glenn cosplay


Met Osric at the con, and I honestly have to say that he is one of the nicest people ever. He could not exactly stop and take pictures with people (in fear of the con organizers kicking him out— but that’s understandable because he would’ve been causing quite a few traffic jams!) but he tried to accommodate for as many pictures as possible!

He was cosplaying as Glenn from The Walking Dead and lacked a machete. A group of us fans walked around with him in search of a machete that would work well (a.k.a not kill people, but still looked legit), but didn’t manage to find one. In the end, he took matters into his own hands and ripped one out of cardboard. This guy. I can’t.


You’ve never seen THE WALKING DEAD like this before! The hit show gets a music video make over in this kick-ass parody by The Hillywood Show®! Leave your stuff and thangs at home and join Rick, center stage, in this Queen-tastic parody of AMC’s popular series! Comes complete with slow-mo dance breaks and all the Walkers, guts and gore you can handle.

This production by The Hillywood Show® is in full beast mode and leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat, as another one bites the dust! 

Fun Fact: One might spot Supernatural actor Osric Chau making a cameo as a recognizable The Walking Dead character – keep your eyes peeled!

Reblog, thanks for watching and God bless.


All our cosplays of our characters from “OFF AIR”, a future webcomic which we’re working on right now. Go take a look and follow us! We’ll post more updates.

Glenn is CapriciousGentleman
andy is Zealium
andy is DeathKidAnimatronic
athis is Laeyawin
dam is Tourne-Disque
mily is ExtraSpoopyAssbutt
litch is SmokedPike
aul is Pique-Nique
ola is AnxiousGrumbler