gliding spider


Peacock Spider

- The Maratus Volans, sometimes called the Peacock Spider or Gliding Spider.
- This species of spider is not venomous and poses no threat to humans or animals.
- Found in parts of Australia such as Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and Tasmania.
- Both sexes reach about 5 mm in body length.

Side Effects

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A/N: Why does it take me forever to write things these days? I don’t know. Either way, worked on this over the course of a couple weeks I think. Someone (why can’t I remember who????) was talking about how they wanted Cas trying to heal Dean but his mojo/grace tickles and so this happened.

Words: 1,845

Dean clutched at his stomach as he stomped into the bunker; a gash ran across his skin where a werewolf claw had connected with his skin just as he’d been taking out the other wolf. There had to be two werewolves, of course, not just one as he’d been expecting. Then again, when did things ever go as expected in his life?

He’d patched himself up in the car as Sam drove them back, and now all Dean wanted was a cold beer, his bed, and for the thrum of pain in his middle to numb. Sam was confident in his brother’s medical competence and could tell that Dean was in a bad mood, probably just needed to blow off a little steam. Sam took it as a chance to catch up on some reading.

“Dean, are you alright?” Cas ran into Dean on his way through the main hall and down toward his room. His eyes shifted down to where Dean had a hand on his stomach.

“M’fine.” Dean huffed, heading for the bedroom door.

“You’re injured.”

“Nothing I can’t handle.”

“I know, you’ve taken on a great deal of pain in the past,” Cas sighed, “But don’t suffer in silence when relief for the pain is standing right in front of you.” He followed Dean through the doorway, “Let me help?” Cas looked at him with those big blue puppy-dog eyes and Dean was a goner.

Dean rolled his eyes, sighing heavily and overly exaggerated, “Fine.” He put up quite the wall of ‘tough, strong, can-handle-anything-the-world-throws-at-me’ attitude, but underneath that all, Dean was pleased that there was a remedy for the sharp tinge of pain he felt - even deeper down some part of him was very pleased that Cas actually cared enough to pursue the issue of his health.

“Lie down.” Cas instructed.

Dean obliged, flopping down onto the bed and tugging his shirt up a bit to show the patch job.

“This might feel a bit strange.” Cas warned, and then his hand was hovering over Dean, a bright light building from his palm and encompassing the wounded area. Dean squirmed a little at the not-touch.

It was… Weird. To say the least. Dean had been healed before by Cas, sure, but usually it was pretty quick, and it was never on his stomach.

The light had a small weight to it, making its presence known, and it caused this feeling just under his skin that just sort of tingled.

And the longer the hand stayed there, the worse it got.

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Chosen Ones

Rhekatta the Spider Goddess glides through the wreckage of burned-out houses as her many-legged minions scuttle before her, sifting through ashes for treasure and charred peasants to eat. There’s a noise up ahead, and through the tattered shreds of smoke Rhekatta sees a figure, kneeling in the middle of a blackened doorway whose walls have already crumbled into nothing. It’s a child–maybe a teenager; it’s hard to tell with all the smoke–and as Rhekatta watches the door frame topples over backwards, briefly illuminating the child’s face in a dramatic rush of sparks.

Rhekatta looks at the child. It’s a long, scornful look, and she breaks it abruptly by turning and striding off through the ruins. She does this because she gets kickbacks from the local Adventurer’s Guild every time she burns down a town and leaves a child as the sole survivor, the Guild having struggled for years to boost anemic recruitment numbers, and plucky orphans with vengeance complexes making the best recruits around. Adventuring just doesn’t pay like it used to, the Guild’s agent had explained at their first meeting, glancing guiltily around as though he though there might be someone in Rhekatta’s cave to overhear him. All the tombs in the seven kingdoms have been picked clean by this point, and most of the royal families have been deposed or switched over to cremation. Treasure isn’t enough anymore; you have to give people a little extra incentive to join up. And so, whenever Rehkatta gets into a conquering mood, she has to spend several days sending her spiders creeping under doors and through open windows to figure out when some bright young thing is going to be out of the village all day delivering pies to grandmother, or whatever.

She’s thinking about getting out of this particular game, though. Not because she feels bad about it, but the scheduling is a hassle, and there are all these adventurers showing up at her cave at all hours yelling about how they’re going to have their revenge, so that takes time to deal with. Frankly, Rhekatta thinks, as her spiders flow up out of the ashes, chittering in excitement at the sight of their mistress, it’s all getting to be more trouble than it’s worth.

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This is a Peacock Spider. I do not like spiders but this is a pretty little fellow! The spider can be found in Queensland and New South Wales. It’s proper name is Maratus Volans and it’s of the jumping spider species; also sometimes referred to as the Gliding Spider.