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On October 24, 1911, a press photographer for NY Times captured Orville Wright in the midst of a record flight in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. “Glider in the Air Nearly 10 Minutes,” read the headline the next day. / source: New York Times

Potanichthys xingyiensis, a fish from the Middle Triassic of China, living around 235-242 million years ago. Measuring about 15cm long (6″), it was one of the oldest known fish capable of aerial gliding – possessing a “four-winged” body plan with enlarged pectoral and pelvic fins, and an asymmetrical tail with a long lower lobe. It was also almost completely scale-less, which may have helped to reduce drag and make it more aerodynamic.

Despite the similar appearance it had no close relation to modern flyingfishes, and was instead a result of convergent evolution in a completely different lineage of the ray-finned fishes.

Here’s the two of them together!
I really enjoyed working on these and I can’t believe I did them in 1.5 hours each… 

I’ll definitely be getting these printed on holo paper sometime soon!


Nature includes many animals that are so-called fliers: flying squirrels, flying snakes, and draco lizards, to name a few. These animals aren’t true fliers like birds, bats, or insects, though. Instead, they are expert gliders, able to produce enough lift to control their descent and land safely at a distance far greater than a normal leap could carry them. Like the flying squirrel, the draco lizard extends a thin membrane that acts as its wings. The additional area provides enough lift that the lizards can glide as far as 60 m (200 ft) while only losing 10 m (33 ft) in altitude. That’s an impressive glide ratio - about 3 times better than the Northern flying squirrel and twice as good as a wingsuit. (Video credit: BBC/Planet Earth II)

The Ultimate Guide to All Things Ultra Space: Shiny Hunting in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon~☆

Yes, you read that right. You can finally put those adrenaline orbs to rest. Thanks to a wicked discovery from Reddit we have confirmed that Ultra Space has blessed our timeline with infinite shinies. Thank you #BasedHelix. Here’s how it works:

Before you start please note that this section is only available post game. To optimize efficiency it is recommended you bring a utility team designed to catch Pokemon. Examples include a False Swiper/Spore/Hypnosis Pokemon as well as a Synchroniser for a guaranteed nature of your choice.

- Step One. Disable motion controls

The game allows you two methods of navigating Ultra Space: movement through motion controls where you tilt the DS up, down, left, and right; or movement through the circle pad. Circle pad gives you the most control and accuracy. To disable motion control you need to visit the 2nd floor of the Game Freak office on Akala Island (bottom center of the map) and speak to the scientist in the corner. 

He will show you a quick guide on how to navigate Ultra Space and then ask which method you prefer- select Circle Pad to confirm your choice.

- Step Two. Use Charizard Glide to fly to The Altar of the Sunne (Ultra Sun)/ Altar of the Moone (Ultra Moon) on the top of Poni Island.

Once there you will see a wormhole appear. Touch the wormhole and select “Return to the Ultra Wormhole.” From there the cutscene will play of you riding Solgaleo/Lunaala through the vast world beyoooond the beyooond.

☆ Guide to Recognizing Wormholes ☆

In this section we will break down the different types of wormholes encountered within Ultra Space and what to expect from each one.

There are 4 types of wormholes: normal, one ring shiny, double ring shiny, and double ring shiny with aura. Each wormhole has something different to offer so here’s a good idea of what you can expect to happen when you enter one.

Normal wormholes, i.e. wormholes without a ring, hold the least chance to encounter shiny Pokemon. They come in 5 different colors and lead to different areas:

- Red wormholes lead to cliffs where flying Pokemon can be encountered.

- Blue wormholes lead to lakes where water Pokemon can be encountered.

- Green wormholes lead to flat caves were certain types can be encountered.

- Yellow wormholes lead to deeper caves where certain types can be encountered.

- White wormholes will always lead to an Ultra Beast. While other normal wormholes may not contain a shiny Pokemon, white wormholes can always be used to Soft Reset for a shiny Ultra Beast.

One ring shiny wormholes have an increased chance for a shiny Pokemon to appear. However, the farther you travel in Ultra Space, the greater chance you have of a shiny Pokemon appearing within these wormholes. The exact odds are unknown at this moment.

Double ring shiny wormholes also have an increased chance for shinies and also have a chance for a Legendary Pokemon to appear. This does not necessarily mean the Legendary Pokemon will be shiny on your first encounter, but you can use the area to Soft Reset for its shiny form to appear.

Double ring shiny with an aura emanating from it is 100% guaranteed to grant you a Legendary encounter. The Legend you can expect to appear will depend on the wormhole’s color. As stated above, you can Soft Reset for a shiny Legend within these wormholes.

☆List of Legendary Pokemon Available Based on Wormhole Color☆


- Articuno

- Zapdos

- Moltres

- Ho-Oh (appears in Pokemon Ultra Sun only)

- Rayquaza (will not appear unless both Kyogre and Groudon are on your team)

- Cresselia

- Tornadus (appears in Pokemon Ultra Sun only)

- Thundurus (appears in Pokemon Ultra Moon only)

- Landorus (will not appear unless both Tornadus and Thundurus are on your team)

- Yvetal (appears in Pokemon Ultra Moon only)


- Suicune (will not appear unless both Entei and Raikou are on your team)

- Latias (appears in Pokemon Ultra Moon only)

- Latios (appears in Pokemon Ultra Sun only)

- Lugia (appears in Pokemon Ultra Moon only)

- Kyogre (appears in Pokemon Ultra Moon only)

- Uxie

- Mespirit

- Azelf

- Kyurem (will not appear unless both Zekrom and Reshiram are on your team)


- Mewtwo

- Raikou (appears in Pokemon Ultra Sun only)

- Entei (appears in Pokemon Ultra Moon only)

- Dialga (appears in Pokemon Ultra Sun only)

- Palkia (appears in Pokemon Ultra Moon only)

- Cobalion

- Terrakion

- Verizion

- Zekrom (appears in Pokemon Ultra Moon only)

- Reshiram (appears in Pokemon Ultra Sun only)

- Xernias (appears in Pokemon Ultra Sun only)


- Regirock

- Regice

- Registeel

- Groudon (appears in Pokemon Ultra Sun only)

- Regigigas (appears in Pokemon Ultra Moon only)

- Heatran (appears in Pokemon Ultra Sun only)

- Giratina (will not appear unless both Palkia and Dialga are on your team)

☆ How to Soft Reset for a Shiny Legend/ UB☆

- Enter the wormhole

- Immediately save the game

- Run to the encounter spot

- If the Legendary/UB does not appear as a shiny, press “L”, “R” + “Start” at the same time. This will cause the game to restart itself without using the Home menu, ergo “Soft Reset”

- Repeat as many times needed until the shiny appears

☆What to Do When You’ve Encountered A Wild Shiny☆

- Wild shinies found in Ultra Space are set shinies. (PLEASE NOTE: This does NOT include Legendary and UB encounters!)

- This means that if you save before encountering and then restart the game, the Pokemon waiting will still be shiny. This will only change if you defeat/faint the Pokemon or leave the area.

- This also means that you can Soft Reset for desired traits such as nature, gender, and IV’s.

- Utilize your utility Pokemon for best results.

That being said, this is all we know about Wormhole hunting at this moment. We hope this will inspire you to get going and explore beyoooond the beyooooond!

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

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Spyro!! (OG version)

I’ve been watching JackSepticEye play Spyro 3 lately.. It’s a game I cannot say I got to play a lot of during my youth since .. I /did/ have a Playstation, but most of my games were for the N64…

I did get to play Spyro 2 for quite a bit whenever we went to the video store and rented it! (What the heck is that, old lady?? xD) 

Between renting Spyro and Majora’s Mask often, we never really got /too/ far into the series, but I love Dragons, and I often wished we owned the games so I could really get into them.. I wish it was a bigger part of my childhood, but I just wanted to draw that cute little dragon so frigging much. 

Now that I am older, I wish there was a proper Spyro game I could track down on a new system to play… Buuuuuuut… I’ve already played a bit of skylanders, and really he’s just a cameo… and he’s not as cute.. like… at all… >.>;;