glenn maggie t dog lori


You: well, this is a nice change of scenery.

Carl: But it’s a prison cell.

You: Carl, hon, I was being sarcastic.

Carl: Oh

Ah man TWD heaven must be so good/happy right now, Abrahams up there cracking jokes, he sees his family again and breaks down only for his wife and kids to smile at him, showing him they aren’t scared of him anymore and understand what he had to do ;Glenn’s meeting up with Dale and telling him everything that’s happened with Maggie and the group so far, fixing up that heaven RV,Glenn and Hershel have a heart to heart and Hershel thanks Glenn for keeping his baby girl safe and happy when he couldn’t and Glenn’s meeting up with Andrea catching up on old times, Glenn tells Beth and Lori about Maggie’s pregnancy and their soon to be child he finally sees Noah again and is so happy because the last time he saw him he was getting ripped to shreds and he’s ok again, He sees T-Dog again and they reminisce He’ll wait for Maggie and the first thing he’ll do when she dies is find her because he promised that in a another life he would find her, and after he finds her they will love and cherish each other forever, free of walkers and monstrous human beings , they’ll be safe, Glenn is safe now Glenn is home with family that loves him and will be waiting for the rest of team family to join him

Imagine the group bedding down over the s2-s3 timeskip and saying goodnight a la The Waltons.

“Good night, Dad.”

“Good night, Caaaaaaaarl.”

“Good night, Daddy.”

“Good night, Bethie. Good night, Maggie.”

“G'night, Daddy. Night, Glenn.”

“Good night, Maggie.”

“Good night, Lori.”

“Good night, Carol. Good night, T-Dog.”


“…Saw a squirrel.”

“Good night, Daryl.”