he was putting into it. Neville was kissing (Y/N) like he was going to die for it, but didn’t care. Her warms lips molded perfectly with his and the mere fact that he even had the privilege in the way he was sent his heart soaring. This moment was utterly perfect, and nothing or no one could ruin it. 

Neville pulled away and looked up at the sky. The butterfly that was there before was now shooting small fireworks of all different colors, just so that they showered over Neville and (Y/N).

(Y/N) giggled in his arms. “Did you arrange this part?”

“If things worked out, yes.” Neville chuckled, “And boy am I glad they did.”

She bit her lip and smiled at him. “Shut up and kiss me.”


Star Crush (Soohyuk Scenario)

Genre: romance, fluff

Word count: 1417

Warning:  diabetes causing sweet?  

Summary: He has a school boy crush on his stylist.

“Sorry, sorry,” I  heard her huffing, probably trying to make her way through the room full of people with her huge make-up case, just like always.  ‘And here comes the explanation,’ I contain my smile, continuing to scroll down on my phone. “There was - What. The heck. Happened. To your hair?!” Her eyes are all over the place, trying to understand how the heck the hair she had styled just before leaving my place had gotten so messed up while riding the van.

“The wind,” I raise my eyes just for a tiny tiny second, so I can catch on her shifting expression.

“The wind, my ass,” her frown is epic, “what wind would that be? The air con? Ha! You did it again, didn’t you?! Purposely  ruining my work just because it’s fun to watch me trying to fix everything on the last minute!” She’s furious mad, her fingers already pulling on my hair and making me tear up. “I swear you can be such a punk sometimes!” She continues opening all kind of recipients and pouring them on her hands before going back to pulling my hair in all directions.

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Negan x Olivia: Into You Now

Word Count: 1,105
Genre: Romance
Fandoms: Negan, The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Pairings: Negan x Olivia
Rating: Mature
AO3 Link:
Warnings: Language. Mentions of Death. Alcohol. Body Image.

Summary: Despite her misgivings toward Negan, Olivia considers his request for one night together at the Sanctuary.

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I’m still cleaning up after this feast. It took me days to prepare but it was worth it and so magical. I always wanted to have an experience that was somewhere near the same level of the hogwarts feast and not only did it feel like that but it felt so warm and joyful like the way Christmas feels glimmery and jolly and how you feel loved ones though it was just physically me and my friends. I felt a loving familial presence as if our loved ones that have passed away were there.

I didn’t take such great photos cause fyi we were under some great influences so I didn’t capture it well plus it was dark as I dimmed the lights and just had candles lit.

Not pictured- for starters as we waited for friends to arrived I had carved a large pumpkin with shandy made with pumpking beer, pumpkin pie soda, maple bourbon and ginger zest. It was served with candied bacon carmelized with brown sugar, harvest chips (like sweet potato/ube/beets etc) and apple turkey sausage.

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Went with my boyfriend yesterday to a lovely pier and looked at the pretty boats and glimmery water. Then he took me on a tourist/ferris wheel and it was so pretty to see all the sights up high. Then we went to the arcade and he hit the 1000 ticket jackpot on one of the games and I was so happy 💕❤️💛💚💜💝💖

Two boys just bein literal cheesy book characters

asagao dragons woooo

honestly, i just really fucking love dragons holy shit

Jimmy: A smaller, fluffy, birdlike dragon with a beak. Brown, blue, and white. Hoards blankets/scraps of cloth, feathers, and other soft things to nest with.

Luke: A leathery, drake/lizardlike dragon with batlike wings. Brown, gold, and grey. Hoards wires and any sort of microphone or headphones he can snatch.

Ian: A sleek, Western dragon with horns. Very purple. Hoards phone cases, tape, chapstick, and remotes.

Caddy: A rough-looking, rugged dragon with short fur. Light and dark brown, white, gold and blue accent colors. Hoards sharp things or any sort, weapons or most sorts, and shiny rocks.

Jeff: A cheerful, sleek, oriental serpent-dragon with Western aspects. Blue and white, with yellow accent color. Hoards random “pretty” things, colorful things, and smiley-face stuff.

Wallid: A rounder, jolly dragon with sorta jagged edges. Green and yellow. Hoards plushies and cool rocks (that all have unique names)

Shane: A jagged, rough-around-the-edges water serpent. Light and dark blue, grey, black, and white. Hoards “artifacts” or anything with history/knowledge tied to it and bendy straws.

PBG: A fluffy griffonlike dragon with big wings. Shades of brown, white, and some yellow. Hoards spoons and pens/pencils/markers and hides in trees.

Jon: A broad-shouldered wind-breathing dragon with a large body/smaller wings. Patches of light & dark brown, green and white accenting colors. Hoards pieces of costumes/masks, and food tbh.


  • Paul: A smaller, firebreathing, kinda fluffy wyvern. Orange, gold, and black. Hoards post-it notes and sauce packets (for some reason?)
  • Nick: A rounder, rough-skinned, yet furry, dragon. Dark brown, white, and green. Hoards cds/dvds (+cases), shoes, sticks/wood.
  • Josh: A long, very lizardlike dragon with sharp wings. Sandy orange/brown and dark brown. Hoards chains/straps off of things, tickets, cups.

Satch: A big, scaly, Eastern oriental serpent-dragon. Gold, brown, and black. (With blue & green for fur/scale accents). Hoards books and pennies/change.

Jirard: A rounder, generally just big, fluffy dragon with a thick tail, long snout, and large ears. Brown, peach, and white with yellow accenting color. Hoards bottlecaps and figures (and has very large collections of said items)

Jared: A shiny, glimmering wyvern-serpent. Rainbow glimmery but primarily light blue. Hoards game controllers and other shiny things (but nothing shinier than himself)

Mai: A bold, Western, firebreathing dragon with feathered edges and a beak. Very red/orange/sunset colors. Hoards hair clips/ties/bobby pins and other weird stuff.

Hana: A small, birdlike dragon with fur and tiny, nubby little horns. Pale pink and white. Hoards flowers, pretty paper, and ribbons.