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make me choose: Gleggie season 2, 3, 4, or 5 (from anonymous)
You don’t need a picture of me. You never will again.


Dale, you think Andrea’s on her period? I’m only asking ‘cause it’s like all the women are acting really weird. And I read somewhere that when women spend a lot of time together, their cycles line up and they all get super crazy hormonal at the same time. I’m gonna advise you to keep that theory to yourself. Yeah.


make me choose: Rick and Tara or Tara and Maggie (asked by @r-grimes​)   
But then I thought about you. How we were on different sides of that fence on the worst day of my life. […] Things can get better. We can make them better.  

Interrupted (Glenn Rhee imagine)

imagine: you and your boyfriend, Glenn, have been longing for some private time together for months. once you finally get some time alone, your best friend Daryl interrupts and refuses to leave. (1,143 words)

thanks to whoever requested this!! ok so i pretty much imagined that the greene family don’t exist in this imagine because i am such gleggie trash that it made me kinda sad to imagine glenn choosing someone else over maggie lmao. so idk hope you enjoy!! - gabby :)

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“Hey, you,” Glenn’s voice against my neck startled me, but I soon relaxed into his touch as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind, planting loving kisses on my exposed shoulder. 

“Glenn, you idiot,” I giggled, turning away from the walkers I was killing at the gate to meet his beaming face, kissing his cheek gently. Before I could ask him how he slept, his powerful hands tangled in my hair and vigorously pressed my lips against his. I’m not sure if it was from a lack of chapstick in the world, or the constant nervous nibbling on the inside of my lips, but our kisses always tasted like blood, in a strangely endearing way.

“Rick and most of the other guys are going on a run this around lunchtime,” he mumbled onto my lips between kisses, stroking my cheek with his thumb. “So we might be able to get away with… you know…”

“Sex, Glenn?” I grinned, running a hand through his slick, dark hair. Glenn was still shy about such topics despite being in a relationship with me for a few months now, and losing his virginity to me.

“Yeah, that,” he chuckled, kissing along my jawline messily. I cupped his face in my hands, tearing his lips away from my neck as I pulled him upwards to face me. 

“Meet you in my cell when they leave, then.”

“I’ll be there,” Glenn replied with a wink and a quick kiss on my forehead. As he jogged back towards the prison I continued to kill off the masses of walkers surrounding the gates with my knife. There seemed to be more and more of them each day.

“You goin’ on the run later, Y/N?” I recognised the voice calling from beside me without needing to look. Not only because it was my best friend’s voice, but because his drawl was so identifiable. “Rick says he could really use ya.”

“I’m gonna stay here with Glenn,” I replied to Daryl’s question, aggressively yanking my knife out of a walkers forehead. I wiped off the blood on my jeans. “We’ve got other plans.” 

“Yeah, I heard,” Daryl replied with a smug smile. “Glenn just told me he’s gettin’ laid later.” I rolled my eyes and laughed lightly, sometimes it felt as though I was dating a teenage boy.

“Tell Rick I’m sorry that I can’t make it.” I noticed Carl helping his dad to load up a car with supplies, it looked like they were planning to be gone for a long while.

“I’m not goin’ either,” Daryl responded, taking his knife out and helping me by taking care of a few of the walkers. I sighed inwardly. Daryl’s cell neighboured mine, and no doubt would he try to pull something to interrupt me and Glenn. That’s what being close friends with Daryl gets you; sometimes I wished he’d never opened up to me so I could avoid his childish jokes. Almost like he could read my mind, Daryl turned to me and said in a self-satisfactory tone: “Maybe I’ll pay you and Glenn a visit.”

“Daryl, don’t be a prick,” I smacked him lightly on the arm and pleaded him with my eyes not to ruin mine and Glenn’s afternoon. He smirked at me and strolled back towards the prison, ignoring the string of insults I was shouting over my shoulder.

“Fuck, I’ve been waiting for this for so long,” Glenn breathed huskily onto my collar as he threw my shirt on the floor. Thankfully, Daryl was nowhere to be seen in the cell block, and there were only a couple of people on the lower floor, meaning Glenn and I could fool around if we were quiet and careful. 

Glenn had me pressed against the wall of my cell and was fumbling to unclasp my bra when I quietened him suddenly.

“Wait. What was that noise?” My bra fell to the floor, but after that not a sound could be heard.

“What noise?” Glenn mumbled, littering kisses all over my chest. 

“It sounded like footsteps,” I whispered, but we shrugged off the thought and I tugged his shirt over his head, giggling as it got caught. He was soon knelt on the floor, attaching his lips to my stomach and hips. His hands were roaming up my back when we heard three sharp knocks on the wall beside my bed. 

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” I groaned, looking to the ceiling in exasperation. Of course the footsteps had to belong to Daryl, along with the knocks. “Fuck off, Daryl!” I yelled, causing laughter to erupt in the adjacent cell.

“Will you please get down from there, man?” Glenn had resorted to begging Daryl, who was dangling his legs from the top bunk in my cell, acting extremely complacent.

“Daryl, please,” I sighed, the situation becoming less humorous by the second. I’d had to scramble to clothe my upper body, and I was beyond annoyed with my so called best friend.

“I’m comfortable up here,” Daryl drawled, resting his head on the wall behind him. I flashed him my middle finger, and he flashed me a sickly sweet smile in return. “Carry on, by all means, Y/N.”

“I’m not gonna have sex with him while you watch, Dixon.”

“Jus’ jokin’. Tryna have some fun.”

“Would you please leave?”

Daryl jumped down from the bunk effortlessly and flicked his hair away from his eyes. I gave him a threatening look and pointed towards the door.

“Whatever,” he muttered. “I’m goin’ to find Carol. You guys are borin’.”

We’d collapsed on my bunk, my head on Glenn’s chest, I listened to the rapid rise and fall of his breath complementing his racing heartbeat. Once Daryl had finally left us alone we’d had one of the most passionate nights in what felt like ages, and laying here in silence tangled in the sheets felt like bliss.

“Wow,” Glenn breathed, causing me to laugh croakily. “We need to skip runs more often, Y/N.”

“You want any food, lovebirds?” Carol’s voice called from below us. “Come quick, before Daryl eats it all.” 

I sat up slowly and scrabbled around for my clothes, struggling to find where my underwear had ended up. Just as I’d turned to ask Glenn, a white flash stunned me. After letting my eyes adjust, I saw my boyfriend with his new toy, a Polaroid in hand, chucking to himself as he fanned the photo through the air.

The photo developed to reveal a bewildered me, with dishevelled hair and a hickey decorated neck. Glenn pulled his jeans on and tucked the photo into the back pocket, before kissing my cheek softly. I watched fondly as he clumsily dressed himself, and giggled as he attempted to clothe me before accompanying me downstairs to grab some late lunch, hand-in-hand as always.