glider guns

where barry allen indirectly has been an accessory for rogue robberies on multiple occasions. the irony that he’s the flash is not lost on him

“hold the bag, bud” the weather wizard shouts under a squall of hail

barry rolls his eyes heavenward, another trip to the bank ruined. maybe one day he’ll open that savings account…

“sweetie - get the door” purrs the golden glider with her gun as barry finds himself in another armed robbery. he should have ordered iris’s gift of amazon instead - christmas shopping will never get done

having a dual identity has never been so frustrating

“allen - you’re a csi, why are you always part of these crime scenes?” barks captain singh wearily. barry shrugs helplessly, how was he supposed to know captain cold would rob the first national bank closest to jitters during the morning rush

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43. Hey, you're safe now, it's over. orrrr 72. I'm going to absolutely wreck you.

43: “Hey, you’re safe now, it’s over.” - Coldflash (read on ao3)

Barry woke up groggy and chilled, and it took him a moment to recognize his surroundings. The Cortex looked vaguely sinister in the dark, lit dimly by an unfamiliar blue glow. He shivered, and had just begun to cast around for a memory of why he was at STAR Labs at night (and why it was so cold) when his eyes landed on the source of the strange blue light.

It was the core of the cold gun, glowing steadily where it rested across the knees of a figure sleeping in the chair a few feet away. Len had one gloved hand still wrapped around the cold gun’s grip, but his head was tipped back against the wall and his eyes were closed. He looked younger like this, the sharp lines of his face thrown into relief from the faint blue light, and his lashes dark against his cheekbones. 

Barry spent a moment watching the slow, even movement of his chest as he breathed, and tried to remember why Captain Cold was sitting guard at his bedside.

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Solarpunk crossed with WH40K: fleets of massive battleships with solar sails, carrying forest cities within as they fight against the bloodthirsty, diesel-powered Orks and the corrupted biotech of the Tyranids. Human soldiers fighting for their homes and the Emperor with Tesla guns and gliders built into armor. Ideally, solarpunk doesn't usually involve warfare, but it lightens the mood of the Warhammer universe.


On the one hand, Solarpunk, optimistic future, hope for mankind, harmony with light and nature. On the other, grimdark future, only war, space fascists who love pogroms. 

I would need lots of rewriting of the lore, but I’m not totally against it. I wouldn’t mind writing a campaign about a solarpunk offshoot of humanity reaching into the Imperium and dealing with how utterly messed up it is while bringing some actually advancing technology, desire for peace, and hope into the setting.