En mi opinión, el momento más espectacular del deporte en 2011 no ha sido ni la victoria de España en el Eurobasket, ni que ganase Dallas el anillo, ni la semifinal de Roland Garros entre Federer y Djokovic, ni la Superbowl ganada por Green Bay, ni los 66 puntos de Durant en Rucker Park, ni la victoria española en la Copa Davis, ni la Champions del Barsa…

Lo más espectacular ha sido: ¡Que Glenn Rice se tiró a Sarah Palin!

Sarah don’t go for nothin’ ‘cept for Glenn’s Big10 inch…

My top 5 pick-me-up tunes

We all have our down days. Some have it worse than others, some people are just so unfortunate sometimes that the weather seems to automatically sprout dark clouds around them. On days like that, when theres no vitamin D being handed out from the sun, everything on television is still god awful (or you just don’t have a t.v licence like me) and your housemates just used the last of the toilet paper, all you can do is try and find something in the form of escapism. It’s going to be no surprise that I tend to wonder off to my land of music and mentally picturing video scenes to accompany them. So I thought I would share just a handful of my favourite pick me up songs. 5. Glenn Rice – Still Sleepless in September Does it seem shocking that I listen to my own compositions? I would imagine that many people would find this arrogant, but you have to understand that there is a reason and a necessity for musicians to write and listen to their own music. Personally, I will think of an idea that almost perfectly describes whatever emotion I’m feeling at the time, and I get to liberate myself. I also wouldn’t write music that I myself wouldn’t listen to. There would no longer be a valid reason for it to exist. This song is actually one of my favourite things that I have written which, used to have lyrics with it, but I couldn’t sing the notes. So instead I replaced them with good ol feel-good Scrubs quotes. I feel they hit the mark spot on, so I included them. It mellows me out. 4. This Town Needs Guns – If I Sit Still Maybe I’ll Get Out of Here I wrote a post before about the incredibly underrated geniuses of music This Town Needs Guns and, since then, I’ve only fallen evermore in love with them. As a result, ‘If I Sit Still…’ is one of those songs I will put on and have a calm walk or skateboard to. Something about Tim Collis’ incredibly technical but soothing guitar rhythms, Chris Collis’ refreshing attempt at not being a rabbit on ecstasy at drums for once (though I admire him all the more when he is), and ex-vocalist Stuart Smith’s incredible note-sustaining in the chorus is just the finest blend of ‘get happy’ you could ask for. 3. Dashboard Confessional – Vindicated This list is progressively getting happier now, I promise. Vindicated is one of those songs that you can blast out your car stereo whilst driving to work and is just hard hitting enough to make you have a cheeky head nod, but then packed full of melody for you to sing along to. The lyrics, again, are a bit whiney and about feeling sorry for yourself, but then perhaps it is something people will be able to relate to.   2. Daft Punk – One More Time Happiness increase is starting to reach a high now, as One More Time is still one of the most feel-good tracks ever written. There is not a single soul alive that has the audacity NOT to dance to this massive number. I mean, though not jam-packed full of lyrical content, the song is just about listening to Daft Punk and enjoying it! Need I say more? 1. Noah and the Whale – 5 Years Time Truly the ultimate slice of joy, recorded and made in to a song. I listen to this excellent song when I’ve finally gotten over myself and all I want to do is sing. Especially in the shower. Noah and showers go together like cream and sponge.

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