glenn j. casiragi

Be My Princess Headcanon

How will the Princes react when they see MC smiling with another man, 10 years down the road?

Wilfred will stare longingly at the MC, blaming himself for being unable to give her the happiness she deserves, reproaching himself of holding the title of the crown prince. Wilfred wonders, what if, what happens, if he is the one by her side, what if he had tried harder to make her stay- Wilfred will continue to stare at the MC, watching quietly as she laughs to another man, a small melancholy smile on his lips, until Claude places a hand on his shoulder. “Your Highness, it’s time to go.” Wilfred knows he will never be the man that MC will find happiness with.

Roberto will approach MC and her husband, greeting them gaily as usual, bombarding them with questions, after not meeting her for a long time. A pang of sadness will grip his heart when he hears that the MC is expecting a child; not his child but another man’s child. Roberto will put on the usual façade, congratulating them and promising to shower gifts on the unborn child, pretending to be cheery and excited. Only Alberto will notice the misery behind the bright smile, understanding that Roberto is hurting more than he ever will show.

Keith will be surrounded by beautiful women as usual, and he will purposefully strut down the road towards her, yet ignoring MC as she catches sight of the prince. MC will give a small smile to the prince while Keith will turn away immediately, refusing to acknowledge her. His heart aches, however, he knows that no matter how many women that loves him, no matter how much wealth he has, is incomparable to the MC. The hole in his heart hurts more than ever when Keith sees the happiness on her face with her husband. He silently wishes that the person beside MC is him and only him.

Edward will gaze at the MC from across the streets, looking impassive as he watches the MC smiles and laughs to her husband. Edward stares at the bouquet of roses in his hands, a gift that is for a noble lady at a ball later, and he reminisces the past. Those times when the MC had taken the bouquets from the prince, a genuine delighted expression on her face as she smiled so happily to him. Edward misses her smile, he misses her so terribly. Suddenly, the world seems so dull and so meaningless. 

Glenn watches MC from his spot, refusing to move, regret spilling in his heart. That smile, no longer his, those brilliant eyes, no longer looking at him. He smiles bitterly to himself, blaming himself for not being able to grab the chance despite being able to meet her again the second time. He turns around and walks away, “I hope you will be happy…” Glenn sincerely prays for her as he tries to forget her once again.

Joshua will surprised, he will stand frozen to the spot when he catches sight of the MC. Joshua will be immobile, wondering with anxiety as to whom the man beside her is. Then, memories resurface in his mind, as he thinks of how that one special woman had taught him how to love. As Jan notices Joshua’s pensive look, he sees the MC. “Shall we go and greet her, Your Highness?” Jan asks carefully. Joshua, however, smiles, “It is alright.” Joshua has finally let go of his regrets, now that the MC is happy with another man.