Glenn Morshower

Explain to me why they always, ALWAYS pick him to be the pain in the ass military general. Like… seriously.

I’m in the middle of my rewatch of Agents of SHIELD, he appears at the end of 1x21 and my honest to god reaction was “What is GENERAL LANE doing there!?” before realizing I had just mixed up Marvel and DC Comics. :P 


Lois Lane on Supergirl | Past References and Future Teases
→ You learn something about Lois Lane in the [Season 2] premiere. She’s mentioned more than once, and not in the dismissive “that hag Lois Lane” like she has been in some past episodes. [x]
→ You will learn a little about [Lois] in the season premiere next month. You won’t SEE her, but you get a sense of something big. [x]