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kishiix‘s request: BMP set!!

Sorry it took me so long!! I actually redid this three times because I wasn’t happy with the outcome. In the end, I decided to give it the geo facet background but with LOTS of flowers for the dreamy princes.

CGs are all from sai2310~

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Could you do a one-shot where all the princes have a crazy obsession over the mc and are fighting for her, pretty pwease xx

A/N- Thank you @sakura-tsubaki for the help ^_^  I hope you guys like it!  Princes’ are probably not crazy obsessed, sorry O.O!  They are trying to play cool!


“Vacation?” Roberto asked happily and I nodded my head as I took a sip of tea, “what are you going to do?”  The six princes had come to Nobel Michel for a meeting which had just ended.  They had invited me to drink tea with them and somehow we managed to get onto the subject of my vacation in a couple of weeks.

“I haven’t decided yet what I will do yet,” I replied as I shrugged my shoulders.  At first I was just thinking about going home to Oriens to see my family; however, my parents decided to go on their own vacation for their anniversary.  If went home, I would just be lying around the house all alone for the whole vacation.  I would be bored out of my mind– that does not sound like a fun vacation.

Keith smiled at me as he began to suggest, “you should come to Liberty of course.  You can–”

“No, MC should visit Altaria,” Roberto cut Keith off happily, “we can have so much fun together.  We can go out and–”

Wilfred put his cup of tea down with a sigh, “Alberto wouldn’t be happy about you skipping your duties to hang out with MC.  I don’t think MC would want to spend her whole vacation playing hide and seek from him.”  Roberto groaned as he sunk into his seat.  I laughed as I thought about how he looked like a little kid that was just told he could not have an desert.

“You should come to Charles,” Edward suggested with a sweet smile, “we’re having a party at the castle for a new rose that was discovered recently.  You could stay at the castle for the vacation if you want, it could be fun.  Your beauty would brighten up the castle princess.”  I felt my cheeks redden as I opened my mouth to reply but the other princes who were ignoring our conversation finally gained interest due to the subject change.  I sighed as I sunk into my seat.

“Why not go home to Oriens?” Glenn asked, “you can see your family.  I bet you are feeling homesick”

“They’re going on their own vacation alone,” I replied.

“If you’re afraid of being alone you can stay at the castle,” Glenn said with a smile.

Roberto leaned over toward me and whispered, “he just wants some alone time with you.”  I gasped as I felt my cheeks begin to burn at the thought of being alone with Glenn.

Glenn’s cheeks turned a bright red before he muttered, “no.”

“How about DresVan?” Joshua asked, “you can visit our libraries and museums.  You can even stay at the castle and make some of those… what do you call them?  Rice balls?”

“You’re suggesting she works on her vacation?” Roberto muttered, “at least if she comes to Altaria she could have fun.”

“You can relax in Liberty.  We have a great shopping district–” Keith began.

Roberto cut him off, “who cares about the district if they aren’t with someone fun?”

“I AM FUN!” Keith yelled.

“I am going on vacation to my family’s ski resort, you can join us.  You can have fun and relax,” Wilfred suggested with a smile. I thought about how the royal family ski resort would look and I felt my expression pale.

“She can’t relax with Claude there,” Roberto said.  Wilfred sighed as he turned away from Roberto and looked out the window.  Roberto was stuck on the idea of me spending my vacation with him.

“Let’s let the princess decide on her own,” Edward suggested with a laugh, “I would really love for you to see the new rose though.”

Keith muttered under his breath, “there is nothing special about the damn rose.”  Edward gasped at the statement and looked as if he was smacked across the face.  Poor rose.  Everyone turned toward Keith was a shocked expression and Keith looked at everyone confused.  “You know you guys thought about it too,” he stated in a matter-of-fact tone and everyone looked away nervously.  Edward looked at everyone with puppy dog eyes like he just heard the world was ending.

“I think they’re special,” I said.

Edward smiled as he turned toward me, “thank you, my rose princess.  That is why the roses call out your name, they know you understand them also.”  I couldn’t help but smile at Edward.  “So would you like to come and visit?” Edward asked.

“No, come to Altaria,” Roberto squealed.

“Liberty,” Keith said.

“DresVan is the best choice,” Joshua muttered.

Wilfred smiled, “skiing can be fun.”

“You know you’re feeling homesick,” Glenn stated.  I heard someone clear their throat and the seven of us turned to see Mike standing there with Zain by his side.

“I’m sorry to inform you men,” Mike said laughing, “but I don’t plan on letting her go.  Why not stay here and go to the island spa.  It’s a fantastic place with a magnificent view.”  My eyes widened as I thought about it.

“That is actually perfect,” I said with a smile.  I turned toward the guys that were staring at me with disappointed expressions.

Roberto’s expression went from disappointed to happy in a few seconds before saying, “ooh, can I join you there?”

“I would love to join you too,” Edward said smiling.

“An island spa sounds better than skiing,” Wilfred muttered.

“Spa is perfect, I need a vacation,” Keith said as he ran his fingers through his hair.

“Yeah, spa sounds nice,” Joshua stated.

“If everyone else is going to go, I’ll go too,” Glenn added.

Mike laughed at the prince’s reactions, “Zain?”

“I’ll schedule it,” Zain responded before bowing his head.

Roberto groaned, “so, no alone time?”  I laughed as Roberto continued to look depressed.

“Zain, you should join them too?” Mike suggested.

Zain looked at Mike with a shocked expression before muttering, “that’s okay your highness.”  Mike laughed at his response.

The Art of Being Vulnerable - Glenn J. Casiraghi

He was the teacher’s pet - in one sense of the word.


Fic Trade for Riko, @tokyolovelights

Rating: NC-17 for “Drawing him like one of your Charles’ girls”

Note: I aged Glenn and Alan for the purposes of the story. Alan is 10 so Glenn is 23. The “Reader” is still older than him though. 

Full Fic Below the Cut

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Hello yes this is Katari and I like designing dresses based on fictional charactes wop wop

I wanted to design a sort of ‘Official Royal Attire’ to the MC depending on the Prince she hooks up with and this happened. Whelp. Have a guess which one took the most to design AND draw jkhsdgkfjfg

I have strong headcanons on which countries the kingdoms are based on, and tried to see if I could follow the country’s fashion somewhat while letting the Prince’s personalities decide most of the outcome. Philip (Big Britain) gets the quite standard dress with a fancy tone, Liberty (USA) gets the brave and gorgeous mermaid dress, Altaria (Italy) gets a swishy, silky skirt with a fancy coat, Oriens (Japan) gets the highly impractical jūnihitoe AKA twelve-layer kimono, Dres Van (Germany) gets the practical, simple but elegant trenchcoat-dress and Charles (France) gets the, you guessed it, aristocratic pile of lace and fancy fabric. I apologize if I’m offending any cultures with my lack of research dsjkhfasdfhjk

T'was fun, but I’m not happy with Altaria’s dress >^> Both Roberto and Joshua made my brain fart at the designing phase. 

Art is mine, but the Princes and their respectful Kingdoms belong to Voltage. 

HEADCANON: Royal engagement rings that would be given by each BMP prince (as chosen by my niece)

We went with rings that would incorporate the princes’ sensibilities, the sense of their kingdoms, and also that would be suitable to be worn (ie. shown off) in public appearances. (we nearly started flipping tables for some of these; engagement-ring shopping for princes is HARD)

Keith- Liberty:

Edward - Charles:

Glenn - Oriens:

Wilfred- Philip:

Joshua - Dres Van:

Roberto - Altaria:

Voltage Princes and What Country I Think They Represent <3

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how if the princes in BMP were real even though theyre not *sob*, what country they would be the prince of. I’m king of basing this off of their name and what they’re country sounds like most. 

Disclaimer; Yes I do understand that voltage purposefully gave them characteristics from all kinds of countries so theyre not tied to one specific country, this is just kind of for entertainment and my interpretation :) If you think something different from what I have, feel free to reply, I’d like to hear your guys’ opinions too!

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Despite the length of the day, Claude didn’t feel tired.  He didn’t feel his own body’s exhaustion.  He had risen hours earlier than was even his norm so he could complete his work in Philip and begin his vacation in the Oriens with Glenn.  He finished the paperwork necessary to see Prince Wilfred through the long weekend and had made it back to his room with time to shower and change out of his stuffy uniform.  He didn’t know what Glenn had planned for them, but he knew the man wanted him to wear casual clothing.  He had been ordered to leave the suits and ties at home.

Smirking at the memory of his lover’s voice, Claude added a dab of the new cologne he had gotten to his pulse points.  This formula had added pheromones to drive your lover wild and that was just how he best enjoyed Glenn.


He had napped on the plane and felt somewhat refreshed when he pulled up at the palace gates.  Being admitted he went to the normal parking area and left his rental car there.  He took his bag and headed off to find Glenn, having missed the man terribly.


“While doing a photoshoot in the clearing near the amusement park, I ran into Cozumi!  Well, actually, she ran into me…Apparently Prince Alan left one of his shoes somewhere while playing and she was looking for it.  Eventually we met up with him and Glenn and I just thought this would be a really good time to take a picture of the three of them.”

Julia pouts.

If only that tree wasn’t in the way… 

“By the time someone had found the shoe, it was already nightfall.  I’m just glad I got this in time for sunset, otherwise it’d be pitch black!”



I’m so sorry this took awhile to get to cozumi-otome!  However, I did say I’d do it and I followed through, so I hope you don’t mind that it’s late!  I tried my best to work on the hair for your OC, but that is really difficult O_O  Regardless of my inadequacy, I think you’ll like it…

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Hi~ These days, I'm really into Figure Skating because of the Olympics, I watch lots of videos, spend my time on wikipedia ect... Do you think the prince in BMP would go passionate for a sport during this event ( if there were ? ). Which one ?


Anyway, of course the princes would be passionate about a sport! Let’s go through them! BTW, I’m using the list of current sports used in the Winter Olympic Sports program. :)


Wilfred: Snowboarding - This one was a little hard to choose, since there was some overlap with what I had in mind for the other princes, but, ultimately, I chose snowboarding. I think Wilfred would enjoy skiing as well, but snowboarding has that slight edge of wildness to it that I think Wilfred secretly enjoys. He’d cheer on his team in his own way.

Keith: Ice Hockey - There was no question I was giving ice hockey to anyone but Keith. It’s a rough, tough, but enjoyable game that turns people in crazy, wild hooligans. xD (My family members play hockey, I’m allowed to say this and I say it with love.) Keith would be in the front row, screaming at everyone with a beer in hand and a hockey jersey covering his body.

Roberto: Alpine Skiing - In his Christmas route, Roberto did skiing so, I’m assuming any sport he does or supports has to do with skiing. He’d be out on the slopes, supporting his team and even trying to do a run himself, but Alberto absolutely forbidding it in every possible way. xD

Glenn: Speed skating - I think Glenn and Oriens would see speed skating as another way to improve yet another essential function of their lives - speed and agility. Glenn might train himself in this particular sport, but he wouldn’t actually participate. So, yeah, I don’t see Glenn using any of the other sports as his official sport, so I picked speed skating.

Joshua: Nordic combined - Nordic combined, as I understand it, is cross-country skiing followed by ski jumping. Joshua would be all about the multitasking of the sport along with the perfect precision and form required for it. It’s perfect for a perfectionist like him. Also, he’d go for most hardcore thing (after hockey because Keith already took that) so I think Nordic combined fit. xD

Edward: Figure skating - Come on, guys, did you really think I’d pick luge or bobsledding? No, our dear flower prince is going to do figure skating and he will like it! He will be an elegant flower gliding across the ice in his sparkly top and tight pants! Kidding. He won’t actually participate, but he’d enjoy the soothing, precise nature of figure skating and he’d like seeing all of the moves. :)


I hope you liked my answers! Thanks for asking! :D enjinks