gliding reptile

Chloe’s favourite animal is SNAKES, and she even has one as a pet. Which Beca is mostly indifferent to (or so she says) until he gets out of his cage one day and Beca not so subtly FLIPS OUT and refuses to come back inside until he’s put away. Think like: followed by much heebie jeebies. Chloe thinks it’s adorable but still teases her for it. ~ prompt from @bramzambies

Chloe Beale is the closest thing to a real life Disney Princess that anyone is going to get. That’s including actual Princesses and every one of the face characters at the handful of Disney Resorts. Beca is about eight-five percent sure forest animals congregate in the redhead’s room every morning to help her dress and brush her hair. That remaining fifteen percent though, that’s where she wavers. Because she’s pretty positive that squirrels and birds, some of them at least, harbour just the teensiest fear of snakes, which would mean they’d think twice about waltzing into Chloe’s room.

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