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Daryl Dixon x Reader – Reunion

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Imagine saving Rick, Carl and Michonne when a run goes wrong. You get injured and they take you back with them to the prison where you reunite with your boyfriend Daryl who you haven’t seen ever since the apocalypse started.

Note: Way too long time no see, guys! I’m really sorry, I’ve been working all summer so I didn’t have time to write at all. I’m so glad to be back though! Since I haven’t written in a while I might be a bit „rusty“, but I still hope you enjoy it! 
And as always, this beautiful moving picture does not belong to me.

It all happened so fast. At one point you were just minding your own business trying to find a safe place to crash for the night. You never stayed anywhere longer than you needed -  found something to eat, got a bit of sleep and then back on the road.

Suddenly, the sound of voices coming from not far away made you stop. Someone was in trouble, you thought. Without hesitation you ran into that direction. After all that has happened you promised yourself you won’t let anyone else die if you can prevent it.

The voices were getting louder and louder, that must have meant you’re close. Finally you saw them. Three people - a man, a woman and a boy standing on a car surrounded by walkers. You could tell they were out of ammo since they were only using their knives and a sword.

They were running out of time, you had to act fast.

„Hey, bitches! Come here and have a bite of this fresh meat!“ You shouted in an attempt to distract the walkers as you climbed onto a roof of the nearest car.

You didn’t have a gun, but you had a bow and thankfully also a lot of arrows. You started shooting one after another as they crawled into your direction.

It didn’t take too long to take nearly all of them down especially since your three new friends starting attacking them from behind. You sighed in relief letting your guard down for a second.

„Watch out!“ The man shouted.

Too late. One of the walkers took you by your ankle and pushed you onto the ground. 

„Fuck.“ You growled in pain. That’s what you get for not paying attention for one goddamn second. You tried to reach your bow which you dropped in the fall but it was too far and that dead sucker was already crawling on top of you.

„Oh come on!“ You tried to push his face away with one hand and reach for either your knife or one of your arrows with the other hand but with zero success. Thankfully, you soon didn’t have to worry about it when a blade of a sword came right through the walker’s head.

„Thanks.“ You smiled as you took the woman’s hand. She smiled back and helped you get up.

„Are you okay?“ She asked worriedly once she noticed you can’t fully step onto your right foot.

„Yeah, it didn’t get me. I was only joking when I told them to bite me. Seems like this one took it way too seriously.“ You laughed trying to hide the pain. „I must have just hurt my ankle, I’m gonna be fine. Don’t worry about it.“

„There’s a prison not too far away from here. Me and my people use it as a residence for the time being. We’re gonna take you back with us and get you a proper treatment for that injury. After that you can go, or you can stay if you want. We could use somebody like you.“ The man said as he took you into his arms and carried you into their car.

Once you were all set, he stepped on the gas trying to get you all back as fast as possible. Not just because of your leg but also because it was starting to get dark and they were out for quite a while, the others must have been worried.

„I’m Rick, by the way. This is my son Carl and my friend Michonne. What’s your name?“


„I have to ask you a few questions, Y/N, is that okay?“ You saved their lives, which he was grateful for, but this was something he just needed to do.

„Y-yeah, sure, whatever you need to know.“ You nodded as you struggled to adjust your position due to your injury.

„How many walkers have you killed?“

The first question was easy. There was nothing else you hated more than those … things. They ruined your life just when it was finally starting to have some meaning. Killed everyone you loved. Or at least you thought so.

„Each and every single one I could find. They are monsters, they don’t deserve anything better.“

„How many people have you killed?“

This time you hesitated. It was hard for you to talk about it no matter how many days, weeks or months have passed.

„ … Two …“


„ … My mom and brother. They were bit. I just … I couldn’t let them turn.“ Your voice broke with the last sentence. You didn’t want to let them see you cry so you quickly wiped away the tears and took a deep breath to calm yourself down.

„I’m so sorry about that.“ Michonne said holding your tightly. „Is anyone else you know alive?“

„No … at least not that I know of. It was always just me, my mom and my brother … And my boyfriend. But I haven’t seen him since … since all this started. The small chance of him still being alive is probably the only thing that kept me going for this long.“

„I’m sure you’ll find him.“ She tried to comfort you as she stroked her thumb over your hand.

„Yeah, I hope so. Wherever he is – if he’s alive – I just hope he’s not alone. I hope that he found a group of nice people and that he’s happy …“

Michonne could tell how hard it is for you to talk about your loved ones so she tried to change the topic.

„How did you survive this long on your own anyway? You don’t look like … ehm … „

„Like I can fight? Yeah, I can’t, not really. But I can shoot. This baby saved me more than just a couple of times.“ You caressed the top of you bow lightly when you talked about it. It was like your best friend and until now the only ally against the evil in this new world. „It’s more quiet than a gun and better than a knife, I wouldn’t last a day without it.“

All of the sudden the car stopped. You didn’t even notice you were already there. Looking through the window you could see a bunch of people already standing there waiting for their friends to come back safely. They must have been really worried.

Rick opened the door and helped you out of the car. 

„Everyone, this is Y/N, she’ll be staying with us now, we wouldn’t have made it home without her.“

„H-hi“. You almost whispered and waved your hand. Everyone was staring at you. They all seemed liked nice people but you never really liked being the center of attention, so it made you feel a bit uncomfortable. 

Not knowing what to say you looked down shyly when a familiar voice interrupted your thoughts.

„Y/N? … Baby, is that you?“ It was already dark so he couldn’t see you clearly. He slowly made his way closer and closer to take a better look.

„D-Daryl? Oh my god … I can’t believe it!“ If you could walk you’d immediately run into his arms. Tears started running down your cheeks. Ignoring the pain in your ankle, you gathered all your strength and made your way in his direction as fast as you could.

As soon as he heard you voice and realized it’s really you, he ran towards you, pulled you into a tight embrace and buried his head into your chest.

Unable to stop sobbing, you ran your fingers through his hair and stroked his back gently. You needed to feel him. To know that this is real. Not just another one of the dreams you kept having almost every night.

After a while he finally pulled away from the hug only to take your face into his hands kissing you deeply.

You couldn’t see the looks on everyone’s faces but they were all pretty suprised. Daryl never told anyone about you, anyone except Carol. He truly believed you were gone and didn’t trust anyone else enough to tell them about how he lost the only love of his life.

„I really thought I lost ya. I went into your house, there was blood everywhere, I thought … I thought you were gone.“ He confessed while caressing your cheek not letting go of you for one second.

„I’m sorry, I should have left a message or something … I-“ You covered your mouth with your hand trying to stop the sobbing.

„Shh, don’t matter now, the only thing that matters it that you’re alright. You’re here. With me. And I’m  never losing ya again.“ He wrapped his arms around you once again pulling you close against his warm body and whispered into your ear: „I love ya so much, Y/N.“

„I love you too, Daryl.“ You whispered back as you pulled your arms around his neck and kissed his forehead, unable to keep the smile off your face.



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  1. Norman kisses…
  2. How his eyes light up…
  3. How he darts off after everyone of them…
  4. How Andrews face dies after Norman runs off…
Blessing (Part One)

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Word Count: 2184

Warnings: It’s so fluffy you might vomit, a little angst?

Notes: This was so fun to write, even if I did change it a little! And, again, there will be a part two! Thank you for the ask sugar! I hope you like it! Xox

Ask: Hello there! I wanna make a Daryl Dixon request where it takes place before the prison fell, and you two had been together since the beginning. And he wants to marry you but have Hershel marry the two of you, so he goes on a run and finds a ring then comes back and proposes in front of everyone, maybe ending with some smutty goodness! I hope it’s not too much! Thanks bebe! 💕

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You were sat on Daryl’s lap at one of the canteen tables in the prison, giggling as you cleaned guns. His lips were pressing soft kisses against your neck and you could feeling him grinning, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist.

“Daryl, stop!” you insisted, the barrel of the gun slipping from your hand. “You know I’m ticklish!”

“Sorry,” he muttered with a smirk, resting his chin on your shoulder as he watched you silently.

The two of you had met shortly after Rick and his motley crew had arrived at your father’s farm. Hershel being the man he was had invited them all to stay whilst Carl rested and, with some persuasion from you and Maggie, had eventually let them stay permanently.

It had taken you a long time to get Daryl’s attention; flirtatious looks and touches did not make it obvious enough to the archer that you were interested. So the two of you were just friends for a long time, as frustrating as that was, and you started to understand him, understand that he was shy and nervous around pretty much everyone; made sense he never picked up on anything remotely romantic. It was only when Shane came on a little too strong one night and wouldn’t take no for an answer that things changed…

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The Painful Wait. PART 2 (DarylxReader)

Hey guys, here’s part two of The Painful Wait! Let me know what you think, I’ll be posting Part three when I’m finished ✌🏼
Y/N and Daryl have been close ever since the group took her in when they found her on a supply run. Daryl is extremely overprotective and when the group is attacked by a herd of walkers one night, Daryl gets on her last nerve when he locks her in a cell and refuses to let her help. They get into a huge fight and both of them say some hurtful things. Daryl goes out on a supply run by himself to clear his head, but takes longer than he said he’d be. Days go by and Y/N is a wreck. She can’t stop thinking about their fight and what could’ve been her possible last words to the man she trusts the most. 

(Set in the hiatus between seasons three and four )

Warnings: strong language, walker killings, mostly fluff and angst again.

It’s been forty-eight hours since Daryl’s been gone. I’ve been one the edge of my seat, nervously biting my nails and sweating in anticipation. Rick’s been letting me keep watch in the tower, so I’m the first to see him. I wanted to stay up there for longer on the first night, but Carol insisted that I get some sleep. I can’t help but blame myself. He’d still be here if I hadn’t screamed at him, I drove him away. He could be dead and the last thing I ever said to the man I love was: “Go to hell, asshole.”
Beth’s been staying in my cell with me to keep me company, as I don’t sleep, and when I do, my nightmares wake me up. They’ve been different, these last couple of nights. They haven’t been about the drowning, but rather being alone in the forest, unable to escape Walkers. I keep screaming out for Daryl when I wake up, resulting in everyone else waking up. Last night, I didn’t even sleep after I woke up, because I went to keep Rick company in the tower just so I could know if he came back. But still nothing.

I stare at the bottom of the top bunk, anxiously waiting for my next shift in the tower when Beth returns from getting water.

“How you feelin’?” Beth asks.

“Take a wild guess. I just wish that I never said anything. Or that he hadn’t locked me in here in the first place.” I sigh.

“I’ve been meaning to ask… what was he doing in here?” I can’t see her, but I can tell she’s smirking her ass off.

“You really want to know?” I laugh, sitting up.

“God yes.” She eagerly replies, sitting next to me.

“Well, I grabbed a book from the library and headed back here. My shoulders were killing me and Daryl saw that I was uncomfortable and came in and gave me a back rub.” I shrug.

“Oh.” Beth’s excited posture falls in disappointment.

“Then we kissed.” I smirk.

Beth’s head whips towards me with joy, a wide, excited grin smeared across her face.

“What!?” She shrieks gleefully.

I laugh at her enthusiasm, which is actually the first sign of positivity I’ve shown in days.

“You have to tell me everything!” She cries in delight.

“Okay, so he started off by rubbing my shoulders and then he was kissing my neck,” invite my lip at the very thought of his touch. “He told me that he couldn’t stop thinking about me and that I was all he wanted. I could’ve died there and then.” I borderline squeal.

“And then?” Beth encourages.

“And you know… clothes flew off, I’m on his lap and…”

“And!?” At this point, Beth is so deliriously thrilled, I can see a vein about to pop in her forehead.

“And then Carl was shoutin’ about Walkers.” I sigh.

Beth groans and falls back, letting out a long, audible, outraged sigh.

And as if by chance, Carl walks past and throws a concerned scowl our way.

“What’s up?” He asks.

“You’re a fucking cockblock, that’s what’s up!” Beth yells.

Carl quite wisely decides to just walk away instead of asking any questions.

“Subtle.” I remark, earning a giggle from Beth.

“Anyone else know?”

“Nah, just you. And Daryl, but I don’t even know if he’s… if he’s de-”

“Don’t talk like that. He’s gonna be just fine. He’s gonna come back and you two are gonna get this sorted. Then, hopefully, you can screw. Preferably without everyone being attacked.” She jokes.

She’s right. He’ll be fine. He’s strong and smart… the man can fight through anything. I have faith in him, I really do, it’s just that he wasn’t in a good mindset when he left… he even said himself, he needed to clear his head. I just want him back. I don’t want those to be my last words to him. Not him. Never him.
It’s not even just Walkers that I’m worried about. The governor is still out there. I just can’t stop thinking about the endless possibilities of what could’ve happened to Daryl.
My Daryl.

The next day, Rick asks my to join him on fence cleaning as a ‘stress relief’. I oblige, because well, what the fuck else am I supposed to do?
Forty minutes into killing intruding Walkers in complete silence, I begin to wonder which on of the two of us is going to bring up the elephant in the room. Rick and Daryl have the closest brotherly bond I’ve ever seen and it would break my heart to see Rick without his brother. I’m not the only on who holds Daryl in their heart, the whole damn family does. Especially Rick.

“We gonna talk about this or what?” Rick pipes up, stabbing Michonne’s sword into the ground and turning to face me.

“Talk about what? Ain’t nothin’ to talk about.” I lie, continuing to impale Walkers through the skull.

“Y/N, don’t be like that. We’re all worried. You don’t have to put on a brave face all of a sudden… you don’t think I’ve heard you cryin’ at night?” Rick says softly.

I stab one more Biter and throw my pole to the ground in frustration.

“What do you want me to say, Rick? Y-you want me to say that I can’t live without him? Because I can’t! You want me to say that I won’t give up on him until my last breath? Because I won’t! You want me to say that I’m so pathetically and tragically in love with him, that I’d rather die than go another day wondering ‘what if’? Because I am! That what you want me to say, Rick!?” I rant.

“You’re in love with him?”


“I didn’t say that.”


“Yes you did… you said you’re in love with Daryl!” The excitement behind Rick’s eyes mirrors Beth’s.

“Why do people get so shocked about that, I don’t understand.” I throw my arms up in exasperation.

“Jesus Christ! Well that’s one down, one to go, right?” He chuckles.

“Excuse me?” My eyebrows knit together in confusion.

“Do you know how long we’ve all been waiting for you to admit this. You two aren’t exactly ones for subtlety, are ya now?” Rick laughs.

I stand stunned for a moment, honestly not knowing what to do with myself.

“I want to go after him. Now, tonight, tomorrow, I don’t care. We need him. You need him. I need him.” I plead.

Rick sighs and rubs his temples in exhaustion, because he’s clearly been considering it too. I walk towards him and take his wrists in my hands, only to discover that he’s shaking.

“Let’s go, Rick…” I whimper.

“We can’t… it’s too dangerous and I don’t want to leave Carl and Judith. Please understand. I have to stay with my kids. And I ain’t letting you go anywhere either. You’re family.” Rick sobs and embraces me tightly.

We collapse to the ground, still entangled and bawl for what feels like hours, until we hear screaming and shouting.

“Y/N! Dad! Hurry!” Carl hollers.

Rick and I scramble to our feet, racing over to the prison to grab our guns and knives as we see more Walkers have broken through while we were crying. More than all of us.

“Beth! Go take care of Judith! Maggie, Glenn, I want you in the towers, Carol, you and Carl take the entrance. Michonne, Y/N, let’s go kick some Walker ass.” Rick barks.

Michonne, Rick and I charge forward, shooting, stabbing and slashing every Walker in sight. Obviously, we have some pent up issues. I dart over to the fence and shoot anything that looks anything close to decomposing, but it soon all becomes too crowded.
I manage to fend them off, but I fall backwards and one falls on top of me, biting and snapping at me relentlessly.

“Help! Rick! Michonne!” I scream, while desperately trying to push it off of me.

It’s teeth come within centimetres of my skin, until its efforts come to a sudden halt. I look at it’s skull, and to my delight, there’s an arrow embedded in the brain. I shove it off of my body and scramble backwards and onto my feet, spinning around to see the one thing I’ve been craving to lay my eyes on for these past few eternal days.


“Oh my God…” I whisper in disbelief.

He’s covered in scrapes and scars from head to toe, dirt in every crease of his clothes and skin and bruises around his eyes and on his arms.

“Daryl?” I cry out.

He rushes towards me, dropping his beloved crossbow to stop it from weighing him down. I mirror him, dropping my gun and sprinting in his direction. We collide, thrilled tears cascading down my cheeks as I grip onto his shoulders while his strong arms embrace my waist and lift me off of the ground.

“I thought I lost you.” I sob.

“You couldn’t lose me if you tried, Darlin’.” He chuckles breathlessly.

apocalyptic love (part 1)

summary: when the winchesters thought they had stopped all kinds of apocalypses happen, hell strikes again with a zombie apocalypse and they find themselves separated from you. you get taken in by rick and his people and find yourself slowly falling for the archer (i suck at summaries)
sam winchester x sister!reader, dean winchester x sister!reader, castiel x friend!reader, possible (definite) daryl x reader
You, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Castiel, Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Glenn Rhee, Maggie Greene/Rhee, Michonne, Beth Greene, Hershel Greene, Carol Peletier
word count:
 about 3.3k

sorry if there are any mistakes!!! I’m still working on further parts but I hope I can continue this fic for as long as possible

tagging: @yellowtheremarvelfan, @jodiereedus22

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It was a beautiful day in Georgia. Some birds were chirping, the sun was shining – it would’ve been calm – if it weren’t for the black Chevrolet Impala speeding down the road. The loud roar of the engine was attracting a lot of walkers from the woods, something the four people in the car didn’t quite notice. The car was Dean Winchester’s one and only, you could say he almost loved it more than he loved his family. How the car made it through the apocalypse, you didn’t know, but Dean sure was glad that they had a car to get them from point A to point B. You were seated in the backseat of the car, a thud made you turn around.

“Uh, Dean… You might wanna see this.” You said and tapped your brother on the shoulder. His gaze shifted to the rearview mirror and he groaned loudly. Sam Winchester, sat shotgun next to Dean, turned his whole body around to take a look at what’s happening.

“I remember you guys always saying that zombies did not exist.” Castiel said, his voice as deep as always. You gnawed on your bottom lip and turned back around.

“Yeah, that’s what we thought but this is straight outta the damn Dawn of the Dead movie.” Dean grumbled. Sam and you scoffed at this but Cas had no idea what you were talking about. Of course he didn’t, there were no movies to see in heaven and even here on earth, Castiel never had a chance to see many, let alone movies about zombies.

“You know… it’s a good thing, though.” You said. Dean slammed on the brakes, causing everyone to fly forward in their seats and he turned around to stare at you in utter confusion. Sam slowly turned and gave you the same look.

“How is that a good thing?” He asked, a little angry at his little sister. Castiel kept quiet and just listened to the conversation. You rolled your eyes and leaned forward over the front seat. You looked at Dean, then at Sam and rolled your eyes once again at the looks you received.

“Don’t you look at me like that!” You warned, pointing your index finger at them both, “Those things can be killed with anything, other than the monster we’re used to. And it seems like every other monster has either been turned into one of those sons of bitches of has been eaten by them. So those rotting things out there are the only thing we gotta take care of for now.”

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“The Pain of Living” Daryl Dixon x Reader

Word Count: 2,177

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Request from Anon:  Can you do an imagine where the reader has a relapse with an addiction to opioids and she’s going through withdrawals and Daryl helps her through it?

Warnings: Drug abuse, swearing, slight angst, fluff

Originally posted by wtfsignmeup

You had done so well for so long.

Before the apocalypse, you were addicted to drugs. Specifically opioids. When you had first started taking the pills, it was to help with an injury you had endured from sports. You were on your college’s sport team, and you had messed up your back pretty bad during a practice one time.

The doctors fixed you, giving you hydrocodone to help with the pain while healing. You healed pretty quickly, but your dependency to the drug did not. You started hanging out with the wrong crowd to get more pills once your prescription ran out, and your life spiraled down quickly. You were kicked out of school and could barely pay any of your bills due to spending all of your money on the one thing you deemed made you happy.

You checked yourself into a rehab facilitation once you realized how much you were hurting your friends and family. The withdrawals were a bitch, but you got through them, and within a few months you were clean. The urges were still there, but you could control them.

When the outbreak hit, you were at your sister’s house in Atlanta. You were in the process of moving, as you wanted to get away from that part of your life as soon as possible. You were desperate to put that in the past.

Then your sister got bit, and she turned. You had nowhere to go, but a man named Glenn saved your ass from a walker before taking you into his camp. Everyone in the group was relatively nice, except Merle. His younger brother, Daryl, intrigued you from the start. He was unlike everybody else, that was no secret, but you felt like you saw a different side of him.

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Heavy in Your Arms

Maggie x Reader//Hershel//Glenn//Beth

Imagine: Dying in Maggie’s arms.

Warnings: uhhhhh dying


“I’m tired.” The words faintly mumbled out between the frequent deep breaths your aching lungs inhaled.

Maggie curled you in tighter to her chest, applying the much needed pressure to the thing wound on your stomach.

“I know, I know.” She shakily replied, ignoring her dried hair stained with blood that hung in her face. “But you can’t fall asleep yet.”

Your breathing grew as frantic as your heartbeat did, all up until you slowed to smooth deep breaths.

“You remember what you told me?” Maggie shook her hand on your chest in attempt to keep you awake.

“We’ve had a lot of conversations, Maggie.” You smirked with weakly closed eyes. “This most likely being the last.”

“No.” She immediately replied, her voice startling an extra skip in the beat of your heart.

“My Dad’s dead. Beth’s dead. My husband…” her voice grew to shake more and more as she struggled with the name. “Glenn is dead. And you swore-you promised me you weren’t leaving me too.”

Salt filled tears dripped from her eyes down to your hair as she held you upright under her chin. It was a bed push of much needed air that forced out a scoff like laugh out of your already dead body.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Taking your hand you somehow managed to find hers which still rested applying pressure to your wound. “I’m just going to sleep.”

Your words weren’t as reassuring as they sounded in your head. But as you opened your eyes for the final time, you saw something you thought you’d never see. Family.

Hershel stood behind Maggie, hand on her shoulder and his head hung low. Beth curled into her sisters side the best she could, crying and wishing she could be there to hug away Maggie’s fear. And Glenn, sitting right in front of the pair of you, his hand reached out onto Maggie’s lap while his other placed itself atop yours.

“It’s okay to let go, don’t be afraid.” Glenn gave you a smirk and nodded his head.

“I wouldn’t blame you for leaving, it’s been a long fight for you. For all of us.” Beth added in, still hugging her sister while talking to you.

“But it’s okay to fight too, because fighting is what you do best.” Hershel sighed out, adding onto the others comments. “It’s hard to fight on your own.” He spoke directly about Maggie this time. Making you realize something, she’d be alone.

Sure she would have Rick and the rest of the group, her little newborn baby in a few months. But she’d be alone in a way nobody could understand.

“I’m gonna fight.” You replied to everybody, but mainly to yourself. “I promise.”


Hey! Would you be able to write a Daryl x female reader where he sees Aiden flirting with her and gets incredibly jealous & when she nearly dies on a run with Aiden, Daryl is one angry man (sort of like the Glenn vs. Aiden, Daryl vs. nicholas scene in the show) Thanks!

A/N: Yay!! Another request!! I have a few more to write and they should be up tonight and tomorrow hopefully!! :)

Song: BRB/Kiss by LANY

“Daryl, do you see my knife?” You asked, looking at the man you called your best friend. He chuckled and pointed to your belt.
“Oh,” you said laughing at your memory. You were not always the most aware of yourself.
Daryl and you were close as two could be. He had been there for you since the Atlanta group when he found you about to be eaten by two walkers. He and you clicked like two puzzle pieces. You couldn’t help but love him in a more-than-a-friend way. He was oblivious to your feelings thankfully. Though Carol claims he feels the same way, you don’t want to fuck up your relationship by putting out possibly unreturned feelings.
His face turned serious after a moment. “Are ya sure ya wanna go? I can always-”
“Daryl, I’ll be fine. I can handle myself. You know that.” You offered him a small smile.
“I know, (Y/N), just be safe.” You nodded and walked towards the group waiting for you with Daryl following close behind.
You were going on a run, hopefully getting some needed medical equipment and antibiotics. Plus, you could never have enough canned food just in case.
Besides you, Glenn, Tara, and Aiden, much to Daryl’s dismay, were going. Ever since you arrived at Alexandria with the rest of your group, Aiden has tried every tactic to get into bed with you. It made you feel uneasy to even be in the same room as him but you weren’t going to make a scene and seem uptight.
“Hey, (Y/N)!” Tara said, waving. You smiled and returned the gesture. Glenn smiled too seeing you come closer.
As you arrived next to them, Daryl still at your heels, Aiden turned to you. His eyes roamed up and down your body, looking at you like a piece of meat. Daryl growled from behind you.
You awkwardly cleared your throat and asked, “Are we ready?”


You had finally reached your destination: a small express medical building. The car ride was to say in the least, very uncomfortable. Aiden made flirtatious and sexual remarks from the driver’s seat the whole half an hour you were in the car, making you squirm slightly in the passenger seat and Tara and Glenn role their eyes in the back.
As soon as the vehicle stopped moving you jumped from the care, ready to get out of the tension-filled air. You popped the trunk and got your gun and extra ammo along with a machete. The rest of them got their weapons and you started to devise a plan.
“Okay we’re going to split up,” Aiden announced. “It’ll be-”
“That’s not a smart move. One of us could get attacked and have no way of surviving,” Glenn interrupted, giving him a disapproving look. Tara nodded in agreement as did you.
“Too bad, too sad, I’m in charge. Glenn and Tara you go find the equipment and (Y/N) and I will find the antibiotics. Any objections? Great lets go. And take any food you find.”
You groaned internally. Glenn and Tara gave you sympathetic glances as Aiden and you walked behind them. After knocking on the glass and hearing no walkers, you go inside. It was eerily lacking of the undead for being a medical center.
Still, you stayed quiet as Aiden silently directed Glenn and Tara down a hallway then leading you down another.
You both searched rooms but to no avail. It wasn’t until you reached the room at the end of the hall that you found anything. You looked at each other and nodded as you took a ready stance. He pushed the door open.
You almost screamed. In what looked like the cafeteria, there were over thirty walkers, all looking at you two. You both turned on your heels and bolted, hearing the moans of walkers after you. Adrenaline pumped through your veins as Aiden and you flew down various hallways, shooting at the undead when given the chance.
As you were shooting, Aiden’s hand slipped and instead of piercing a walker’s skull, a searing pain exploded in your shoulder.
“Shit!” You exclaimed, your hand moving to put pressure on the wound that was gushing blood while you were still fueled on the endorphins flowing through your body.
“(Y/N)! I’m so sorry! Come on, we’re almost there!”
As you reached the exit, you saw Glenn and Tara beside the car, casually chatting.
You screamed at them to start the car and they jumped at your alarmed voice. They quickly sprung into action with Tara starting the car and Glenn sprinting towards the two of you still escaping the walkers.
“What happened?!” Glenn angrily yelled while still running.
“I accidentally shot her- It-it was an accident! I-I swear!” Aiden shouted, panting.
You ran and ran even though you could see black at the corners of your vision. Sleep was tugging at your eyelids despite your mind screaming at you.
Just as Glenn came in front of you, you collapsed into a spiral of darkness.


“Move! Move!” Daryl could hear Glenn yell as the gates closed. Daryl could only assume the worst.
He ran to Glenn’s voice and saw him carrying a bloody body. Daryl could here himself yell something but he was too focused on the fact that Glenn was carrying his (Y/N)’s bloody body.
He sprinted next to Glenn and yelled for Denise, tears starting to gather in his eyes at the sight of your unconscious state.
Glenn set her on the table once they arrived to Denise and she stopped them.
“Denise, move,” Daryl growled. He wasn’t mad at her, he was just terribly angry at the situation.
“Daryl, if you want to see her alive, you better stay out. I need to remove this and you being in the room will not help.” She then proceeded to close the door.
Daryl was so furious that you were hurt. Mad at you for not protecting yourself, mad at himself for letting you go. “What the hell happened?!” Daryl yelled at Glenn.
Glenn sighed, tugging at his hair. “Aiden had us split up and she was with him. I guess they opened a door with thirty or so walkers and they got out of there. Aiden’s hand wavered as they were shooting and he shot her in the shoulder. She kept going, kept shooting until she passed out.”
And with that, Daryl saw red.
He didn’t say a thing to Glenn as he threw the door open and made his way to where Tara and Aiden were standing, covered in your blood. As he approached, their eyes widened.
“Look, Daryl, I-” Aiden started to speak but didn’t finish due to the fact that Daryl tackled him to the ground and had his hands around his neck.
Then Rick was behind him, pulling him off the bastard that shot you. Aiden jumped up, hands around his neck and eyes showing fear.
“Daryl, this is not the time,” Rick said calmly.
“If she doesn’t make it, you’re gonna wish ya were bitten by one a’ those walkers!” Daryl roared. He was still slightly resisting Rick’s hold but then stopped once the tears came back.
“What if… What if she doesn’t make it, Rick? I never told her,” Daryl whispered.
“We’re going to try everything we can, you know that.”
Daryl nodded and headed back to where you were still undergoing surgery.

Your eyes fluttered a bit, and then closed because of the bright lights above you. You tried sitting up but then yelped at the sharp pain that shot up your arm at the movement. You decided that laying down was probably the least painful option you had.
That woke up the sleeping Daryl that you just noticed sitting at your bedside. “(Y/N)?”
“Daryl, how long have I been here?”
“Two days.”
You were surprised. You remembered running from the walkers to the car but then you hit a brick wall. Nothing.
“I can’t believe you got hurt,” Daryl said, a hard look in his blue eyes. “I almost killed that prick, Aiden.”
You chuckled a little and then stopped once you saw him getting closer.
“I almost lost ya… And I don’t think I can deal with that again without tellin’ ya how I feel.” Daryl took a deep breath and avoided your gaze. “So I guess what I’m tryin’ to say is…. Er… I really…. Ya know… Yeah…”
Though he spoke little, the blush on his face and the passion in his eyes gave it away. “Daryl, I like you too.”
He lit up like a child at Christmas and carefully hovered over you and brushed his lips to yours, barely there, but still full of the words he tried to say.
“Now come over here and lay with me, Dixon.”


‘Noah, that kid… he said he didn’t know if he can make it. That’s how I feel.’

‘You’re gonna make it. Both of us, we will. That’s the hard part.’

- “Them” (5.10)


“ You stand on guard. “ Daryl says staring me down as I go to turn the door knob. I cock my hip and look him straight in his eyes. “ We have done this before Dixon… get over yourself. I can do it alone or you can come with me. “ I say looking him up and down. He has always looked at me as if I was some child just because I was a year or so younger than him. I am tougher than I seem, I can do what I need to do when it needs to be done. “ Lets go then. “ He says with an astonished look on his face. I open the door quickly and draw my gun scanning the room. “ Clear.. “ I say to actually no one as I turn around to see Daryl gone. I walk into the next room. Couch, T.V, lounge chair… Living room. I look around and find a book that seems to be about some sort of intergalactic journey to some place with aliens. I stuff it in my bag thinking of how the kids would love to read such a fantasy story. I go into the kitchen to scavenge for food considering we are low on rations. I find the usual just cans of food and such. I walk up the stairs trying to be as quite as possible. I see a closed door with some smudged wording on it. I don’t mind it and turn the nob slowly and open the door. I scan the room and a dark blur kills my vision. The door flings me down and something is down at my feet scratching. I look down to see a walker. I try to shoot but all I hear is the click of an empty clip. Fuck fuck fuck…. I grab the nearest thing, a book, and attempt to bash its head. Key word being attempt… It just grabs my arms and pulls me closer towards it. I have tried to keep quiet until now.. I need someone to help. I am not as strong as I thought I was and I need him. I look up and see the ugly face trying to naw on me as I try to escape. I close my eyes, sorta accepting my fate while I still can. I hear a fling of an arrow and a bang of a body to the floor. I open my eyes to see Daryl covered in sweat, breathing hard. “ What the fuck was that? “ He ask looking at me with some sort of mix between fear and anger. “ I just… I opened the door and.. I .. Yesh. “ I say rubbing the back of my neck looking for an escape for the awkwardness. “ That was a close one.. “ I say chuckling trying to change the mood. “ Yeah it fuck’in was…. You should have just listened to me instead of being a simple minded piece of shit and trying to prove some point. “ He says staring at me dead in the eyes. He quickly realizes how he lashed out at me and what he said. His eyes change and I see a flicker of sympathy, shamelessness and anger. Tears bead up in my eyes to the point of no seeing. I push myself up and push past him. He turns around to watch me go down the stairs and without turning around I turn my head to the side. “ I will go guard outside.. “ I walk down the stairs and turn the door knob to go out. I sit in a chair next to the door and wait for Daryl to come out. I think of what he said.. 

                     “ You should have just listened to me instead of being a simple minded piece of shit and trying to prove some point. “

 I guess he didn’t understand what I have been through. I have always been down graded as the little girl who couldn’t do anything just because I kept to myself and tried my best at everything to the point where I fucked it all up. I have always been called names by people but I didn’t care about those people like I did about Daryl. I have always had a problem with self-esteem and believing in myself.. I had to go to those shitty therapist before shit hit the fan. 

                              .. Simple minded piece of shit…

That is all I can think about while I sit and wait. The words swarm around my brain consuming me. I feel the tears flow down my cheeks and hear the door creak open. I quickly wipe my cheeks and eyes and stand up to look at Daryl.   “ Ready to go? “ I ask looking at his eyes which are scanning my face. I guess he can tell I have been crying by the redness of my cheeks and the puffy eyes. “ Yeah.. “ He says walking to his motorcycle. He throws his leg over and offers me his hand to help me. I decline the offer and throw my leg over and try my best to keep my body away from him as I try to hold on to just his jacket. We reach the prison gates and I see Carl running up to open it.. He pauses for a minute when he sees that I have been crying. He quickly snaps back into action and opens the gate. We ride through and as soon as we reach the top of the hill I jump off in a hurry to get away from him. I look back to see him already glued to the wall with a cigarette in between his lips, hanging ever so loosely. I rush in and throw myself into my cell onto the bed. “ Fuck fuck fuckkk…” I say punching the wall beside me. I wince in pain but that subsided quick as I remembered the real pain here. The guy I have had eyes on since the day I got here just degraded me just like everyone else I have ever known has. I don’t know what to do. I sit up when I hear the curtain slide over. I see Carl looking at me then down to my hand that has fresh cuts and bruises from the wall. He looks at me again. “ You okay.. “ He says coming into the cell with me and sitting down on the bed beside me. “ Yeah.. Yeah.. “ I say as I muster a smile trying to keep strong for him. “ No.. You’re not.. That is okay though.. Yo- “ He gets cut off by Daryl waltzing in with no warning. “ I just - “ He stops in his tracks when he sees Carl. “ Aye .. You mind? “ He says looking at him. Carl looks at me and I nod my head to tell him that it’s alright to go. “ I love you “ Carl says as he walks out. “ About at the shack.. I mean.. I said what I meant way to harsh-  “ I jolt up and get in his face, so close that our noses are touching. “ Simple minded piece of shit… Yeah, I think that’s a little harsh. I mean.. you don’t know what I went through before the world went to shit and then you throw that in my face. Fuck you Daryl Dixon… Fuck you.. “ I say as I push him away from me. I turn to go back to the bed but I get tugged around and pulled into him at the waist. “ Listen… I was scared. I heard you scream and ran up. I told you to stand on guard because I knew that would be the safest place. I don’t want you to get hurt.. You mean so much to me..” He breaths out and puts his forehead to mine, closing his eyes. “ I love you. I know I suck at voicing it out but I do. “ He says kissing your forehead gently. “If you wanted to say that.. I mean damn.. I just.. Kiss me you idiot. “ I say laughing. He chuckles and pulls me closer to him and crashes his lips into mine. He kissed with passion, lust, and desire. I parted from him and looked him in the eyes, dark with lust. “ You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.. “ He says with a sigh throwing his head back. I pull away from him and grab his had pulling him to the bed. I push him down and straddle him. “ This too.. “ He says before I crash my lips into mine. He looks me up and down and laughs. Is this all we’re gonna d- “ His breath hitches before he can finish. I grab a hold of his sex and squeeze, more like massaging him, through his pants. He moans at my touch and flings his head back. I let go and smirk as he throw his head forward in curiosity of my I stopped. “ Now haven’t we found a tease.. “ He says in a husky voice I’ve never heard before. I roll my hips trying to get a rouse out of him. I feel his pants tighten and his sex harden beneath me. “ You know how you said fuck you Daryl Dixon.. Why don’t you do it.. “ He says almost pleading. I shake my head no as unbuckle his belt. before I could do anything else he flips over to where he is on-top of me. “ Listen.. You’ve been a very bad girl.. You need to be punished. “ He unbuttons my shorts and slides them down. He glides my panties down with his teeth, sending shivers everywhere. He lifts off of me and pushes me onto all fours. I hear him sliding his belt off but before I could think I hear the slap and sting of leather onto my ass. I moan in pain and pleasure, “ Daryl “ He hits me again harder and harder until he stops. I feel his palm rub my red cheeks and then he flips me over. He takes my shirt off and his as well, using them as a restraint tying my hands to the bed. He slips his hands down to my clit rubbing circles over and over again. I throw my head back and moan. He slides his pants off and along comes down his underwear. He parts my thighs and does all the work with his tongue. “ Daryl….” I whimper out. “ I want you.. I need you.. “ I say begging him. He stops with the mouth work and looks up at me. “ How bad do you want it. “ He says with a lust fueled tone. “ I want you so bad.. I want you inside me. “ I muster out. “ Whatever you want.. “ He says lifting himself up to align with me. He slowly enters my walls already tight around him. He lets me adjust to his size and he begins to slam into me. I throw my head back and basically scream his name. “ Daryl “ I say rolling my eyes back. “ Whats my name? “ He says in a shaky voice. “ Daryllll “ I shout out. My walls clench around him and I feel him twitch. He releases his load and pulls out. He flops onto the other side of the bed and sighs. “ I love when you say my name like that.. So much better than how I imagined it.” He says laughing.