glens natural area


Eren and Armin were pretty tired of just sitting around all day to they decided to go on a roadtrip. They didn’t exactly know where they wanted to go so they just tired to wing it. As they were driving, Armin suggested that every time they hit an intersection he would flip a coin and if it was heads they would turn right and turn left it lands tails. Eren thought it was a great idea so they did that. Eventually they ended up at Parfrey’s Glen State Natural Area. (part of the place is pictured above) They pulled over to take a hike and look at the beautiful scenery. When they were done they drove back home. They also brought back some river rocks to decorate their room with.

(Written by @hayript)

Red rocks and curving, swirling bluffs rise up out of the desert, creating a surreal landscape at Stud Horse Point. Part of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Stud Horse Point is a remote area near the Utah-Arizona border that’s worth the visit. On a tour of the Southwest with his buddies, Aron Cooperman drove through rain, wind and even some snow, made some wrong turns but they eventually found their way to the this spot. They stuck it out, rain clouds cleared and eventually, the sky started to have this incredible color explosion at sunset. Photo courtesy of Aron Cooperman.

Witnessing sunrise from Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is truly breathtaking. Kathleen Buenviaje took this photo of Reflection Canyon on the Utah side of the park just as the sun was breaking through the horizon, turning the sky into a kaleidoscope of colors. Kathleen captured the photo after a 10-mile backpacking trip through the Utah backcountry in thunderstorms and 30 degree weather. Of the experience, she says, “The hike was grueling with no trail to follow and the terrain shifting every hundred feet, but it was also one of the most unique and beautiful hikes because of those challenges. Not a hike for the faint of heart, but a worthy one for anyone who makes it.” Photo courtesy of Kathleen Buenviaje.

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