Being the youngest in the group and being killed during the line-up would include:


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• All of them gasping and not wanting to realize that it’s actually you who is Negan pointing at when he ends his rhyme 

• Negan saying that it’s actually fucked up to kill the youngest but that it’s the deed they all have asked for with killing his men 

• Rick under tears trying to make a deal when he sees you’re chosen saying that Negan should spare you through you being the youngest, but Negan shouting him down threatening to kill not just you but also someone else 

• When the bat finally crushes down on you the only and final thought you have  is that you could at least save your friend’s lives with your death 

• In your very last moments the last thing you hear are the horrified screams and sobs of your friends while the harrowing pain that shot through your body stops and everything goes finally black

• Carl who had tried to not shed a single tear in Negans presence wouldn’t be able to hold them back anymore seeing one of his closest friends die through Negan

• Eugene not being able to open his eyes while he hears the bat crushing down on you again and again and crying and sobbing uncontrollably as he opens his eyes and sees your dead body 

• Daryl always being the one who had been really close to you and who had wanted to protect you by all costs and now not being able to hold himself back anymore at the sight of your bloody corpse but being too devastated to finally stand up and punch Negan 

• Rosita not wanting to believe her eyes and just staring bewildered at the blood soaked ground

• Glenn being always one of the people you had talked to when you had problems and now having to see how you die, he would only be able to whisper “No” over and over again while tears would stream down his face not wanting to realize that they have just lost you 

• Maggie being already at the end of her strength when the line up begins and collapsing completely when she has to see how you, the one that had always been despite your age so strong, get murdered 

• Rick finally, after having to realize that you would never come back just because of Negan, threatening to kill him

• Michonne being under tears and breathing heavily while seeing all the moments you made her as a good friend laugh again flash before her eyes while she knows that with your gruesome death nothings ever gonna be the same again

• Abraham cursing and almost shouting but being stopped by Sasha when he sees how one savior takes a photo of your corpse 

• All of them carrying you bewildered, trembling and crying home to Alexandria and burying you there 

• Them mourning you and putting everyday even after weeks and longer after your death flowers on your grave knowing that they have to rise up again and revenge you 

•  Them, doesn’t matter what happens, never forgetting you and the wonderful and great friend you were to them, knowing that you had deserved infinitely better and an a lot longer life than the one you got which ended so unbelievable cruel 

Glenn a actual important poc character  in the series get killed and ,fanboys and fangirls “I ship maggie with Jesus  or I ship maggie with Negan”.Jessie a minor character in the show get killed fanyboys and fangirls “I just don’t think realistically rick should have move on so quickly from Jessie “.So when the person of color get kill people don’t care you even ship Maggie with the man who killed her husband and a character that is gay,but when a blonde white woman get killed someone who was only in like four episodes that bother you. Okay 

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Hi, I asked a wonderful gif maker to put together a set of forehead kisses of my favorite couples (Caryl Gleggie and Richonne) do you have a favorite Gleggie forehead kiss I should send her way?

Whenever people ask me specific questions like this my mind goes completely blank

I’m sure there was one in season 2????

If anyone else has idea please add them 

This problem is so pervasive, but no one wants to talk about it. Everyone’s so woke, but no one will ever step up and admit to what the fuck we’re seeing here. Wes Gibbins, Glenn Rhee, and Poussey Washington all had so much to look forward to, but now they’re all dead. They all died in an incredibly brutal way, and the writers thought it was a great idea to show their dead bodies after the fact. But people want to derail the conversation and talk about how this isn’t an issue of racism when it fucking is. It absolutely is a fucking issue when there’s a writers room full of White people who think this is just so fucking groundbreaking. 

Watching POC die brutally and watching them be dehumanized when their dead bodies are shown for exploitation to an already desensitized audience is noteworthy. It’s good TV, right?

LGBT+ characters aren’t the only ones who get killed when they’re happy and have some semblance of a bright future. It happens to us too. It happens to Characters of Color too. And the minute you all realize that, the better off we’ll be. Accept this bullshit for what it is. It’s a fucking problem.

These writers didn’t choose these characters because it makes the most sense; they chose these characters because they knew it would make the most impact. They pick the marginalized characters who struggled with everything going on around them while still being a beacon of hope & light, and these writers snuffed that light out. I’m sick of this shit.

I’m a Black lesbian, and I’m sick of seeing other WLW die. But I’m also sick of seeing other POC like me die too. Yes, that’s also incredibly important to me too.