Loft ‘89 Experience (Glasgow 23/6/15)

This is the story of how I died, but don’t worry, this is actually a fun story!!!!!
(gold star for anyone who gets that reference)

This is a post I feel like I’ve never even considered making, because idea  of meeting Taylor was always a bit far fetched and my hopes were pretty low, and yet here I am!
Last night, every hope and dream I’ve had for as long as I can remember came true - I got to meet Taylor Swift with my best friends, Niamh (oohmymymyy) and Julia (screaminggcolourr). Not only that, but we got to meet Andrea again, which is something I have been dreaming and thinking about every day since our Red Tour date. The whole day was unreal.
We arrived at the Hydro around 4pm with out dinner in hand, and when we were finished we met up with a few of the other girls from thescotlandsquadand managed to get pretty close to the doors - which helped us reach the taylornation booth very quickly. There we had a chat and we had some photos taken and they asked us where our seats were, which I’m sure is the standard procedure for people at the booth.
After we got our merch, we ran upstairs and through our doors to our seats - we hadn’t realised before, but the seats were perfect. We were directly behind a glass panel, and because of a set of stairs there was no one in front of us. One of the Hydro security men helped and supported us throughout the night, like our own little cheerleader - he said ‘is it christmas???’ when he first saw us with all our fairy lights on, and although originally warning us that if very few other people were standing then we’d have to sit down, he revoked that rule fairly quickly. He allowed us to drape our signs over the glass panel and even the girl beside us helped out by hooking the lights of the sign over the corner of the glass to help it stay up.
A lot of people have been asking exactly what it was that got us in - our tumblr post, the taylorconcerts snapchat, or just our outfits in general, and I couldn’t tell you. However, I think it had to do with how bright our lights were and that we were going HARD for the entire concert to the point where we were disgustingly sweaty and had a dry mouth and no voice. I’m surprised one of us didn’t fall over the glass! Every little bit of energy I had stored up since I got the tickets was used up in that couple of hours. I can’t believe how amazing the show was, it was beautifully put together and you can tell how much effort Taylor put into not only incorporating her own style into the design, but also making sure fans had their input.
Just before All You Had To Do Was Stay, when we were just generally lost in the lyrics and our own out of time dance moves, we all at once spotted Andrea and some of Taylor’s team walking up the stairs and directly towards us with big beaming smiles on their faces. Just the sight of Andrea was enough to cause me to burst into FLOODS of tears. She came us to us and started talking, and actually asked the question ‘have you guys met Taylor before?’
This is a question that I had sat and thought about for so long. This one moment, a staple part of anyone’s loft 89 experience, gave me the most euphoric, amazing, crying-on-the-floor type emotion that, in all honesty, will be hard to replicate again. Of course, we all very frantically screamed NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. while looking dead into her eyes so she knew we were being honest, Julia even said ‘NO BUT WE’VE MET YOU BEFORE’. She then jokingly said ‘well you wouldn’t lie to a mum now would you?’ and we were even more frantically like NONONONONONONONONOONO, and she then began to talk about us getting into Loft 89, while a girl very quickly strapped on our orange wristbands and handed us a yellow loft 89 slip that told us to meet in section 58 immediately after the show. Just like that, they were gone in the blink of an eye, adding to our sheer disbelief.
We were all in the biggest streams of tears, near hyperventilating and screaming at each other - it was beyond belief, and something that I hadn’t truly imagined before the show. I was and still am at a complete loss for words. The entire experience seems like a dream, or like there is a big cloud in my memory, despite all efforts to keep my feet on the ground (metaphorically speaking - my feet were about a mile high while jumping and dancing about). It all very quickly became EXTREMELY surreal - to the point where we were just laughing at each other in disbelief. As if we were back in our bedrooms and laughing about all the funny questions we would ask Taylor if we ever met her.
Soon the show came to an end, and unlike the past feelings of sadness that the show was done and we would have to wait another 2-3 years for a show - we were just extremely happy and excited, the best was still to come!
We very quickly drunk the remainder of our water, carefully forced our signs into our bags, put our capes back on (a staple part of our Taylor Swift Defense Squad outfits) and once again talked to the security man, who was kind enough to help and direct us to section 58 - where we were then asked for our wristbands and our little slip of paper. Then, we were led backstage by a group of the Hydro’s team, to the back of the queue for loft 89!

The rules were explained to us quickly;
1. No videos were to be taken, but you can take all the photos you want!
2. When Taylor comes in, all phones and cameras etc were to be put away and not brought out again until instructed. If you were caught with your phone out while Taylor was in the room (unauthorised) then you would be removed from the Loft.
3. Only one photo was to be taken per group. You couldn’t ask Taylor to call a friend, or take a selfie, or make a vine etc. Each person in the group (including parents) could have 1 thing signed.
4. Do not crowd Taylor. You have to wait for her to come to you.

There were only 20 or so people in the Loft, which I was seriously surprised at. The idea of being one of the 20 people picked out of a crowd of 12000 is entirely beyond me.
We walked in and went straight to the cute little white couches, where we met gotfoundinwonderland and her sister Jennifer! We talked for ages about how we all got picked and where we were sitting and stuff, then about how crazy meeting in this situation was. Starving after the concert, we went over to get something to eat and drink. I got a coke and a cookie (WHICH WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!) and I think the others also got some pizza. Then we got to meet incrediblethings1989 and I told her how I LOVED her outfit and that I’d saw her post on tumblr and that she was actually the little icon on the 1989 Tour Glasgow hashtag, we also talked about Scotland and how amazing it was that she came over from Dublin before going back to the couch to get settled before Taylor came in.
It wasn’t long before her dancers came over, and we were just completely speechless - they asked us if we enjoyed the show and we were like YES IT WAS AMAZING AND SO WERE YOU AND WE CAN’T BELIEVE WE’RE ACTUALLY BACK HERE. The conversation was shorter than I would have liked and they must have thought we were really shy but we were at a general loss for words - everything that I’ve ever imagined I’d say to any part of Taylor’s team totally vanished from my mind.
Just then, we were told to put our phones away, and despite promising myself I wouldn’t shriek - I did a little bit. Taylor walked into the room and was like HEEEY GUUUYS!!!!! literally just in the way you would imagine. We began to talk to Jennifer and Lisa again, about how weird it was that she was right there - we were all in a state of shock.
I turned to Julia and Niamh and we all checked whether we had stuff in our teeth or something and we all quickly ate a tic tac just in case our breath smelled funny, and after only a couple of groups, Taylor walked over to us.
She was like HEY GIRLS and we were like HEEEY SMANDKJLSCNDSUIBWE, she asked us our names and repeated them after us, we explained our Taylor Swift Defence Squad outfits and she was like ‘YEAH WELL I NEED THAT BECAUSE YOU KNOW PEOPLE ARE LIKE *rolls eyes*’. Then she asked if we had anything we wanted her to sign, and we said YEEESSSS and Julia asked her to sign the loft 89 pass for her, Niamh asked her to sign her guestbook (which is a long story but Taylor appeared to LOVE it), and then I asked her if she could sign the last page of the tour book for me. I almost automatically knew something was up when she hesitated slightly, and asked me my name was just spelled in the normal way - I said yes, but I wish I’d added in ‘like L-U-C-Y’ or something just to save her any possible embarrassment. She went on to write ‘I *heart* Kate’ and I bit my lip and she asked me if that was right/ok and I just went ‘sorry, no my name is Lucy’ and she was like SHIIIIT and I frantically tried to make things easier and I was like NONONONONONONONONOONOO THATS OK DONT WORRY I’LL JUST LEGALLY CHANGE MY NAME TO KATE and she went ‘wait, so your name is Kate?’ and all 3 of us were like NOOOOOOOOO IM SORRY
She then did the CUTEST thing and turned where she wrote Kate into a cloud, and drew a little sun and little raindrops and labelled them all - and I don’t think she heard, but in that moment my head cleared up and my heart swelled 10 sizes, and I was able to say ‘walking through rainstorms makes you clean’. A quote that has never meant so much to me until that moment. Taylor apologised again, and mentioned about the time that she called colldasyouAmanda, and that her real name is Lucy too.
After we took our picture, I also had the chance to give her my letter, and a little book of Glaswegian phrases (called ‘Ra Wee Book a Glesca Banter’) and a little pin with both the American and Scottish flag on it. She laughed at the book and read out the title in a Scottish accent and it was so funny, I never in a million years thought that she’d actually receive any of it and I’m so glad she did. My biggest regret is not telling her about my tumblr, or thanking her in person for following me - but in that moment, I didn’t want to tell her about it. I really don’t know why, but I just didn’t. Just as Taylor was about to walk away, Julia thanked her for using her voice for good, and she said that it was so sweet of her to say. She thanked us for coming, and then danced off to the next group. It’s so hard to think of Taylor as the world’s 6th greatest leader when she is standing right in front of you, not as the person on the front of a magazine, not as someone who sells out stadiums world wide in seconds, not as a girl who has her face blown up onto HUGE billboards - but as a real life person who lives and breathes on the love she receives from others.
If I could give anyone a tip about meeting Taylor and/or getting into Loft 89 - don’t try to think up all the questions you want to ask her beforehand, because trust me, you will forget. I still don’t know whether she has tried irn bru or not, or what her favourite episode of friends is - but that still didn’t stop me from having the best night of my whole life.

taylorswift Thank you so much for everything you do for your fans. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, thank you for everything you do for your fans and for always being so genuine and lovely to everyone you meet. You are so wonderfully down to earth and easy to talk to, you appeared so grateful for everyone and everything that has happened to you and I think you are amazing. You are my sunshine, my light in the dark, and you are my role model. I want to channel you in everything I do, whether that is in the way I treat people, in how I think in terms of solving problems, and in terms of using what I have for good. Thank you so much for everything that you are, and everything that you do. Thank you for introducing me to so many wonderful and beautiful people. Thank you for changing the lives of so many people. Thank you on behalf of that person who went to your show alone and used those two hours as an escape from their everyday lives. Thank you for giving me a space where I could quite comfortably SCREAM and dance as wildly as I want to my favourite songs. Thank you for making me feel so warm and happy when I finally met you, and I’m sorry I never got to thank you for all of what I just listed.

Thank you to everyone in Taylor’s team who make these experiences happen, and for treating us so well. Everyone that we met - the people at Taylor Nation, the people that set up and assisted with the Loft, and even the people who work the the Hydro - was so kind and supportive of us. We were even told that we should be given a ‘gold star for effort’ by someone we met while running up to our seats.

I’d also like to thank Andrea, for once again granting me one of the best nights of my entire life. It’s hard to explain how much it means to meet Andrea again, I never thought I would, but I had been thinking and reaming of it everyday since the red tour - in the same way I had been dreaming of meeting Taylor. Andrea means the absolute world to me, which sounds ridiculous, but she upgraded our seats at the red tour, and that boosted my confidence SO. MUCH. I have everything to thank her for, and in ways, meeting her seemed so much more real. It’s a really hard thing to explain, but she makes my heart smile, and I look up to her in the same way as Taylor, and she reminds me so much of my own mum. I aspire to grow up with the same strength and success as my mum, Taylor Swift, and Andrea Swift. That’s why she means so much to me. She is a role model in herself - and the fact that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her twice makes me the luckiest girl in the world.
God bless Andrea Swift.

The 23rd of June 2015 was the best day of my life. Thank you to every single person involved. :)