Glenn Barr’s “Glitterland” at Merry Karnowsky.

Currently showing at Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles, California until April 11th, 2015 is artist Glenn Barr’s solo show “Glitterland.”  Inspired by cult films of the 1960s and 70s these new paintings by Glenn focus on the complexities of life for female characters that extends beyond the 35mm frame.

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Glenn Barr‘s “Rooms” is the inaugural show for the Inner State Gallery, the next step in the evolution of the former 323 East Gallery in Detroit. Jesse Cory and Dan Armand picked up and moved from Detroit’s Royal Oak neighborhood and recreated it as Inner State Gallery in a three story brick building in the heart of The Motor City. Glenn Barr (HF Vol. 10 cover artist) described “Rooms” as an exhibition of scenarios inspired by a lethargic Detroit: “Images of wandering bars and bohemian escapists, electric streets and closing time, space gear and boas, all the while unaffected muses look down from on high,” wrote the artist. The show will features a collection of smaller intimate works and large paintings. Take a look at our photos from the opening on May 17. The show runs through June 16.



SCOPE Miami: Glenn Barr’s Mini Solo Show for Thinkspace Gallery.

Artist Glenn Barr will be displaying brand new works of art in his mini solo show for Thinkspace Gallery at SCOPE Miami December 2nd through the 7th.  SCOPE is a part of Art Basel Miami and showcases groundbreaking new contemporary artists and the equally groundbreaking galleries that show them.  Glenn’s paintings mix mythology, pin-ups and science fiction with pop culture and surrealism.  You can see more of his work for the Thinkspace mini show below.

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This weekend, Glenn Barr (HF Vol. 10) is celebrating his second solo exhibition with Cotton Candy Machine gallery in Brooklyn, titled “Pit of the Id.” His previous showing with the gallery was in 2012, which depicted cute space faring girls and robotic monsters in his signature nostalgic style. In a new series of small wood on panel paintings and drawings, Barr continues to explore this futuristic universe he has created in a playful way. His works feature cameos from 60s sitcom cartoon characters like “The Jetsons” and “The Flintstones”.

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Glenn Barr’s “Hidden Persuasion” at Inner State Gallery.

Opening on Friday, November 20th, 2015 at Inner State Gallery in Detroit, Michigan is the stunning solo show from Glenn Barr entitled “Hidden Persuasion.”

Glenn Barr’s work for “Hidden Persuasion” is something of a contemporary noir film, the femme fatales ruling every scene of which they’re present, documented by the thick strokes of dark hues and instances of bright pastels.  Through out his career, Barr has used these techniques to build an intense sense of mystery burgeoning on the canvas and it exists within these pieces but as he explains:  “My new work in ‘Hidden Persuasion’ is a tiny bit of a departure for me. In my past work, surreal manifestations inspired by the unconscious mind came to life. The source for this current body of work is inspired by subject matter taken from films and television. I transform these characters turning them into archetypes and visually complex icons.  Previous exhibitions always had a few of these images, but this time I really went for it. Not to worry, you’ll still find an alluring dark undercurrent in my new work that will take you into this parallel world.”

Hidden Persuasion” is on display through December 2015.  You can see more of Glenn’s brand new work below:

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