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Safe Bet

Daryl Dixon Imagine

The group bet on you and Daryl getting together. One day Glenn lets you in on the plan trying to convince you to confess to Daryl.

(since I just finished this one too I see no reason why I shouldn’t upload it already. Hope you don’t mind. :D)

word count: 1809

It was a sunny afternoon in November. The weather was unusually hot for this season, but I enjoyed the last warmth of the year nevertheless. Having my legs spread out on the green grass I was sitting on a bench in the prison’s courtyard. I had my eyes closed, my head turned towards the warmth when suddenly a shadow stepped between me and the sun.
„Hey!“, I screeched in protest, my eyes still closed. I knew I wouldn’t see a thing even if I opened them. Even when facing the sun with your eyes closed it still happened.
My wild gestures and protest must have worked because the shadow disappeared and I felt the warmth on my skin again. Satisfied with myself and the whole world I sighed deeply and stretched my arms. However, my reclaimed peacefulness didn’t last long. The same person who had just blocked me from the sun was now sitting on the bench next to me, pressing his finger into my arm over and over again.
„I’m awake and my ears work just fine. Stop poking me, for Christ’s sake.“
„I’m sorry.“ That was Glenn’s voice, and he did not sound sorry at all.
„What do you want, Glenn?“ I reluctantly opened one eye and looked him all over. Even though I didn’t really see that much. Just as expected. But it did the trick and he stopped poking me.
“I was just wondering..have you talked to Daryl lately?“
I only raised my eyebrows at his remark.
„C'mon, I’m serious. Have you?“ He poked me again.
„Yes, I have. On a daily basis, to be precise. Why?“ This whole thing really started to get annoying.
„Just curious. I always think the two of you are having so much fun together and I was concerned because I haven’t seen you talking to each other in a while….“ He tried to sound innocent, but that didn’t belie that he was up to something.
“Yeah, actually me and Daryl were just talking about what we usually do with people who are too nosy… but that wouldn’t concern you, would it?!” I closed my eyes again and turned towards the sun hoping that it would make clear that this conversation was now over. It didn’t.
“Nosy people!? You mean like me?! Hey, I’m just concerned for a friend’s well-being”, he protested.
I ignored him.

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Nearer (Sequel)

Daryl Dixon Imagine

A sequel to Nearer, as requested by a lovely anon. :D  I hope it can actually live up to Nearer…

After Daryl made clear to Glenn that he better stays away from you, he asks you to join him ona run to a local music store. Happy that you’ll get to spend time with Daryl you join him.

word count: 1205

„How do you know though?“ She suddenly broke the silence and looked at Daryl.
“Know what?”
“That I love music.” She looked honestly curious and thought about how Daryl knew about her love for music. Then finally she narrowed her brows. “Glenn told you, didn’t he?! That old blabber mouth, I swear to god, you can’t tell him anything…” Her words were angry but the smile on her face told him a different story.
“Yeah.” Daryl smiled back at her. He would probably be better off not to tell her how exactly he got to know about her love for music.
“So what exactly do you want?”
“What?” Daryl’s eyes grew wide.
“You asked me to join you on a run especially to get to a nearby store. I kinda thought you wanted something specific?”

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