glenn herdling

PETER: So you see, I think the Uni-Power stayed with me because it’s never encountered anyone with a greater sense of responsibility. At first I resented it, but now I’m kinda flattered. I’ve never felt more important, more powerful, more–kinky!!
[He uses his uni-power to change MJ’s outfit into a variant of his red-and-blue costume.]
MJ: Um, Peter– This is…I haven’t…You have to…
PETER: Come here, Mrs. Spider-Man.
[They kiss. Fade to black.]
MJ: Oh, Peter.

With great power there must also come – you know what? Nevermind.

What If? vol I #31 (Nov 1991), “What if Spider-Man had kept his cosmic powers?” Glenn Herdling (writer) and Scott McDaniel (pencils).