glenn cosplay

(I don’t know if it’s cool for me to post this here because it’s not the kind of stuff I normally do but I’m honestly so obsessed with this picture that I don’t even care. I want to share.)

From left to right, we have season 1 Glenn Rhee, Shane Walsh, me as Grady Beth, Carl Grimes, and Negan (feat. Travel-Sized Lucille).
I just started a cosplay Instagram (@ portaljumperjen) so if you’re interested in seeing more go check it out! 🌻

(This is from all the way back on HALLOWEEN but I’m posting now because my friends and I are super hyped about cosplay and TWD just came back and… yeah.)

I love how glenn stans are expected to shut the fuck up when there are memes and those little pop dolls with dead glenns eye and people cosplaying as dead glenn with his eye popping out but daryl stans literally cannot take any criticism or blame that comes at daryls way or else the people are saying it are “bad glenn fans” or “bad twd fans”


Kill Robin, sex up Superman, classic Onision Joker:


Second day of Megacon was awesome!! Debuted my s5 Maggie cosplay and saw Tom Payne in all his gorgeousness at his panel. His favorite character from twd is Glenn and everything is 😍😍.

Also I bought pineapple pizza earrings to represent team pineapple.