Spyro!! (OG version)

I’ve been watching JackSepticEye play Spyro 3 lately.. It’s a game I cannot say I got to play a lot of during my youth since .. I /did/ have a Playstation, but most of my games were for the N64…

I did get to play Spyro 2 for quite a bit whenever we went to the video store and rented it! (What the heck is that, old lady?? xD) 

Between renting Spyro and Majora’s Mask often, we never really got /too/ far into the series, but I love Dragons, and I often wished we owned the games so I could really get into them.. I wish it was a bigger part of my childhood, but I just wanted to draw that cute little dragon so frigging much. 

Now that I am older, I wish there was a proper Spyro game I could track down on a new system to play… Buuuuuuut… I’ve already played a bit of skylanders, and really he’s just a cameo… and he’s not as cute.. like… at all… >.>;;


SOARIN’ by Jeff Bergman
Via Flickr:
Soarin at the Land Pavilion.


Flying Snake (chrysopelea)

The flying snake is a 4ft long snake found in Indonesia and Sri Lanka. It is a mildly venomous snake and earns its name through its anatomy. It has ridges in its belly that allows it to climb up trees, then the creature sucks in its abdomen and flares out its ribs to create a makeshift wing. In the air, flying snakes make a lateral undulation and the combination of these effects can carry them up to 100m. As it is more of a gliding motion, flying snakes only retain slight control over their in air trajectory.


This is a thermal flight in an SZD Junior glider, camera suction mounted on the wing (with lots of tape added just in case)! 20th July 2013.


Why do little kids make speech mistakes? What patterns can we find in their errors? In this week’s episode, we talk about sound substitutions in child speech: why it happens, what varieties there are, and how many different varieties we can find even in a single word.

This is a really fun topic, and we’re really happy with how it turned out! Looking forward to hearing what people have to say about it. ^_^