OMG. When in the hell did a total thyroidectomy with a pectoralis flap & PEG become a fckn emergency case?!

Well it happened on Saturday, some fckn resident decided to add on a case when we are only 3 nurses in the OR and we had to delay the case a bit bc we only had 2 techs and we had to call back the “on call” tech. Oh goodness. The patient was fckn stable. She just wanted the surgery done to “get it over with.” Hence why they decided to add the case. 

So background, the patient has a history of cancer & she’s stage 4 - & now she’s having dysphagia bc of the mass in her thyroid. So her consent literally said this: 

Total thyroidectomy, possible partial laryngectomy, possible tracheostomy, possible partial esophagectomy, with pectoralis flap. Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube placement. 

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