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The Walking Dead fanfic part seven

Note: hi guys, sorry this took soooooooo long to get out, I can’t apologise enough. I haven’t been at home and I’ve also written this in my phone. Anyway I hope you enjoy this and Sorry its short as well, I re wrote this like 5 times cause I didn’t know what felt right. Enjoy!!

Warning: smut!!

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“Rise and shine!”

The bright future light pierced your eyes as you lazily blinked them open.
Maggie was standing by your bed with a tray of eggs and orange juice.

“You need to eat, get your energy up” she said, handing you the tray

You felt sick at the thought of eating but you knew you needed to. You handed the tray back to Maggie and she smiled, leaving the room after.
You felt weak and tired, but you needed to go and find Daryl. You had to tell him that you saw Merle last night. You knew he wasn’t really there but it could be a sign that he was still alive. You peeled yourself from the bed and shuffled to the door. Once in the hallway, you were so concentrated on not falling over that you didn’t notice Lori walking towards you.

“Hi (y/n)” she said, startling you.

“Hey” you replied, looking up at her

“I just want to thank you for what you did last night. You helped out a lot” she said, no sign of actual thanks in her voice.

“It was no problem” you said, forcing a smile.

“But don’t think that changes anything” she said suddenly.

You looked at her confused.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean what you know about me and Shane. I just find it strange how you’re suddenly helping out our son. I see the way you look at him (y/n)” she spat.

You felt a fire growing inside of you. How dare she talk to you like this?

“And I see the way you look at Shane. How can you still do that when you now know your husband is alive?”

“You better watch yourself ” she hissed.

“Or what? You gonna run to Rick? Oh sorry, I meant to say Shane”

Her eyes grew wide and you wondered if you went to far that time.

“I needed a distraction! I thought my husband was dead” she shouted.

“So dead people walking the earth isn’t a big enough distraction for you?”

“What Shane and I do is none of your business!”

“What the hell is going on here?” A voice came from behind you and you swung around to see Rick, a confused look on his face.

You froze in your spot, not knowing what to say. You didn’t want to be the one to tell him, that should come from either Lori or Shane, not a stranger.

“Well?” He asked, looking from you to Lori.

“Rick, its not what it sounds like-” Lori started

Rick put his hand up and silenced her. The man looked hurt, betrayed.

“You and Shane?” He asked.

“I thought you were dead Rick, I-I’m sorry!” She pleaded.

“I don’t want to hear it. And you knew?” He said, turning to you.

“Rick it wasn’t my place to tell you" you whispered.

He shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. He walked off, not saying a word. Lori was crying now, you went to comfort her but she shouted at you to leave her alone and she stalked off into Carl’s room.
You sighed and continued outside to try and find Daryl.
He scoffed when you told him about Merle. He brushed it off saying Merle was probably far from here and what you saw was ‘some dumb hallucination shit’. He walked over to Andrea and Glenn who were going out to look for Sofia, and they all left for the woods.
You felt tired again. There was no one to talk to; Dale and T-dog were keeping watch and Carol was isolating herself inside the RV, and you didn’t know Hershel'a daughters enough to speak to them. So you decided to head to your tent and try and catch up on resting.
It was dark out when you finally woke up. You felt groggy and wondered what time it was. Probably late evening, you thought. You exited the tent and saw T-dog on watch.

“Good morning” he joked, cracking a smile towards you.

“Shut up” you laughed. “What time is it?” “Late. Everyone should be asleep. Shane and Otis are out though, getting the supples for Carl, so you don’t need to give blood no more” You nodded in response. “There’s food for you in the kitchen, Rick saved it for you” You nodded and thanked him and headed to the house. It was dark inside, but the kitchen light was on.

You walked in and saw a drunk Rick at the table, his head in his hands. He looked up when he heard you approach, his eyes were sad, but they lit up when he saw you. “Hey (y/n)” he said, leaning back in his chair “Hey” you replied, grabbing the plate of food from the counter. You sat opposite him and stared at the plate, you weren’t feeling hungry, in fact you felt sick. “You not hungry?” He asked “Not really” you replied, pushing the food around the plate. A silence fell over the both of you, it wasn’t awkward, but it wasn’t completely comfortable either. You looked up to see rick staring you. “You feeling okay?” you asked him He sighed and grabbed another beer from the fridge. “My wife cheated on me with my best friend, how the hell do you think I feel?” He asked You looked down at the table when rick spoke again. “You’re beautiful” his voice was low and gravelly. “What?” You looked up in confusion. “You heard me” “Rick you’re drunk” you laughed.
He laughed as well but his face showed he was serious. “I’m gonna head back outside” you said, not wanting to find out where this was going( as much as you wanted to).

You headed to the sink to put your plate down and turned to head out the door when rick grabbed your wrist, stopping you on your tracks. “Rick-” you were cut off as he pulled you onto his lap, you were straddling him. His mouth immediately started attacking your neck and you moaned at his touch. You ran your fingers through his hair and pulled at it when he sucked on your pulse, making you feel dizzy but turned on at the same time. “You can’t deny that we have some chemistry” he said in between kisses. “ I see the way you look at me (y/n)”. Well shit, how obvious are you? “Not here” you whispered. He didn’t listen as he dug his fingers into your legs and bucked his hips slowly so that you could feel his bugle against you. “Lets go to my tent” you said. He nodded and you swung your legs of off him.

You walked back to the tent, being careful not to get caught and trying to keep rick from falling over. Once inside the tent you zipped it up and turned to find Ricks lips pressed onto yours. His kisses were passionate and both your tongues were fighting for dominance, he won. You took off your top and jeans, and then took off Ricks clothes, leaving you both practically naked. “So beautiful” he murmured, staring up at your body.
You straddled him once again and started kissing his lips, then made your way down to his jawline, neck and chest. His hands were roaming your body, stopping to squeeze your ass every time your hand brushed over his bulge. He unhooked your bra and you took off your underwear and his boxers, his throbbing cock springing free. You were surprised at how big he was, you grabbed his member and licked the under side of it, earning you a growl from Rick. “Come here” he huffed, pulling you up. You grabbed his cock and placed it at your entrance. He didn’t wait before thrusting upwards into you. You placed your hands on his chest to balance yourself.
He thrusted into you mercilessly, not letting you adjust to his size. “Fuck” you said, you squeezed your eyes shut and then opened them once the pain had turned into pleasure. Rick grunted with every thrust and you placed kisses on his body. Once you had gotten used to his rhythm you started to work with it. You bounced down every time he thrusted up, causing both of you to groan at the pleasure. He suddenly grabbed your waist and flipped you on your back, still pounding into you. He dropped his head to the crook of your neck and was breathing heavily.
He started biting your collarbone and neck, making you groan. “I’m close” you moaned “Me too” he grunted. He carries on pounding into you when you hit your high. You grabbed onto rick and arched your back into him, he thrusted into you and carried you through your high. “Let me make you feel good” he groaned as you held onto him, your body shook beneath him. Rick came after you, pounding a couple more times before pulling out and finishing on your stomach.

He collapsed next to you and you were both panting. You sat up and grabbed a tissue to wipe off his seed from your stomach. After that you laid back down and rick wrapped his arm around you. “That’s the best sex I’ve had in ages” he said. You laughed and closed your eyes, both of you falling asleep to the sound of breathing.

Note: sorry for any typos guys, I’ll have part eight up in a couple days! Send in requests and idea for what happens next! I don’t know if I want to follow the tv storyline completely but I don’t wanna go way off course. Anyway I hope you enjoyed!!

Ah man TWD heaven must be so good/happy right now, Abrahams up there cracking jokes, he sees his family again and breaks down only for his wife and kids to smile at him, showing him they aren’t scared of him anymore and understand what he had to do ;Glenn’s meeting up with Dale and telling him everything that’s happened with Maggie and the group so far, fixing up that heaven RV,Glenn and Hershel have a heart to heart and Hershel thanks Glenn for keeping his baby girl safe and happy when he couldn’t and Glenn’s meeting up with Andrea catching up on old times, Glenn tells Beth and Lori about Maggie’s pregnancy and their soon to be child he finally sees Noah again and is so happy because the last time he saw him he was getting ripped to shreds and he’s ok again, He sees T-Dog again and they reminisce He’ll wait for Maggie and the first thing he’ll do when she dies is find her because he promised that in a another life he would find her, and after he finds her they will love and cherish each other forever, free of walkers and monstrous human beings , they’ll be safe, Glenn is safe now Glenn is home with family that loves him and will be waiting for the rest of team family to join him

The Walking Dead fanfic part six

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Warning: blood transfusion, so injection.

“Alright let’s head out”

Daryl had asked you, Glenn and Andrea to go into the woods in search of Sofia and the others. T-dog had insisted on coming but you told him his wound would just slow everyone down, he needed to let it heal. You slung the rucksack you found over your shoulders and walked on after Glenn.

You were walking for about ten minutes when Daryl put his hand up, stopping us all in our tracks.

“What is it?” Andrea asked

Daryl didn’t reply, instead he pointed to a walker who was walking towards us. It was closest to you so you grabbed your knife and sunk it in to the walker’s eye socket, a line of slime and blood coming out as you released the knife from its head.

“I think I’m gonna be sick” Glenn mumbled to himself. You laughed as you continued along the trail.

Half an hour in and Andrea was getting a little agitated.

“We’ve been out here long enough! We haven’t found one thing that might indicate where she’s gone” she said.

You were about to reply when the sound of hooves brought your attention elsewhere. Everyone furrowed their eyebrows and looked in the direction of the sound.

“What the hell?” Daryl murmured as a lady with short brown hair arrived in front of us on a horse.

“I must be dreaming” Glenn said, gazing up at the girl with lustful eyes.

“You Ricks group?” she asked, her voice low and serious.

“Yeah” Andrea spoke up.

“I’m looking for a Lori Grimes”

“She’s back up on the highway with the rest of the group. Just carry on going forward and you should reach them.”

The girl nodded and kicked at the horse’s side and she was off. You all looked at one another before deciding to turn and head back to the highway.
Everything was packed up once you reached the RV. Dale was sitting in the remaining fold up chair and stood when he saw us.

“There’s a farm not too far from here where she took Lori. Supposedly Rick and the others are there too. She said when you guys get back that we should head down” Dale said.

You all nodded, Andrea entered the caravan with Dale while you and Glenn headed to the truck with T-dog waiting in the passenger seat.

“I aint driving with this arm” He said as you approached the truck.

You looked at Glenn who wasn’t too keen on driving either. You rolled your eyes at the two of them before hoping into the driver’s seat and revving the engine. Daryl drove off on his bike in the direction of the farm and you followed after.


You had finally passed the treeline when a huge white house came into view. Next to it stood two barns. You parked up the truck a few metres away from the house and a young girl with blonde hair approached us.

“You must be with Rick” she smiled at everyone.

“Where is he?” Daryl asked, quite threateningly.

“Inside, I’ll go get him for you” the girl said. She turned on her heel and walked back in to the house.

We all looked among each other hesitantly, not knowing whether this was a joke or not. But like the girl said, she came back out the house with a tired looking Rick by her side. His face lit up at the sight of you all here and he walked towards you.

“What’s going on Rick?” Glenn was the first to talk.

“There was an accident in the woods. Carl got shot- I should have kept a better eye on him” he rubbed at his sunken eyes.

“Did- did you see Sofia out there?” Carol asked sheepishly.

Rick looked at her confused, but when she offered him no explanation he looked to the rest of you.

“You should have seen it. A herd of walkers that looked like an army, they came through the highway while you were gone and-” you stopped to look at Carol who was holding her mouth to stop the tears from spilling out her eyes.

“Sofie got scared and ran off, we couldn’t find her” you finished.

Carol excused herself quietly and went inside the comfort of the caravan.

“Shit” Rick whispered. He felt the weight of the world on his shoulders and he wanted to get rid of it.

“We can go search for her tomorrow” Daryl piped up. “She can’t be too far”.

Rick nodded his head. “You should get that looked at, Hershel’s a doctor” Rick said, looking at T-dogs arm. “A walker?”

“Na man, just cut myself on glass” he replied, holding his arm closer to his chest. Rick nodded and led you all inside.

The door shut behind you and the cool air conditioning kissed your skin. The smell of chicken smothered your airways and you felt your mouth begin to water. You can’t remember the last time you had proper food.

“Let me take a look at that” Hershel said, smiling at T-dog. He took him into a separate room and left us all in the hallway.

“So a lot went down on both sides am I right?” Glenn said, breaking the silence.

“Right” Rick said slowly before letting out a tired laugh.

“This place got a bathroom?” Daryl asked.

Rick nodded and called out for a lady called Maggie. The same girl that was on the horse entered the hallway. She smiled at us all and you looked to Glenn whose cheeks were tinted red. You smiled and nudged his shoulder and he looked at you shyly.

“Any spare bathroom we can use?” Rick asked her.

“Of course, there’s plenty of hot water to go around so take your time in there” she said as she led us all upstairs. “My names Maggie by the way” she finished.

We all introduced ourselves before getting handed a towel each. She then left us alone in a big room which had a king size bed and two bathrooms. Andrea quickly went into the first bathroom, locking the door behind her.

“So who gets that one?” Glenn asked, pointing to the remaining bathroom.

“I don’t mind going last” Carol said quietly.

“Me too” Dale said.

You Daryl and Glenn looked at one another. You decided not to take any chances before bolting to the bathroom. Glenn was quick on your heel but you made it in there first, sticking your tongue out to the two boys before locking the door shut behind you.

You peeled the dirty clothes off of your body and threw them in the wash basket next to the sink. You turned the water on and waited until the shower was just how you liked.

You let the water pound against your skin and wash off all the dirt, sweat and grime from your body. You ran your hands through your hair, brushing out all the knots and watched all the dirt disappear down the drain. After a long-needed shower, you turned the water off and wrapped the towel around your body. You looked in the foggy mirror and wiped it clean. You noticed how much weight you had lost, quite a considerable amount since your cheek bones were sticking out and your cheeks had slimmed down. You saw dark circles clinging to your eyes and a few tiny cuts along your face. They must have been hidden under all the dirt you picked up over the weeks. You traced over them before receiving a knock on the door.

“ Hey (y/n)? I have some clothes out here that might fit you” Maggie said.

“Coming” you replied as you looked at yourself once more before opening the bathroom door. You smiled at her while she handed you some folded up clothes.

“They might be a little big for you, just let me know how they fit” she smiled.

You shut the door again and used the towel to wrap your hair up. You shrugged on the jeans she had offered you and smiled as it fit perfectly. You then put on the white t-shirt and black cardigan. You towel dried your hair quickly before putting that in the wash basket as well. You put your boots back on and left the bathroom for Dale. He offered you a quick smile before shutting the door behind him.

Downstairs you heard familiar voices talking among one another and you entered the dining room. Rick, Shane, Daryl, Lori, Glenn and Andrea sat by the table with plates of food in front of them and a beer in their hands.

“(Y/n)” Glenn shouted your name. “Took your time didn’t you, had me and Daryl waiting for ages” he laughed.

You offered them an apologetic smile before sitting opposite Rick.

“You hungry?” He asked

“A little” you replied. You felt your cheeks start to burn and now that you were clean it would be more visible.

He got up and served you a plate of chicken with potatoes.

“I don’t know if my stomach can handle this after eating canned beans for days on end” you joked.

You got a laugh out of everyone except Lori who stared down at her plate. You enjoyed every mouthful of your food and wished that your plate would stay full forever. By the time everyone had finished eating you were the only sober one at the table. Hershel and Patricia (as she introduced herself) were kind enough to keep the drinks flowing all night. Glenn couldn’t keep his eyes open, Daryl was talking for what seemed like the first time in his life and you noticed Rick would often glance over at you before looking away and talking to Lori. You saw Shane kept eyeing Andrea up and she was doing the same with him. You enjoyed being the sober one out of the group. It was actually the funniest thing you’ve ever experienced. No one thought that what they were doing was normal but it made you laugh. For example, when Glenn excused himself to lie down he walked in to the wall and everyone laughed, but he carried on like nothing happened. Shane and Andrea were the next two to go. You heard the front door shut and you knew what they were doing. Maggie had told you that her father felt more comfortable with us sleeping outside in tents as we were strangers, which is understandable. The table went quiet when Carol came down and walked out the front door. everyone felt bad for her loosing Sofia and it would be disrespectful to be celebrating when she was going through a tough time. Rick and Daryl were in the middle of a heated debate of who would win an arm wrestle when Hershel walked into the dining room, eyes wide.

“What is it?” Lori questioned. Rick and Daryl fell silent and looked to Hershel.

“Carl is losing blood. We need to do a transfusion now!” he said quickly.

Rick and Lori were out the door in no time and you and Daryl just stared at each other. You sat back and sighed, missing the feeling of rick eyeing you up once in a while.

“I wonder where Merle is right now” Daryl spoke up.

If you were drunk right now you would have been sure to say ‘in hell where he belongs’, but you knew that would piss Daryl off so you answered with more maturity than your drunk self.

“Probably out killing walkers and terrorizing a couple folks”

Daryl laughed at your answer and took another swig of his drink. You laughed as well but the room quickly grew silent, both of you remembering times when Merle would terrorize you.

“Any of you got O-positive blood type?” Lori’s head popped into the kitchen

“Yeah we both do, why?” you answered

“Please help us, Carl has O-positive and Rick and I have A-positive”

Both you and Daryl jumped from your seats and followed Lori to one of the rooms down the corridor.
A machine besides Carl’s bed was beeping, at a fairly fast pace. Medical equipment was placed on a table in the corner of the room and rick was sitting on a chair next to Carls bed, holding his hand. He glanced up at you, worry and hope in his eyes.

“I’ll do it” Daryl walked over to Hershel and placed his arm in front of him.

This was one of the moments when you laugh at drunk people.

“You can’t give your blood Daryl” you said, trying to hold back a laugh.

“Why the hell not” he said, turning his head and glaring at you.

“Your blood is intoxicated Daryl, (y/n) is right, you can’t give blood while you’ve been drinking” Hershel backed you up.

Daryl stepped back and nodded, letting you go to Hershel.

“How much does he need?” you ask

“Three pints”

“Alright, what’re you waiting for?”

“Well, not be rude but you can’t lose too much blood yourself because of your small body size, if I take too much you could pass out”

“Passing out won’t harm anyone. I’ll be fine Hershel; this boy needs it more than me!”

Hershel nods and for the first-time Lori holds your arm and whispers ‘thank you’ before exiting the room.

“Good luck” Daryl said before turning and heading outside.

“Is it alright if I stay?” Rick asks you and Hershel.

You look to Hershel who nods and Rick sits in a chair at the end of the bed. Hershel wraps a rubber tube around your arm before wiping at your skin, trying to find a vein to poke in to.

“There we are” he says in delight as he shoves the needle in to your skin. You feel nothing more than a quick prick before looking down and seeing the blood flow out of your arm. You look over to Carl who looks rough. His under eyes are dark and his chest is wrapped in cloth to stop the bleeding. The little boy lay asleep and peaceful. You look over to Rick who is staring at you, but his eyes flicker to the ground when you catch him looking. You take a seat in the chair next to carls bed and wait

“How do you feel?” Hershel asks

“Fine” you reply

“You may be feeling dizzy quite soon, I’m onto your second pint of blood”

He was right, a minute after he said that you felt it harder to focus your eyes. Your body relaxed into your chair and you felt your eyelids grow heavy. It felt like someone was forcefully closing them shut, as you fought to keep them open.


Your name rung in your head over and over. You opened your eyes to see Rick and Hershel standing over you.


You tried to respond but all that came out was a gravely moan.

“She can’t take anymore” you saw Ricks mouth moving as he stared down at you.

“I just need one more- then your son will have enough”

“She looks like she’s dying!” Ricks voice got a little louder.

The two men kept talking but all you were hearing was white noise mixed with sentences that didn’t make sense. You saw Merle open the door and walk beside your chair. Rick nor Hershel seemed to notice him in the room. You tried to move away from him and shout out to Rick but you couldn’t move.

“Sleep tight sis” he had an evil smile on his face before you blacked out.

Note: Next part will have Rick smut!! yayyy we’re finally there!!

Five reasons why Glenn shouldn't be the Lucille Victim

Glenn being the one to bite the dust would be extremely anticlimactic and quite frankly disappointing, and this is pretty much the reasons why.

1) It’s disrespectful to Steven Yuen

This is a man who has been on the show since day one. He has put his heart and soul into the product, defended it when it didn’t deserve to be defended, has become a big face of the whole “cast is family” image. And this is how he leaves the show? In a stunt that was obvious for the ratings and not the story, and his character goes out in an extremely tacky way?

No. It’s clear TPTB have not learned their lesson with the way they treated poor Laurie Holden. What they have done here is complete disrespect to an actor who has to hang about for months just so he can finish off a scene that should have been finished ages ago, all the whilst pretending TWD is the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

2) Comic >< TV

Most would agree that keeping Carol alive past the prison era and making her into one of the most strongest and iconic characters was a great decision in comparison to her comic character (who I did actually like btw but not many seem to do). It’s made a lot of people go crazy for her to the point where she is just as big as Daryl and Michonne, characters with gigantic fan bases.

So why not do the same for other characters? Why discard them at the time they die in the comics when they’ve more than shown they don’t ALWAYS follow the comics? I don’t know about anybody else, but seeing Gleggie rule the Hilltop would be fucking awesome and it would be like their own Greene farm. Something that would be in their family for generations to come. Which brings me to…

3) Hope in a Hopeless Place

We’ve all been there with this series, let’s not kid ourselves. We used to be shocked when the likes of Lori, Shane, Andrea, Merle, even T-Dog and Amy died. But now we barely blink an eye seeing Jessie and her kids getting killed after she hooked up with Rick. The reason for this? Because they keep relying on the “grim dark” world TWD is infamous for. It’s unimaginative and uncreative to be brutally honest with you.

Why can’t Glenn and Maggie fall in love in this world and continue to shoulder on? Why can’t they have kids and settle down, and be a symbol that things are going to be better in the TWD world? What is the point of watching if it’s all going to end “there is no hope, everybody dies?” If the show has conflicted messages about this theme because they are just writing as they go along? If they had a plan, sure why not. But they clearly don’t.

4) Glenn’s Near Miss Calls

In the comics, Glenn nearly dies a couple of times when he’s at Alexandria and it makes Maggie and Sophia worried sick. But Kirkman doesn’t overdramatise these moments, he doesn’t make it a huge thing where readers are left for issues on end wondering what’s going to happen to him.

In the show, we have had the following:

- Nearly got dicked over by Nicholas’ cowardliness
- Dumpster gate and the fuckery of taking Steven’s name from the opening credits
- His big damn reunion with Maggie nearly got him killed by a herd of zombies

It’s all just too much, because the show placed so much drama on him. I know it’s meant to make the audience think he’s invincible. But take no look further than Daryl Dixon and the shit he’s survived over the years. He’s pretty much invincible who always gets out of tight spots, why not kill him?

5) Development

We’ve had it hammered into our heads that Glenn is different from the rest because he hasn’t killed a soul before. Even Maggie has had several kills under her belt. But not Glenn, never Glenn. So when he kills in Not Tomorrow Yet, it’s a HUGE thing for the character. You would expect so wouldn’t you?

Nope. We barely get any follow up from it asides from a subtle shower scene. We shouldn’t be surprised since they also skipped Glenn’s reaction in knowing that Nicholas was too far gone to be saved and how he carries that guilt with him. Why kill him when not even explore this?

The Walking Dead fanfic part nine

note: Hope you enjoy this part guys! Rick smut coming in part ten!! I’m kind of thinking of bringing Merle back earlier than expected or maybe skipping through the beginning of the prison and going straight to when the group encounters the governor. but this wont be happening until like part 13 or something. send in some ideas for what you might like to happen!

warning: Swearing, fighting, cute Rick!

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You were running through the woods to try and get back home.  You often looked over your shoulder only to see Merle right behind you. He loved taunting you, he found amusement in chasing you through the woods with threats to hurt you. He was evil in that way. Your legs were starting to slow down and you begged yourself to keep moving. You saw your house in between the trees and that gave you the motivation to run a little bit faster.

“Daryl!” you shouted as loud as you could, your voice reaching cracking point. You tried to alert your brother inside the house.

He saw you running from Merle and quickly moved to open the sliding glass door. You pushed past him and ran to the island in the kitchen, and leaned on the counter. Merle came crashing through the doors but Daryl stepped in front of him and pushed him back.

“Let go lil’ brother” Merle growled. He was out of breath as well, the both of you panting.

“Both of ya need to stop this bullshit” Daryl shouted.

He shoved Merle back and shut the sliding door. Merle leaned against the sofa, and you went to pour yourself a glass of water. You all stood there in silence, this was happening every other day and Daryl was getting pissed.

“It’s all fun and games, aint it (y/n)?” Merle said, giving you a smile.

You said nothing as you sipped more water. Your heart was starting to slow down now and you got your breath back.

“There’s nothing fun about constantly threatening and chasing her Merle” Daryl said, pointing to you. “Ya can’t change nothing so stop holding a grudge”.

“I’m not holding a grudge” Merle said, getting in Daryl’s face. “I’m just not being a bitch like you”.

Daryl gave Merle a dirty look before looking to you and walking upstairs. You looked over at Merle who was looking at the floor, and then he started to change. His body was morphing into someone else. He had his back turned to you so you couldn’t see who it was. Your eyes grew wide as he turned around and it was Shane. He was giving you an evil grin and he started to walk over to you.

“You can’t run now (y/n)” his voice was deep and it echoed in your ears. “you know what I want” He spoke the same words from when you last saw him. Then he started to laugh as he ran over to you, every step making the floor shake. You couldn’t move, you froze in your place. You tried to scream but no sound came out.

You woke up before he could hurt you. A thick layer of sweat had settled across your skin and you took in deep breaths to get the air back. You looked at your surroundings and remembered that you were at Hershel’s farm, in Daryl’s room. You looked over at him lying in the bed and saw he was awake and staring at you.

“Sorry. Did I wake you?” you asked, leaning back in the chair.

“Yeah, you were mumbling in your sleep. Something about Merle and Shane” he said, sitting up in bed.

“It was just a bad dream”

“Can’t believe he’s still taunting you even though he aint here” he laughed.

You smiled and looked down at the floor, reassuring yourself that you were safe.

“What’re you doing in here anyway?” Daryl asked.

You looked over at him, trying to think of an excuse as to why you were in his room. You didn’t want to tell him about what happened with Shane, he would think you’re weak.

“it was cold outside”

Daryl scoffed and looked at you again. You could see in his face he didn’t believe you. It was a stupid excuse. You would always spend time camping outside in the cold weather before this all started.

“I’m leaving now anyway” you said, standing from your chair.

“(y/n)” Daryl started.

“I just didn’t feel safe that’s all. Shane, he’s getting really violent” you finally said.

“He hurt you? Cause you know I’ll kill that sonofabitch if he did” he said.

“So, you’ll kill Shane but you wouldn’t even defend me with Merle?” you blurted out.

You didn’t mean to say what you did, but it shocked you when Daryl said he’d kill Shane if he hurt you. You always thought that Daryl didn’t care about you and he was just less obvious in showing it than Merle.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to-” Daryl cut you off.

“I couldn’t stop Merle from doing what he did cause he’s family, he was never gonna hurt you really bad. But Shane, he aint family, so he don’t get to hurt a Dixon.”

You were surprised that Daryl referred to you as a Dixon. He nor Merle had ever said that. You were always an outcast.

You nodded slowly and went to leave the room but Daryl spoke again.

“Where you going?”

“I should probably take watch, I gotta be up in a couple hours anyway” you replied.

He nodded in response and pulled the covers over his body as he lay back down. Then you turned and headed outside.

The Georgian sun was shining down on everyone as you all sat around the now dead campfire. Carol was handing out plates of eggs to everyone and when you got yours she thanked you for going out to look for Sofia.
The group was silent this morning. Even though everyone was present, the tension between Rick and Lori was unbearable.

“The barns full of walkers”

it took a second for that information to register in everyone’s minds before chaos broke out. Glenn, who had given you this info, was being bombarded with questions from Rick, Daryl and Andrea.

“Guys stop crowding around me I can’t understand what you’re all saying!” Glenn panicked.

“Everyone shut up!” Shane shouted.

The group settled down and looked between Shane and Glenn.
“Hershel thinks they’re sick, that he can cure them” Dale interrupted.

“You knew about this old man?” Shane turned to Dale who was sitting innocently next to the RV.

“This group is falling apart!” Shane huffed, running his hand across his head.
“Are we gonna die if they’re in there?” Carl piped up. He was now out of bed and the operation was a success.

“No hun” Lori said, hugging carl and stroking his head.

“We need to kill them” Andrea spoke up

“No way, Maggie made me promise not to even tell you guys” Glenn replied.

“Everyone just calm down” Rick said.

Everyone silenced and looked over to him.

“I’ll talk to Hershel tonight. But for the rest of the day we go about our business like we know nothing” he said.

“If we do that we’re putting the group in danger” Shane argued.

Rick gave him a tired, but fed up look. “We do as I say. Like I said, ill sort something out with Hershel but for now, no one knows anything” he turned to face the rest of the group.

“You got it?” he asked. Everyone nodded except Andrea. She just stared at Rick blank faced. He ignored it and dismissed everyone.

You and Glenn followed Rick as he was preparing you for the search. He was showing you on a map where Daryl, Andrea and T-dog had already searched.

“You and Glenn should look here” he said, circling the map.

You geared up, placing a hunting knife in its strap and a pistol in your hand.
“Be careful out there, never let your guard down” Rick said.

You had been out for a couple hours. You kept picking up footprints and traces of someone but you had come to a dead end near a river of water. You slumped down next to a tree a stared at the flowing water.

“Break time” Glenn said, sitting down next to you and getting out a bottle of water from his backpack. He took a couple of gulps and then handed it to you. You took a sip from the water and handed it back to him.

“So I’ve been meaning to ask you” Glenn started. “What was up between you and Rick yesterday?”

Glenn was your friend, you could trust him. But you weren’t willing to take that risk.

“We got in to a small argument because I knew about him and Lori. He was pissed I didn’t tell him.” You stared at the ground, feeling bad for lying to Glenn.

“Harsh” he replied.

You sat by the tree for a couple more minutes when something caught your eye in the river.

“Is that-”

“Sofia’s doll” Glenn finished your sentence.

You both sprinted to the river and tried to reach for the doll; it was too far.

“We need to get in the river” you said.

You both looked at each other and you told Glenn to stay on there while you went in to get the doll.
The water was cold but it felt refreshing against your sweaty skin. You grabbed the soggy toy and swam back to Glenn, who helped you out of the water.
You both examined the toy and decided to head back to the farm with it, hopefully it would reassure Carol that her daughter was alright, maybe she was still out there.

Everyone was gathered around the barn when you and Glenn got back. As you got closer you saw that Shane Andrea and Daryl were holding weapons, and the rest of the group was watching them as they spoke.

“What the hell is going on?” Glenn spoke out as you guys came closer.

“The walkers in the barn are a danger to this group. We can’t have them here while we sleep not even ten metres away!” Shane said. He then turned to you and Glenn. “We’re opening up the barn doors and we’re gonna kill ‘em all” he said.

“Daryl you can’t be serious” you said, noticing that Daryl was actually going through with this.

“As much as I hate this douchebag, he is right. The walkers are dangerous.” He defended himself.

“There must be another solution” Dale joined in. He was always trying to keep the group from becoming savages, but this is how the world was now.

“You got a better idea?” Shane shot back

“Well no but, Rick is talking to Hershel now. Can’t we wait?” the barn doors rattled and everyone turned their heads.

“There’s your answer” Shane said, not taking his eyes off the doors.

He started to hand guns out to the rest of the group. One to T-dog, one to Carol and one to Glenn. Lori and Carl took a step back, not wanting to be part of this. Shane paused when he came to you and asked if you were joining them. You didn’t want to do this but no matter how sad it would be for Hershel’s family, it was dangerous. You snatched the gun from him, pissed off that you agreed with this sick bastard. You aimed the gun at the barn doors.

“We all ready? Remember, aim for the heads” he confirmed for the last time. Him and Daryl unlocked the barn and swung the doors open. Your eyes grew wide by the site of the walkers. There was so many cramped in that small space. The first bullet that hit the walker had come from Shane. Daryl stabbed the next one in the head with his knife. The walkers were dropping to the ground, but more came out from behind, tripping over the bodies of the dead ones.


You whipped your head around to see a distraught Hershel, the rest of his family not far behind.

“What’re you doing? All of you stop!” Rick was shouting over the gunshots but no one could hear him.
The first bullet you shot entered the head of a walker that got too close to you. You were too busy focusing on Ricks anger to notice that walkers were heading right for you. You fired bullet after bullet, each shot sending a walker to the ground.

The last walker dropped to the ground and then there was silence. Hershel and Beth were silently sobbing at the fallen bodies whereas Rick was shooting Shane daggers with his eyes. Everyone was looking at the mound of bodies on the ground when the sound of a growl became audible. Everyone turned to the barn and there she was.
Little Sofia.
The girl that everyone had been looking for for days. All of sudden the weight of her doll in your pocket became heavy, like it was a burden carrying it, only because you would have to give it to Carol.

A scream broke out and everyone looked to Carol who was rushing forward to get her daughter. Daryl immediately stepped in and held Carol back, his arm securing her from moving any further. She reached her arms out for the girl, but there was no life left in her eyes as she moved forward, tripping over the dead bodies, Carol continued to sob and a heavy feeling of despair had rested amongst the group.
Shane stepped forward and thrusted the knife into Sofia’s head, making Carol shout out louder. He gently dropped her body to the ground and looked back at the group.

Everyone was silent for a minute before Hershel spoke with a shaky voice.

“I would like you all to leave my farm. Pack up your things and go!”

“Hershel-” Rick was cut off.

“You can’t control your people Rick. They have just killed my family. Our family” he said, pointing to the rest of the Greene’s. Hershel turned and headed back to the house, followed by the rest of his family. Maggie stopped and gave Glenn an angry glare before turning on her heel and following after her father.

You turned back to your group and gasped when Rick sent a fist flying into Shanes face. Shane punched back and before you knew it both men were punching and kicking at each other. You saw Daryl try and break up the fight but Shane had pushed him back, making Daryl angry and he joined in on the fight as well.

“Stop it” Lori shouted out, covering Carl’s eyes. None of them heard her. You saw blood star to drip from the men and so you went to break it up, joined by T-dog and Dale.
You grabbed onto Daryl’s arms and managed to hold him back from sending another punch into Shanes face. He tried to shrug you off but you pulled at the shoulder that was stitched up, causing him to flinch and stop struggling against you. You pushed him away and saw that his bullet wound had opened up. You hoped that you hadn’t done that. You turned back to Rick and Shane who were being held back Dale and T-dog.

All three of them were panting, blood pouring from Shanes nose and from Rick’s busted lip. Once they had calmed down Dale and T-dog had let them go. Shane gave all of you a dirty look before walking off towards the field.

“What do we do now?” Glenn was the first to speak.

“We need to talk to Hershel. Beg him to let us stay.” Rick answered.

“We can’t keep Shane around. he is a danger to the group” Dale said

“I know” Rick replied.
“Glenn, maybe you can come with me. You and Maggie seemed to hit it off, if you can convince her then maybe they’ll let us stay”

“She’s not gonna listen to me. I told you guys about the barn when I wasn’t supposed to. She hates me for sure”

“Shit” Rick mumbled.

“I know how to get them to let us stay” Lori spoke up.

“How?” Rick asked, not bothering to look at her.

She didn’t say anything, she just started walking to the house. Rick looked at her and then to the group in confusion. You and Glenn exchanged looks, both of you knew she was going to tell Hershel about the baby. Convince them to let the group stay until she gives birth. Lori had disappeared inside the house and now everyone’s focus was on Carol who was still sobbing silently on the floor.

“Come on” Daryl said, reaching for Carol but she slapped his hand away. She clearly wanted to stay there with her daughter, to say goodbye.

The rest of you were walking to the RV when Lori came out of the house with Hershel beside her. They approached the group and Hershel had agreed to let you stay, as long as the guns were kept somewhere safe and Shane left. Rick thought about it for a moment and immediately said yes. Rick and the rest of you deeply apologised for your actions and Hershel forgave you all. He also shared his condolences with Carol. Hershel told Rick and Daryl to come inside when they were ready to fix their wounds, then he went back to the house. Rick gathered up all the guns and handed it to Dale to keep in the safe inside the RV.

“We should make dinner for Hershel and his family” Lori said to you and Andrea. “To say thanks for letting us stay”

“That sounds good, but how did you get Hershel to say yes?” Andrea asked.

“Don’t worry about it” Lori smiled and the two girls went to the house. They completely ignore your presence but expect you to help them make dinner? They were crazy. You followed them inside anyway and saw Hershel tending to Rick and Daryl. You entered the room and all three of them looked at you.

“Thanks again for letting us stay Hershel” you said. He looked a little uncomfortable and you knew why. Lori had probably made him promise not to tell anyone about the baby.

“It’s nothing. Shane is the problem, not you” he smiled to you and then Rick and Daryl. He re-stitched Daryl’s shoulder, Daryl leaving as soon as he was patched up. Hershel only had to clean Ricks lip, it wasn’t anything serious, he said. You told Hershel about the girls making dinner and he beamed and left the room to go and find them once he was done with Rick.

It was now just you and Rick. Your eyes roamed over his face, how could he look so hot after just getting hit in the face?
“I can’t believe you went against my word” he said suddenly. “You should have waited for Hershel and I to come up with a deal”

“It wouldn’t have mattered if I waited. None else wanted to, and there’s no way they would’ve listened to me” you defended yourself.

Rick stood up and ran his hands through his hair. He sighed and turned to face you.

“Why are your clothes wet?” he asked, changing the subject. You almost forget that you had wet clothes on.

“Oh, Glenn and I found something in a river and I swam to get it.” You reached into your pocket and slowly lifted the toy up for Rick to see.

He stared at the doll for what seemed like forever, but was only a couple of seconds.

“You gonna give it to Carol?” he asked.

“When the time is right, she’s probably feeling very raw right now”

He nodded and took a step closer to you. He tangled his fingers in your now damp hair and pulled your face up to look at him. His eyes wandered your face and landed on your lips. Then he looked into your eyes. You couldn’t help but think about whether you should tell him about Lori and the baby. You can keep something from him once, but you won’t get away with it twice.

His lips landed on yours and you let your eyes flutter shut, all your worries washed away in that moment. You tasted the leftover blood from his lips but you didn’t care. You loved every bit of it. His tongue was fighting for access to yours and you soon gave in and opened your mouth. His hands moved from your hair to your waist and you moaned into his mouth when he squeezed your ass lightly.

You broke away from the kiss when you heard footsteps approaching the room. You quickly stepped away from Rick and looked to the door.
Lori walked in and stood still when she saw both of you standing there. She looked at you both suspiciously before asking to borrow Rick and left the room.

“I’ll come find you later” he whispered to you, licking his lips seductively.

“Sounds good” you smiled at him. He left the room and you heard his footsteps get further away, leaving you alone in the room.


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